November 26, 2011

SVH #106, Beware the Wolfman: Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves

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Someone got a manicure!

Summary: So Robert is now a fugitive, and Jessica’s mad at Elizabeth for thinking he’s a killer (and possibly a werewolf). They both start investigating on their own, Elizabeth to prove that Robert’s the killer and Jessica to prove he isn’t. They wind up at the murdered doctor’s house at the same time, without knowing it. Jessica finds a file with Annabelle’s name on it while Elizabeth takes Robert’s file and gets the address of his childhood nanny, thinking he might be hiding out with her. Seconds later, the murderer arrives and gets the idea to go see the nanny.

Elizabeth still has the anti-werewolf pendant Luke gave her, which has the initial A engraved on it. She figures A was Luke’s mom, who died when he was a child. (To quote Shannon on this subject: “Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle.”) Since Elizabeth thinks the silver bullet Luke also gave her will be enough protection, she puts the pendant in Jessica’s bag to protect her.

Jessica forgets her bag as she’s leaving for work the next day, and when she goes back to get it, she thinks that someone has been in her, Liz, and Portia’s room. She thinks it’s Robert, even though he’s supposed to have left London. Luke confirms to Elizabeth that the pendant was his mother’s, but says her name was Ann. Before they can talk more about this, the twins’ boss, Tony, announces that there’s been another murder. Elizabeth goes with Tony to investigate, and they find out the victim is the nanny.

Meanwhile, the murderer breaks into the twins’ room and finds the stolen files. When the twins come home, they find the files gone, and Elizabeth realizes her silver bullet is also missing. Jessica finds the pendant and at first thinks it belonged to the mysterious Annabelle, but Elizabeth tells her it was from a woman named Ann, so Jessica drops the subject.

The killer’s next victim is Robert’s father, though he survives the attack. Jessica visits him in the hospital, and when he sees the pendant, he tells her he gave it to Annabelle, who he loved. Oh, and who he had a secret kid with. Elizabeth and Tony go back to the Pembrokes’ place and find love letters Annabelle wrote Robert Sr., which mention their child. They think the secret son might be responsible for the murders and Robert Sr.’s attack.

Liz tells Luke about the Annabelle investigation, and he gets more worried about her safety. Rene is also acting a little weird, turning up at a tube station when he should be at work and not being at home when Elizabeth thinks he should. (The nerve!)

Jessica tries to talk to Lady Pembroke, who hates her (thanks to Elizabeth’s twin switch in the last book), and gets nowhere. Portia tells her that Lady Pembroke loves Portia’s father, the famous Shakespearean actor, so they get him to drop in for a visit with Jessica and Portia tagging along. Jessica blurts out that she knows about Annabelle, and Lady Pembroke tells her how much she hated Robert and Annabelle’s son, Lucas. Jessica puts it all together, because sometimes she’s the smarter twin.

Jessica tries to track Elizabeth down, eventually learning that she went to Annabelle’s old house with Luke. It’s there that Elizabeth also puts everything together, with some help from Luke, who’s now wearing a werewolf mask and totally wants to kill her. Before he can attack her, a homeless guy the twins kept spotting through the book shows up with a gun. It’s Robert, who’s been hiding in plain sight. Rene (who’s been following Elizabeth to protect her) and the inept Sgt. Bumpo are also there. Sgt. Bumpo ends up killing Luke, so in terms of dead boyfriends, Elizabeth now has one to Jessica’s two. But at least she has Todd waiting for her back in Sweet Valley.

The mini-series gets wrapped up with info Elizabeth reads in Luke’s journal: He had a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on and didn’t realize he was the killer. He knew he was Pembroke’s son and he killed everyone he blamed for his mother’s death. Except Joy, who he thought was Jessica. Cheery!

Thoughts: I’m hugely surprised Jessica doesn’t look at Robert’s medical file in the doctor’s house to make sure he doesn’t have some icky condition he’s hiding from her.

Elizabeth hears something in the doctor’s house and tries to calm down by reminding herself that she doesn’t believe in ghosts. Yeah, believing in ghosts would be ridiculous. Believing in werewolves, however…

I seriously, seriously don’t buy Jessica not thinking a woman named Ann could not also be named Annabelle. She’s kind of dumb, yes, but she’s not a complete idiot. And later she figures out that Luke and Lucas are the same person, so why not Ann and Annabelle?

What are the chances that two long-lost brothers would wind up dating twin sisters at the same time? Yes, this is what I’m having trouble suspending my disbelief over, not the werewolf stuff.



  1. lara said,

    I have a question…Who’s Joy?

    And did Jessica knew that Robert Sr. and Annabelle’s secret child might be responsible for the murders before she went to Lady Pembroke? When she had put everything together?

    • Jenn said,

      Joy was the police chief’s fiancee. She was killed at the very end of #104. She and Jessica had swapped beds, and Luke killed Joy instead of Jessica.

      Jessica didn’t know the child might be responsible before she went to see Lady Pembroke. She only figured it out about five seconds before Lady Pembroke said the child’s name was Lucas.

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