November 27, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 4.1, Coming Home: I Know What You Didn’t Do Last Summer

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I'm not sold on that haircut...

Summary: Joey and Pacey are about to return to Capeside after their summer-long sailing trip. Joey’s not looking forward to going home, so Pacey suggests delaying it for a few hours. In fact, he wouldn’t mind skipping their whole senior year; he’d rather not deal with the drama. Joey can’t believe he survived three months without her throwing him off the boat.

Dawson, Jen, Jack, and Andie are at the beach, but only Dawson’s swimming; the others are playing a sort of Survivor game, deciding who they would kick off the island first. Dawson and Jack have spent the summer painting houses together. The girls suggest seeing a movie that night, then check out some cute guys. Andie complains that there have been no eligible guys in Capeside all summer, but Jen thinks she’s just picky.

Pacey and Joey finally dock, discussing what they’ll say when people asked if anything sexual happened on the boat. Joey denies that anyone will care. She plans to say nothing since it’s no one’s business. Then they split up to spend the last few hours of summer vacation apart. At a hardware store, Dawson runs into a college student named Gretchen, who says she’s home for a little longer than just the summer.

Bessie proves Joey wrong by bugging her about what happened between her and Pacey on the boat. She’s also rented out Joey’s room for the summer. On the plus side, the B&B has become very successful. Andie chats up the two guys on the beach; they’re French and spending the summer backpacking through the East Coast. They ask her for a tour of Capeside. At Doug’s, Pacey learns that his room has also been given away – to Gretchen, his sister.

Joey lets herself into the Leerys’ house but no one’s home. She sees that Dawson has put some movie posters back up, as well as photos of Jen, Jack, and Andie. Dawson and Jack paint a house as Dawson talks about Gretchen and some of their childhood antics. She was his first crush, and it became a running joke in the family. Gretchen tells Pacey she’s taking some time off of college but won’t explain why. Doug tells Pacey he can live on his boat or sleep on the couch at their parents’ house. Gretchen notes that Joey would probably be willing to share her bed.

Joey visits Jen, who tells her that Henry got a scholarship to some academy and won’t be returning to Capeside. Grams disapproves of their long-distance relationship since she thinks Jen should be having better dating experiences. The conversation turns to the boat trip, and Joey first won’t talk about anything she and Pacey did. Then she tells some obvious lies. She asks about “everyone else,” and both girls know she means Dawson. Jen invites her to the dive-in (a drive-in with boats instead of cars) with everyone else.

Andie gives the French guys a tour and tells them how much she wants to visit Paris. Dawson and Jen develop pictures in a darkroom and awkwardly discuss Joey. Jen admits that she invited Joey to the drive-in, so Dawson will have to see her whether he’s ready or not. She assures him that Pacey won’t be coming along, which means Joey and Dawson can talk and make peace. Jen admits to feeling responsible for the way things went down, but Dawson isn’t mad.

Mitch and Gail are making out on the couch, which apparently has been happening a lot. (They forgot to check the darkroom to see if Dawson was home.) Pacey goes by the B&B to see if he can sleep on the couch, but Joey has already claimed it. He thinks no one in town missed them. Joey says it’s like “the reverse of It’s a Wonderful Life.” Pacey wants to see a movie, but Joey tells him she already has plans without him. She suggests going together, saying it would be “healthy” to see everyone. Pacey claims he’s fine with that.

At the dive-in, Andie tells her friends that she’s working on hooking up with one of the French guys. Joey and Pacey arrive together, and Dawson is immediately on edge. Jen asks him to stay and talk to Joey, but he won’t. Jack and Jen split up, her to talk to Dawson and him to talk to Joey. Gretchen’s also there and tells Pacey that he gets the last laugh – she may have taken his bed, but Doug is annoying to live with. She admits that she thought Joey and Pacey would wind up together. They’re both underdogs.

Jack wants to know what everyone else wanted to know about Joey and Pacey on the boat. Dawson tells Jen he’s fine and isn’t talking to Joey because it’ll be predictable. Jen finally makes him go over to her and they make awkward but civil small talk. Andie spots Pacey and decides to avoid him. Then she learns that the guy she was interested in has a girlfriend. She rants to the other guy, who she thought didn’t speak English. Not only does he speak English, he seems to be American.

Pacey decides it’s time to leave and thinks Joey wants to go, too. She doesn’t, and she calls him arrogant and immature for trying to make her leave. Joey says that dealing with Dawson is reality for both of them. Pacey hates that Joey wanted to see him so soon after getting home. He tells her to stop being preoccupied by thoughts of Dawson. Joey got off the boat long before Pacey did. He ditches her, so Dawson offers her a ride home. The non-French guy is a bit of a charmer and kisses Andie.

Joey tells Dawson she’s sorry for everything that happened last year, and for how she went about doing what she had to do. He admits that it was hard to think of her and Pacey together all day and night. She notes that he’s the only person who hasn’t asked if anything happened on the boat. He worries that the answer would kill him.

Joey gives him a brick from Ernest Hemingway’s home in the Florida Keys as a “diplomatic artifact representing the foundation of a new friendship.” Dawson says it’ll take more than that for them to go back to what they had, if he even wants that again. As he leaves, Joey tells him that the answer to everyone’s question wouldn’t kill him.

Next Joey goes to Pacey’s boat and tells him that every time her car stalled on the way over, she thought of him. She told herself she would never admit to him how good thinking about him makes her feel, but she wants to score some bonus points with him. Joey explains that she wanted to see Dawson tonight because he’s her friend and she’s felt guilty for months because she hurt him. Her mind may wander, but her heart is “a fixed point.” They make up (and out), then lie in hammocks on the boat and read The Little Mermaid.

Thoughts: Gretchen is played by Sasha Alexander, who is now the Isles of Rizzoli & Isles.

I can’t imagine spending three months with the guy you just started seeing would be a good idea. What happens if you break up? You’re stuck on a boat together.

The scene with Dawson, Jen, Andie, and Jack on the beach is the first time I’ve felt like Andie was really part of the group. The way she and Jen banter sounds like real friends talking.

Bessie is way more okay with Joey being gone all summer than I expected, especially considering Joey left without warning and ran off with her boyfriend. She’s also way too relaxed about whether or not they had sex.

I know I’m a huge dork, but the dive-in sounds like a lot of fun.

Poor Andie always gets the bad plots.

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