November 28, 2011

BSC #90, Welcome to the BSC, Abby: Thanks for Depressing Us All

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If Abby's Jewish, why is she dressed like Santa?

Summary: Abby, who joined the club in the last book, jumps right into club activities, going on sitting jobs and helping out with the cause of the month, a carnival to raise money so school arts and music programs don’t have to be cut. While sitting for the Papadakises, Abby has an asthma attack that gets worse when Hannie runs into the street and almost gets hit by a car. She winds up going to the ER, but she’s fine after that. Kristy, however, thinks she’s a liability as a sitter.

Abby has bigger problems to deal with, as she feels like her family is disjointed. Her mom is working a lot, Anna doesn’t really have any friends in Stoneybrook yet, and they don’t spend a lot of time together. It all stems from Abby’s father’s death three years ago. Abby and Anna find a box of their father’s things while they’re unpacking, and they think their mother put it aside and forgot about it, which makes them mad.

During the carnival, which the Stevensons planned to work at together (selling cake and cupcakes with arts and music themes), Abby hears about a train that derailed in New York. She’s pretty sure her mom was on it, and when she and Anna don’t hear from her for hours, they think something horrible has happened to her. Fortunately, their mom was on a different train, but the experience gets them all to talk about their sadness over losing their father/husband and how they don’t want to forget him. But it’s all bittersweet because, you know…he’s still dead.

By the end of the book, Abby feels more at home in the club, Kristy has calmed down about her asthma, the Stevensons are making more of an effort to spend time together, and Anna has become friends with Shannon. So at least things are looking up there. And I guess they saved the arts and music programs because no one mentions that again.

Thoughts: Abby really is a bit of a tragic character. Her father’s dead, her mother’s not around much, and she feels like a seventh wheel, I guess you’d say, in the club because the other six girls are three pairs of best friends. Her humor is obviously a defense mechanism because she’s rarely serious. …Okay, I’ll stop psychoanalyzing.

What is with the series’ obsession with Elvira the goat?

Carnivals are fun. Reading about people getting ready to put on a carnival? Not so much. But now I really want a cupcake.

Mrs. Stevenson has a cell phone in 1995. I hope it’s Zack Morris-sized.


  1. Rose said,

    I always liked Abby because we have the same background (dead father, twin sister, and working mother) though I’m more of an Anna personality wise. Good recap 🙂

  2. Fran said,

    I just found your blog- I love it! I’m enjoying reading all the old posts. Especially since I happen to find it when you’re discussing Joey and Pacey… sigh.

  3. Marianna EM said,

    I liked Abby, even though at first I was disappointed that the twin characters I entered into the ‘Name the new Baby-Sitter contest’ didn’t win. My twins were named Elena and Paola, and they were Mexican. There wasn’t any Latino representation in the BSC, so I really wanted the new member to be Mexican, like me.

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