December 6, 2011

SVH #107, Jessica’s Secret Love: Wuv…Twoo Wuv…

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Who's who? What's going on here? I need someone to explain this to me

Summary: The twins are back from their exciting trip to London, but things in Sweet Valley are about to get even more exciting! Okay, maybe not. Jessica meets a guy on the beach, they have an instant connection, they kiss, and he runs off, saying they can’t be together. Even after spending just minutes together, Jessica is convinced that the mystery guy is her twoo wuv, and she’s heartbroken that she can’t be with him. She’s super serious about this guy, y’all. Like, she loves him more than Sam. Even though she doesn’t know his name.

Alice’s college roommate’s daughter, Sue Gibbons, comes to Sweet Valley to get married, despite never having been there, and never spending much time with Alice, and the fact that she and her fiancé don’t know anyone there. Also, Sue is 18 and the wedding is in, like, a month. But whatever. The twins get right to helping her plan the wedding. And wouldn’t you know it – her fiancé, Jeremy Randall, is Jessica’s mystery guy! What are the odds? (No, really, what are the odds that Jessica would randomly run into the guy her family friend is marrying?)

Jessica and Jeremy act like they’ve never met, and certainly like they’ve never made out, but Jessica is upset that she has to help plan his wedding to someone else. She messes around a little, pretending plans have changed so she can spend time with him alone, then taking him to Miller’s Point under the pretense of going somewhere else. All it does it tick Elizabeth off.

Jessica’s next plan is to have Bruce take her to dinner at the restaurant where the happy couple is dining. It’s actually a pretty funny scene, with Jessica having to pretend she’s in love with Bruce as Jeremy gets more and more jealous and Bruce runs up a huge tab she has to pay. There’s also a funny follow-up when Sue sees Bruce kissing Pamela and Jessica’s all, “Oh, they’re just friends.”

As she slowly gets crazier and crazier, Jessica throws Sue’s wedding dress under a truck, but that backfires since the dress isn’t ruined, just muddied, and Jessica winds up having to pay for it to be cleaned. To add insult to injury, Jeremy tells her that, yes, he loves Jessica, but he’s not going to break up with Sue. Finally, the Wakefields throw Sue and Jeremy an engagement party, and Jessica and Jeremy end up dancing, then making out. So at the end of the book, he’s still engaged but can’t stay away from Jessica.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth hates how she fell for a psycho in London, so she starts reading a self-help book to help her become a woman warrior, or something. It’s dumb. She takes Jessica to a group meeting for people who have read the book, and Jessica thinks everyone’s a little nuts. Also, Lila’s dating Robby, a friend of Jeremy’s, and she’s all happy because he’s rich, but when it turns out he isn’t, she dumps him. Sounds about right.

Thoughts: I would like to state for the record that Jeremy is 23 and Jessica, as we know, is 16. I repeat: He’s 23 and she’s 16. Let that sink in.

Elizabeth thinks Jeremy and Sue (who are conservationists) will want to do fieldwork on their honeymoon. Why do you have to take the fun out of everything, Liz?

“If you were broke…would we be lying on this wonderful, soft blanket?” Please tell me Lila doesn’t seriously think only rich people can afford blankets.

Elizabeth chastising Jessica for falling for an unavailable guy is pretty funny considering she basically cheated on Todd just one book ago.

While I get why Jessica should stay out of other people’s relationships (obviously), I don’t get Elizabeth telling her to let Jeremy and Sue stay together because a) they have a lot in common and b) Jeremy leaving Sue would hurt her. Does she think it’s better for Sue to marry a guy who doesn’t really love her, not to mention who’s in love with someone else?

There are some fun (read: dreadful) outfits in this book:

  • Sue: “a dressy silk shorts-and-top set”
  • Elizabeth: a “yellow sleeveless jumpsuit with wide, flowing legs”
  • Enid: a silk pantsuit, because she’s 50 and vacationing in Boca Raton

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