December 11, 2011

BH90210 2.22, Baby Makes Five: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

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This is what a stroke looks like, yes?

Summary: Jackie’s looking through Kelly’s baby pictures in preparation for a doctor’s appointment to confirm her pregnancy. She admits to Kelly that she hasn’t told Mel, who doesn’t want more children. Kelly notes that Jackie doesn’t either and suggests that she tell Mel, then say she’s “taking care of it.” At school, Dylan, Brenda, and Donna discuss Valentine’s Day, but Dylan won’t tell Brenda what he has planned, only saying they’ll be lying down. Kelly’s there but distracted.

David asks Kelly if he can bring Donna to the dinner their families are having together. Kelly says, no, telling him that she’s not sure dinner’s still on. Donna blasts Kelly for being mean to David all the time. She and Brenda urge Kelly to tell them what’s going on, and eventually she does. Later, David tells Donna that Mel’s going to propose to Jackie on Valentine’s Day. Donna thinks this means Mel already knows about the baby. David’s surprised to hear the news and is sure Mel doesn’t know.

At the Peach Pit, Steve debates whether or not to give Kelly a valentine. If he does, she’ll think he’s “pining away”; if he doesn’t, she’ll think he doesn’t care. Andrea looks at Nat’s racing form, randomly picking one for him to bet on. Nat mentions a former girlfriend who would also randomly pick horses, and they always won. He decides to go with Andrea’s intuition as well. Oh, and its name is Lovesick.

David visits Mel at work, and Mel shows him the ring he’s going to give Jackie. David confirms that Mel is happy with how his life is. Kelly finds out that Donna told David about the baby and yells at her. Donna spills that Mel is going to propose to Jackie. She’s sure everything will be fine and no one will find out about anyone keeping secrets. At the Walshes’, Brenda tells her parents and Brandon about the baby, swearing them to secrecy. She also presses Brandon to tell her what Dylan has planned for Valentine’s Day.

Kelly confesses to Jackie that the news of the baby has spread, but Mel might not know. She adds that Mel’s going to propose the next night. Jackie thinks he only wants to marry her because he thinks he has to. Kelly blames herself for the whole mess, but Jackie takes responsibility. The next day, Nat shares the good news with Andrea, Brandon, and Steve that Lovesick came in and he made a good amount of money. Now he wants Andrea to make another pick. Brandon and Steve make fun of her “instincts” as she picks a horse named Unrequited.

Jackie barges into Mel’s office while he’s with a patient and announces that she knows he knows. She’s calling off dinner and won’t let him marry her out of obligation. Poor Mel is clueless until Jackie tells him she’s keeping the baby. Also, she’s breaking up with him. Brenda and Dylan study at the Walshes’, and he’s amused by her frustration over not knowing what they’re doing for Valentine’s Day. All he’ll tell her is that her present is warm, red, and close to her heart.

Nat gets another big payoff, so Steve suggests that they all go to the racetrack to try out Andrea’s intuition. Nat’s worried about getting arrested for making bets for minors. Even Brandon’s on board, though, and the kids agree to throw in $25 each. Jackie tells Kelly that Mel didn’t have much of a reaction when she told him about the baby and dumped him. Kelly thinks Jackie’s better off doing this on her own.

Kelly wonders why Jackie’s going to keep the baby when she doesn’t have to, and why she’s willing to give up Mel. Jackie’s already attached to the child and can’t have an abortion. She admits to having an abortion when Kelly was about ten; she knows she can’t go through with it again. Kelly says she always wanted a younger sibling when she was a kid, and Jackie notes that she got her wish.

Nat, Brandon, Steve, and Andrea go to the racetrack (it’s hat day, so everyone looks dumb), where they meet a friend of Nat’s named Duke. Andrea favors a horse named Grande Amour (Big Love). David heads back to Mel’s office, where he learns that Jackie broke up with his father. He mentions the baby and David admits that he already knew. He also confesses to telling Donna about the proposal, which may have led to the breakup. Mel has decided that, if necessary, he’ll beg.

Grande Amour wins, so Brandon and Steve press Andrea to make another bet. Mel goes to the Taylors’, where Jackie tells him again that she’s having the baby no matter what he wants. She won’t talk to Mel, so he tells Kelly to let her know he doesn’t want to lose her. Kelly’s upset that her life is falling apart because Jackie and Mel can’t keep their clothes on. Mel says he loves Jackie, and Kelly tells him to send her a valentine.

Donna apologizes to David for ruining everything, but David doesn’t blame her. She doesn’t get why people aren’t happy, since babies are awesome. She suggests that he try talking to Jackie. At the Taylors’, David tells Jackie how happy Mel is with her, but Jackie doesn’t want to force him to raise a child he doesn’t want. David thinks Mel wanted to marry her before the pregnancy and wants to be with her and the baby. He gets her to realize that she was the one who mentioned the baby to Mel first.

Brenda bugs Dylan about Valentine’s Day again, and he tells her it’s only for people 17 and over. He also assures Jim that they’ll be in public and taken care of. Before he leaves to get ready, Dylan tells Brenda to wear short sleeves. For the last race of the day, Andrea goes for Cupid’s Wing, which the guys think is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Nat is skeptical since the odds are 80 to 1. Andrea shares her pick with Duke, who tells her it’s a sucker bet. The horse is only in the race so the owner can sell her. There’s no way she can win.

Andrea rushes to Nat and tells him to put his money on Follow Me Home instead of Cupid’s Wing. Nat’s frustrated by the change and places the bet without Andrea knowing which horse they’re wagering on. Brandon and Steve root for Cupid’s Wing, not knowing about the info Duke gave Andrea. The horse loses but Follow Me Home wins. Fortunately, Nat put their money on that horse instead. Steve and Brandon are confused. Andrea decides the betting is over.

Jackie goes to see Mel at his office and they make up, then get engaged. That night, Dylan tells Brenda they’re going to see a play called Love Letters. But first they’re going somewhere that fits the clues he gave. At the Taylors’/Silvers’ dinner (which Donna attends), Kelly tells Donna that she and Steve gave each other valentines. Everyone’s happy now, at least until Kelly realizes that she and David are about to become siblings.

Dylan takes Brenda to donate blood, telling her that when he was a kid, he was in a car accident (which is where he got his eyebrow scar) and needed transfusions. He always wanted to donate when he got older. Brenda doesn’t get the connection to Valentine’s Day, but that’s the day of the accident. For some reason, Brenda thinks this is really romantic.

Thoughts: This is the first time I’ve realized how much Ann Gillespie and Jennie Garth really look alike. Very nice casting.

I wonder if Brandon, Steve, and Andrea’s parents ever found out how much time they were spending with a semi-random adult they’ve probably never met.

If you’re delivering messages through your teenagers, you have a problem.

Proposing in a dentist’s office? Not so romantic.

Donating blood as a Valentine’s Day present? Also not so romantic. Unless you’re donating to your significant other.


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