December 17, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 4.4, Future Tense: I Am Number Four

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If someone had told Katie Holmes what she'd be doing in five years, she would never, ever believe it

Summary: Pacey and Joey are studying, and he’s bored by 1984. He doesn’t understand the point of reading a book about the future when “the future in the book is already the past.” Joey says everyone’s future eventually becomes the past. Pacey says people in the past worried about the future, but everything turned out fine. He sees a bunch of mail Joey got from colleges, and she tries to downplay the fact that she’s going to end up leaving Capeside to go to school. Joey suggests going to a fictional college.

The kids talk to a college advisor, and we learn that Andie applied somewhere early decision and Pacey took an aptitude test that recommends he become a cop. Joey’s the first person in her family to go to college, and the advisor thinks that could work in her favor. She’s fourth in the class and could go anywhere, but she’ll need to work fast to get financial aid. Drue bugs Jen, calling her Jenny, who’s mad that no one told her he was in town. He admits that he didn’t tell her friends that they knew each other in New York. Drue says he missed her, but Jen says he just missed doing drugs with her. She no longer wants anything to do with him.

Dawson finds Gretchen at Leerys’ Fresh Fish, looking for a job tending bar. Gail asks her about her college plans, since she’s looking for someone for the long term. Gretchen says that she’s “indefinitely” on break. Gail decides to hire her right away. Mitch leads a football practice at school, which Andie visits to tell Jack him that the college advisor called Harvard for her. The admissions person remembered Andie’s essay and gave her favorable news. Moments later, Jack injures his shoulder in practice.

The next day, some guys wish Jen a happy birthday and ask if the party is still on. Jen denies that it’s her birthday and is confused about a party. Joey tells Bessie about a strange dream she had that obviously stems from her college angst. She relays what the college advisor told her about being fourth in the class, which thrills her sister. Joey knows schools want people with her grades plus special accomplishments she doesn’t have. Bessie tells her to stop being defeatist. Joey adds that she can’t really complain to Pacey because he’s barely going to graduate. Bessie notes that her dreams are her dreams and she can’t apologize for them. They could be Pacey’s dreams, too.

Jen learns that Drue spread the news about her “birthday” party and confronts him. He’s pleased that people know who he is now. He wants to consider the party as one that covers the birthdays Jen spent apart from him. He also wants it to cheer Jen up after her breakup. Drue tells Jen that “people are sheep” and will use any excuse to celebrate. He encourages her to just go along with it and show up to the party. Jen replies that she’d “hate for endangered turtles to die while they’re dragging the creek for [his] body.”

Andie thinks Jack’s injury will be good for him, as he’ll get some time to rest, and he could use the experience as a topic for a college essay. Andie goes off to buy a present for Jen since even though she knows it’s not her birthday, she doesn’t want to show up empty-handed. (Okay, that’s kind of funny.) Dawson visits the restaurant and talks to Gail about Gretchen. Gail isn’t sure why she came back to Capeside. Dawson says college might not be as awesome as parents try to make it out to be. Gail wants him to admit he’s running away from his problems. All of the college mail he’s gotten is from far away, and she wants to make sure that’s what Dawson really wants.

Joey tells Pacey about her college anxiety, and how she always thought doing well in school would be enough. Pacey wishes he had her problems. Joey decides they need to stop moping and go to Jen’s “birthday” party. Jen has also decided to show up, telling Dawson that Drue’s very much like Ferris Bueller and will not only ruin your day but get you to thank him. She admits to Dawson that she and Drue hooked up, but she’s not sure what he remembers since they were both stoned at the time.

Drue offers Joey and Pacey drinks, but Pacey won’t let Joey partake since he knows she can’t hold her liquor. He thinks that since he’ll get in trouble for “being a guy,” he should at least get to act like one. If Joey says it’s okay, of course. She does, as long as she gets to be a guy, too. Jen asks Drue if they’re really at his house; she’s sure he wants plausible deniability in case he gets caught. Also, he threw it for her because if the cops come, all anyone will remember is that the party was for Jen’s birthday. Drue confirms that it’s not his house, and his house might not even impress anyone.

Dawson talks to a tipsy Joey about her class placement, telling her some people have established a betting pool. He notes that she’s getting everything she always wanted. Joey wants to have a conversation that doesn’t involve the future. Dawson wonders if she still wants to be an anthropologist or oceanographer. She admits that she never really wanted that, but she also doesn’t want to stay in Capeside. Dawson doesn’t get why someone who’s about to get what she’s always worked for is getting drunk.

Drue and some other guys start a poker game and he invites Pacey to join them. Joey and Jen go for a walk and Joey offers Jen a toast on her birthday. Jen notes that it’s not really her birthday, and Joey replies that they’re not really friends. Jen asks if Joey knows where Drue lives, and Joey reveals that he and his mom live in an apartment at the yacht club. His dad apparently ran off to New Mexico with another woman and left his wife and son poor.

Jack is mopey and slams Andie’s college-related gift to Jen. He’s mad that she keeps bugging him about college applications and saying how happy she is. Andie replies that she’s not going to stand by and let him back himself into a corner. Jack says that his whole identity at Capeside High was about football, and now that’s over. Andie finds Jen and Joey and asks if what Jack said about her being controlling is true. They confirm this. Joey tries to use a metaphor about salad dressing, but she’s too drunk for it to make sense.

Joey asks where the girls all really see themselves in five years. Jen will be working on her master’s thesis. Andie will be in PR, which she knows she’ll be good at, as it’s putting a good spin on things. Joey doesn’t have an answer to her own question. Jen thinks she’ll have graduated from an Ivy League school and moved to New York to work in an art gallery: “New York is finishing school for cynics like us.” Andie gets the girls to agree to get back together in five years and see if their predictions came true. Joey wonders how they’ll remember the date since it’s not really Jen’s birthday.

Dawson and Jack poke fun at their fellow partygoers, wondering if they’re really having fun or just imitating fun they’ve seen in movies. Jack admits that he misses football even though he thought it was an annoyance. Joey finds Pacey playing strip poker with a girl who is easily 35 years old. She’s mad, but Pacey insists that no one’s done much actual stripping. Joey asks to join the game, but he sees that she’s drunk and insists that they leave. She won’t, so he throws her over his shoulder and carries her out of the party.

At the end of the night, Jen and Drue reenact the ending of 16 Candles and she thanks him for the party. She tells him she’s sorry about his parents and she regrets assuming that he’s the same guy he was in New York. Drue gives her two tabs of Ecstasy, thinking that Jen was protesting too much when she said she didn’t want to do drugs again. “People don’t change. Not that much,” he says. Jen tries to give the drugs back, but Drue leaves them on the table.

Andie checks up on Jack, apologizing for not being more understanding and being so pushy about college. She tells him she’s not as obsessed with the future as he thinks; she doesn’t want it to come that fast. She knows her life is going to change completely in less than a year. Whenever things are uncertain, Andie looks for things to fix. Jack notes that she can’t fix anything for him. She needs to let go of things she can’t control. Andie points out that next year will be the first time they’ll be at different schools.

Pacey takes Joey home, where she says she might not want to leave Capeside after all. He notes that there isn’t much for her to do there. Joey announces that she wants to be with him. Pacey says he doesn’t plan to stay – he plans to go wherever Joey is. He also hopes she knows that alcohol won’t solve her problems, because he doesn’t want to have fallen in love with an idiot. Joey’s happy to hear that he’s in love with her.

Dawson drops by the restaurant, thinking Gail is there, and finds Gretchen instead. She wants to play quarters, but instead of drinking, Dawson has to tell her what’s bothering him. He talks about Gail saying he’s running away from his problems. He saw Joey and Pacey fight at the party, and it was worse than seeing them kiss. Gretchen repeats what a teacher of hers said is the worse movie line ever: “There’s no place like home.” Oz was better than Kansas because Dorothy made some great friends there and they realized they already were what they wanted to be. Dawson asks why Gretchen came home, then. She won’t answer.

Thoughts: Ha, the fourth episode of the fourth season is about how Joey is fourth in her class.

Jen should probably feel bad that when Andie first heard about the party, she thought it might actually be her birthday. Wouldn’t Andie know Jen’s real birthday?

Jen and Drue are like Joey and Pacey were before. I like it.

Hey, Jen, you probably shouldn’t let a drunk girl sit on the back of a bench overlooking the water

I love drunk Joey, though. Katie Holmes plays drunk really well.


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