December 18, 2011

BH90210 2.23, Cardio-Funk: Blame It On the Alcohol

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The whole episode is like this

Summary: Jim has a new money-making idea for the Peach Pit that involves lots of equipment. Brenda and Kelly are in a very ’90s cardio class, where they meet a guy named Tim who seems interested in Brenda. At an AA meeting, Dylan recognizes a speaker as Sarah. She talks about coming back to AA after recently ending an abusive relationship. After the class, Tim introduces himself to Brenda and asks her out. She declines and mentions that she has a boyfriend. However, she considers coming to another class to see him again (but she tells Kelly it’s for exercise).

Dylan and Sarah reunite and she asks after Brandon, who saved her life. She wants to get back into surfing, so Dylan invites her to join him the next morning. At the Peach Pit, Brandon and Nat set up karaoke equipment as Nat talks about needing more dinner traffic. Dylan stops by to tell Brandon he saw Sarah. Then he goes to the Walshes’ and shows Brenda his 90-day chip. He invites her to come to a meeting on Sunday. Brenda starts to decline, then changes her mind when she sees that it disappoints him.

The next morning, Dylan and Sarah meet on the beach and go surfing. They talk about getting drunk and riding the waves, which seemed natural to them. Sarah admits that she dropped out of school and got a job in a salon; she plans to go to beauty school. At the Walshes’, Jim is all excited about karaoke at the Peach Pit that night. Tim calls and Brenda asks Cindy to tell him she’s not home. She winds up having to talk to him anyway, and Brandon can tell from her half of the conversation that she likes him.

Sarah asks Dylan to see a movie that night, but he already has plans. She laments that it’s hard to be by herself now. He suggests that she go to a meeting. Peach Pit holds its first Karaoke Night, with Jim taking the mic first. Cindy decides to deny knowledge of him. (Smart woman.) The kids all sing as well and actually have fun. Afterward, Brenda and Dylan go to his place, where they both hear a message from Sarah saying she’s struggling. Brenda asks Dylan to drive her home so he can tend to Sarah.

Dylan heads to Sarah’s, where her ex, Doug, is passed out on the couch. Doug thinks Sarah broke up with him for Dylan. He tries to get aggressive, but finally leaves, telling Dylan he can have Sarah. She’s worried he’ll come back, so Dylan offers to stay. The next morning, Brenda talks to Kelly about Sarah; she’s upset that Dylan told Brandon about her before Brenda. She called him after she got home but he wasn’t there, and he still wasn’t this morning. Kelly’s sure it’s completely innocent. She adds that Brenda never told Dylan about Tim.

Brandon and Cindy are really sick of Jim singing around the house. When Brenda and Kelly get home, Brandon mentions that Tim called. He teases Brenda about him but promises not to say anything to Dylan. Speaking of Dylan, he spent the night on Sarah’s couch, which she’s very grateful for. She’s also flirtatious and kisses him. Dylan kisses back, then says there’s a 13th step that involves people in AA fooling around with each other. Sarah thinks Dylan can help her stay sober, but he notes that she doesn’t even know him. He tells her to go to a meeting or call a sponsor. He also finally mentions that he’s taken.

Kelly goes to the cardio class by herself and tells Tim that Brenda’s out with her boyfriend. Tim doesn’t see Dylan as any kind of obstacle. Brenda goes to a meeting with Dylan and is surprised that it wasn’t as depressing as she expected. She also finds it interesting that people get so personal and don’t just talk about alcohol. Dylan says that people share secrets to let go of pain, which lessens the desire to drink. Brenda notes that he didn’t talk much – doesn’t he have any secrets? Sarah isn’t around, and Dylan tells his sponsor he’s worried, but the sponsor tells him to worry about his own program.

There’s more karaoke at the Peach Pit, and Nat’s happy that Jim brought him such a money-making idea. Jim celebrates by singing again. Kelly brings Tim by and tells Donna he’s looking for Brenda. Just then, Brenda arrives with Dylan and is less than thrilled to see Tim with her friends. Dylan has no interest in the guy; he’s also distracted by what’s going on with Sarah. Tim drags Brenda on stage for karaoke, cracking up her friends. Dylan returns from trying to call Sarah and doesn’t enjoy seeing some guy put his hands all over his girlfriend.

Dylan tells Brenda he’s worried about Sarah not answering her phone and wants to check on her. He assures her he’d rather stay there with her. Brenda’s obviously not happy but tells him she understands that he needs to help Sarah. Tim offers to drive Brenda home, even though her parents, brother, and friends are all there. Dylan finds Sarah at home, drinking with Doug. Doug claims that she was already drunk when he arrived. Sarah blames Dylan for her slip, since he turned his back on her when she said she couldn’t handle things on her own.

Dylan asks Sarah to leave with him, but Doug takes offense and throws a punch. Dylan knocks him down, so Sarah throws him out. At the Walshes’, Cindy spies on Brenda and Tim, who are talking outside the house, and wonders where this leaves Dylan. Tim tells Brenda that he’ll leave and never look back if that’s what she really wants. It’s not. They kiss, and though Brenda realizes she’s making a mistake, she keeps going back for more. Finally she tells him that she needs to think about things.

The next morning, Brenda mopes about everything, telling Brandon she kissed Tim. He says it was just a kiss, but she qualifies it as “awesome.” He notes that they’re supposed to try kissing a bunch of different people before settling down for the rest of their lives. Brenda was sure she and Dylan were perfect, but she’s confused because she liked Tim. Karaoke has finally lost its shine, and the gang elects Steve to bring it up to Brandon. The teens are annoyed that the adults have taken it over. Steve even says that Brandon needs to tell Nat to choose between the adults and the teens.

Brandon mentions this to Nat, who’s already in agreement. He knows teenagers bring in the most money, so he doesn’t want to lose them. Now Brandon just has to break the news to Jim. Brenda and Kelly go to cardio class again, and Brenda tells Tim that nothing is going to happen between them. Tim reminds her that Dylan ditched her, but Brenda knows he was trying to keep a promise to Sarah. Tim concedes defeat, then moves on to Kelly.

Brenda goes to Dylan’s and tells him Brandon let her know who Sarah is. He questions her relationship with Tim, but she assures him it doesn’t exist. Brenda thinks Dylan is too invested in his meetings. He knows he can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved; he used to be that person. Brenda admits that she drifted a little and even kissed Tim, then asks if Dylan and Sarah did anything. He confesses that they also kissed. Brenda wonders what’s happening to them. They agree that they don’t want their recent experiences to break them up. Meanwhile, Jim rocks out on his keyboard at home, having been forced out of the Peach Pit.

Thoughts: Doug is played by Titus Welliver, who you may know as Silas on Deadwood, Jimmy O on Sons of Anarchy, Glenn on The Good Wife, or, as I will always remember him, the Man in Black on Lost.

How did Tim get Brenda’s phone number? She didn’t give it to him, and she never told him her last name. Stalker.

For all the complaints about Jim’s singing, at least he can kind of carry a tune, unlike some people whose names rhyme with Cori Snelling.

I would have thought Kelly would have more self-esteem than to take Brenda’s rejects, but I guess not.

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