December 20, 2011

BSC #91, Claudia and the First Thanksgiving: The BSC vs. Fox and Friends

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I'm pretty sure there were no hippies at the first Thanksgiving, Claudia

Summary: The students at SMS are still taking Short Takes classes, and Claudia, Stacey, and Abby are in one together about theater for kids. The class writes a play about the first Thanksgiving for some third-graders, deciding to tell the real story rather than the polished one everyone knows. (Women were property, the Europeans were mean, etc.)

Some parents attend a rehearsal and suddenly a bunch of them are furious about the way Thanksgiving is being presented. And they go incredibly over-the-top about it, even labeling the play “un-American.” Finally the principal decides that the class has to either rewrite the play so it’s more “traditionally” Thanksgiving or scrap it altogether. At first the class wants to scrap it so the protesters don’t get the pleasure of getting their way, but when the class realizes that the kids will be disappointed, they agree to a rewrite. However, they decide to go on under protest, printing “censored” on everything and basically protesting the protest.

The kids perform the rewritten play, and then some SMS students stage the original play. A ton of protesters show up and disrupt everything, even booing the actors and making it impossible for them to continue. (So reasonable and appropriate.) After the play is over, the class tries to avoid the protesters, and then suddenly it’s all over. And I guess 20 years later the crazy super-super-conservative protesters start demanding to see politicians’ birth certificates.

Meanwhile, it’s actually Thanksgiving, and while all the BSC girls had plans that took most of them out of town, they get canceled, so everyone’s in Stoneybrook for the holiday. They come up with the “brilliant” idea to get everyone’s families together for dinner. That means dinner for 36 people. I don’t know why in the world their parents would agree to this. Oh, and then Dawn makes a surprise appearance.

Thoughts: “One of Stacey’s favorite classes was called Math for Real Life. (I would call a course like that Learning to Hire an Accountant, but who asked me?” Ha! I’m right there with you, Claudia.

I’m surprised no one objects to Carolyn playing a male character.

I like that Claudia admits that the play isn’t actually that great. Usually the BSC girls are super-duper awesome at everything, but it’s much more realistic that a play written by a bunch of 13-year-olds in a short amount of time would be pretty mediocre. Now, if Mallory had been one of the writers, I’m sure it would have been a different story….

While the BSC girls, Sam, Charlie, and Janine are watching everyone’s younger siblings at the Pikes’ house, Sam tells the triplets he’s hiding a dollar bill (made into an origami turkey) and they have to clean their room to find it. Then he tapes it to the handle of a broom, knowing they’ll never look there. Sam is almost as cool as Charlie.


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  1. Alison said,

    All that work for a dollar? I think any kid would say, “Pass!”

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