December 24, 2011

BH90210 2.24, The Pit and the Pendulum: Let’s Go to the Mall

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I see people don't go to the Peach Pit for the ambiance

Summary: Nat is looking emotionally at the pictures on the wall of the Peach Pit as Brandon, Dylan, and Steve play with his dishes. Brandon tells his friends that Nat’s been in a bad mood for two weeks. Nat tells him later that thanks to a remodel right before a recession, he’s in a tough spot. His cook wants a raise but Nat can’t afford it. (Didn’t he just make a bunch of money with karaoke?) Brandon comes home to a meeting of the Teen Advisory Board, which Jim has set up for a client so teenagers can give their opinions for a mall. Brandon’s much more interested when he sees the hot client, Marcie.

After the meeting, Brandon chats with Marcie, whose father is in charge of the whole project. Apparently the mall will be so big that it’ll have a lake in the middle of it. Brandon wonders why Marcie’s father cares what teenagers thing. Marcie says she asked him to. Brenda and Kelly can already tell that Brandon’s interested in Marcie. At school, Brandon asks Andrea to fill out a questionnaire about the mall, like Andrea cares about that sort of thing. Not that the other kids are more realistic about what they want to see in the mall.

Marcie shows up to check on the kids’ progress, though Brenda and Kelly think she just wants to see Brandon. She invites the kids to a college party, the theme of which is “Am I blue?” She admits that she’s planning to bring Brandon. Marcie and Brandon talk about architecture, which is really up there with the worst flirting techniques. At the Peach Pit, Brandon learns that Nat’s father, Sal, knew a lot of famous people, who I guess made the place popular.

Everyone attends a presentation about the mall and sees a model of it. Brandon sees that part of the mall will be on the street where the Peach Pit currently stands. He figures out that the company plans to tear it down. At home, Brandon rants about the mall plans and Jim not warning him. Brenda points out that Jim most likely wouldn’t know the Peach Pit’s address. (Thank you, Brenda.) Jim warns Brandon not to tell Nat anything since that could hurt his part in the deal.

Brenda feels like she’s being asked to choose between Jim and Nat. Brandon points out that Nat’s family has run the peach Pit for decades. He no longer wants to be a part of the advisory board, even if that means having nothing more to do with Marcie. Brenda still wants to go to the party at the college, since they might end up attending it. Their friends will be going, too, because they’re “not so wrapped up in their principles that they’ve forgotten how to have a good time.”

The kids go to the party, all wearing blue except Brandon, because he always has to be difficult. He learns that he and Marcie are even more right for each other than he thought because she also doesn’t like to dance. Kelly and Steve discuss the college, which Dylan thinks is full of snobs. He also admits to Brenda that he doesn’t want to go to college. The student center on campus is named after his father. Dylan thinks Brenda and Brandon are lucky because Jim is such a stand-up guy who never has ulterior motives.

Marcie takes Brandon to a room full of architecture models, which apparently turns him on. She thinks her father will like him, and Brandon wonders if that matters. Marcie says that once the mall gets approved, things will move fast. She thinks her father can get him a job. Brandon’s flattered but not really interested. Marcie suggests going somewhere to celebrate, so of course he takes her to the Peach Pit. Nat tells her Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, and Steve McQueen used to eat there.

Brandon spills to Marcie that the Pit will be torn down for the mall, but Nat doesn’t know. Marcie guesses that he brought her there to convince her not to go through with the deal. She says they’re not going to put their years-long plans on hold for a diner. The next day, Nat tells Brandon that he knows about the development deal. Brandon admits to already knowing, but Nat understands why he didn’t say anything. When he remodeled the diner, he agreed to some “changes,” so he might not be able to stop the deal. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if he can’t.

Jim attends a meeting about the deal, which Brandon crashes to meet Marcie’s father, Dickson. Andrea also shows up in the middle. Dickson says that he doesn’t think Marcie found one teenager opposed to the project. Brandon announces that he does, adding that he thinks someone needs to make an effort to preserve history. Jim pulls him aside to yell at him about interfering, telling him he doesn’t know anything about business. He thinks Nat will be getting a good amount of money, so the deal is fair. Brandon says the hearing is just a formality and Nat has no say in the matter. Jim tells him to pick his battles. Brandon says he did.

At school, Andrea organizes a protest effort. Brenda tells Brandon that she still feels bad for Jim. She overheard him telling Cindy that Brandon reminds him of his father. Brandon goes to see Art and runs into Marcie, who questions his loyalties. Brandon says it’s not about that – it’s about money and politics. Marcie calls him a “knee-jerk bleeding heart,” warning that he’s not a threat to Dickson. Brandon says she’s so concerned with being who her father wants her to be that she won’t be her own person. Marcie throws that back at him when he says he’s there to tell Art that Jim had nothing to do with his outburst at the meeting.

Later, Brandon heads to the Peach Pit for the protest, which is supposed to become a press conference. Nat sent everyone home, having decided to accept the offer to sell the Pit. He appreciates Brandon’s efforts, but he thinks things will work out for the best. Brandon’s disappointed that Nat doesn’t want to fight for something so important. At home, Jim tries to make up with him, but Brandon’s still mad about his part in the deal. Jim rants that Art and Dickson made the decision without him. Nat also made a decision, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Jim continues that the men all made the deals they made for business, and to support their families. Brandon’s still mad. Cindy feels bad for him, telling Jim that Brandon “lost a hero.” Jim thinks she means him, but she really means Nat. Jim guesses that Nat got a good amount of money in the deal since the property is worth a lot of money. He admits that he’ll miss the Pit. He heads over there and sees that business is picking up. Nat says he doesn’t blame Brandon for being mad since Brandon fought for him and Nat didn’t fight back. He asks Jim to look over the deal paperwork.

After seeing the deal, Jim calls Art to blast him for not giving Nat a fair offer. Art tells him to come in for a chat. Back at the Walshes’, Brenda tells Brandon that the money for the mall fell through. She wanted Jim to get something good out of the project, but she’s glad the Peach Pit won’t be going anywhere. Brandon tells her she was right to support Jim. Jim fills Brandon in on the details: Art knew the deal might not go through, and when it didn’t, he told Jim he’s not a team player. Jim will keep his job, and he’s learned something about business.

Brandon goes to the Pit to give Nat the good news, letting him twist a little first. He suggests that Nat donate his photos of celebrities to a museum. He could get a good tax break, and “everything has its price.” (Brandon, shut up.) Brandon finally tells Nat that the mall isn’t going to be built, so the Pit is safe. A bunch of people come in to celebrate and they all live happily ever after, or something.

Thoughts: Marcie is played by ’90s mainstay Liz Vassey, who I could have sworn vanished into thin air after that decade, but only because I never saw any of the dozens of episodes she did of CSI.

Dickson is played by John Ingle, AKA Edward Quartermaine from General Hospital. You’ve probably seen him as a guest star in at least one TV show; he usually plays a judge or a priest. Ironically, for years he taught drama at the real Beverly Hills High School and Hollywood High School. His students included Richard Dreyfuss, Nicolas Cage, David Schwimmer, Swoosie Kurtz, Laraine Newman, and Albert Brooks.

A lake in a mall? What?

Marcie has talked to Brandon three times and is ready to get him a job with her father. How does she know what he’s good at or what he likes to do? Plus, he’s only 16 – what kind of job can she really get him?

“It’s a free country and I’m not going to keep my mouth shut anymore.” Ladies and gentlemen, Brandon Walsh in a nutshell. (And I’ll tell you, I want to put him in a nutshell and keep him in there.)

So the deal doesn’t go through, and the plot just ends? That’s so disappointing. And what about Nat’s money problems? Are those magically gone now?


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