December 26, 2011

BSC #92, Mallory’s Christmas Wish: Reality Bites

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Nice mom jeans, child I assume is Claire

Summary: Mallory convinces her family to have an old-fashioned Christmas, with homemade presents, home-cooked meals, and the like. Vanessa hears about a contest looking for families with unique Christmas celebrations and enters with the old-fashioned idea. She wins, so the Pikes will have their preparations and holiday activities taped for a TV show. Plus, they get $10,000. The Pikes are all excited, but Kristy’s even more excited because now the BSC can get a ton of free publicity.

Of course, things don’t go smoothly. Because they’re filming a TV show, there are various takes and some things have to be staged. There are cameras in everyone’s faces, and the whole process is just a hassle. Plus, the BSC girls are working at a boutique at Stoneybrook Manor, where Mallory’s Uncle Joe lives, and the filming puts him off. Finally, on Christmas Eve, the kids revolt, and the Pikes decide to shut down filming and give back the $10,000.

Not much else happens in the book, other than the BSC girls working at the boutique, but we get to accompany the Pikes on a lot of Christmas errands. That was kind of nice to read about on…Christmas. (Nice coincidence, huh?)

Thoughts: Suddenly, I’m realized the real plus of having seven brothers and sisters: tons of Christmas presents. Can you imagine all the stuff under the Pikes’ tree?

Claudia’s “Kishi Scientific Ener-joy Theory”: “If you eat what you like, you become happy, and the energy from your joy burns off calories.” I like it!

I’d love to know where the Pikes store the 360 Christmas cookies they make.

I love that Claire believes in Santa but is “suspicious.”

Vanessa’s Christmas song, which cracks me up:

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

When I chop you down, don’t fall on me.

You smell so nice, you look so green,

Excuse my axe for being mean.”

This book was published before reality TV really took off, but I can imagine the BSC girls starring on some reality shows:

  • Kristy and Abby – partners on The Amazing Race
  • Claudia – Project Runway or Work of Art
  • Stacey – 16 and Pregnant (let’s be honest)
  • Mallory – a Jon & Kate Plus 8/19 Kids and Counting-type show starring the Pikes
  • Mary Anne – she’ll have her own show about having a giant family
  • Jessi – So You Think You Can Dance
  • Dawn – Whale Wars

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