December 29, 2011

BH90210 2.26, Things to Do On a Rainy Day: Color Me Shocked

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Look how pretty and irrelevant we are!

Summary: Remember Color Me Badd? Donna, Kelly, Brenda, and David are watching one of their videos at the Peach Pit. Donna’s obsessed with the group and wants to try to win free passes to their concert on the radio. David offers to call the club and ask for comped tickets; he thinks that will work since he’s a DJ. Instead, the girls go to Donna’s house and try to win the tickets. Donna’s mother Felice tells her she’ll be home late because of a meeting, but Donna isn’t paying attention. Felice doesn’t want Donna going to the Sunset Strip that night, but it doesn’t matter since the girls don’t win.

Brandon, Steve, and Dylan are at the Walshes’, bored because it’s raining and they can’t think of anything to do. Steve sees an ad for strippers and is very interested in hiring one. David shows up at Donna’s house with the news that he knows where Color Me Badd is staying (their manager is a friend of Mel’s). The girls decide to go stake out the hotel and try to see the band. They’re not the only people with this idea, as there are a ton of fans there with umbrellas.

When the group arrives in a limo, there’s a bit of a stampede, and the kids try to use it as a cover to sneak into the hotel. However, they can’t get in since they’re not guests there. David is determined to get the girls inside, noting that he was already able to figure out where Color Me Badd was. At the Walshes’, Dylan pretends he’s not interested in seeing the stripper; he’s just staying because Steve and Brandon seem to think he should. Brandon is a little grossed out by the idea of letting a half-dressed woman into his parents’ house.

Andrea arrives rather than the stripper, wanting to brainstorm with Brandon for the newspaper. No one is amused. David returns to the girls with room keys, so now they have to be admitted to the hotel. As the kids head upstairs to a suite, they run into Felice. Donna tells him David and Mel are staying at the hotel while their house is being fumigated. Felice says her charity meeting is at the hotel and they’re on a lunch break. The kids pretend they’re just there to get something of David’s and will leave right after. Felice believes them, but Donna’s suspicious of her mother.

The guys try to cancel the stripper, Brandy, but it’s too late. Then Brandon tries to talk Andrea into going to a museum to get her out of the house. She doesn’t get the hint. Dylan tells Steve to tell Andrea the truth, and Brandon jokes that she’d probably write a series of articles about Brandy. When Brandy arrives, the guys pretend that she’s Cindy’s niece, there to help Brandon with a genealogy report.

Donna’s worried about Felice finding out what she’s really up to, saying Felice will kill her. Kelly notes that she says that a lot and she should just let Felice kill her, then see what happens. David calls Color Me Badd’s manager, but the guy hangs up on him. The kids decide to search the hotel for the group, though Donna’s worried about Felice catching them. After some spying and somewhat casual standing around, the kids find someone traveling with the band and figure out that they’re staying in the penthouse. However, they can’t take the elevator up there since it’s locked.

David and Brenda head for the back stairs while Kelly snags a maid’s key and uses it to get her and Donna up to the penthouse via the elevator. The doors in the staircase are all locked except one, and Brenda and David wind up on the roof in the pouring rain. Meanwhile, Donna sees Felice making out with a guy who definitely isn’t Donna’s father. She’s really upset and tries to call her dad but can’t reach him.

Andrea chats with Brandy, learning that she’s getting her master’s in social work at UCLA and has a five-year-old. Kelly wanders around the penthouse floor, running into a groupie looking to party. The groupie doesn’t get why Kelly and her friends would want to meet Color Me Badd and not hook up with them or something. As they split up, Kelly runs into one of the group members at a soda machine and he offers her a pass to the show. She talks him into giving her four.

David and Brenda make it to the suite, fighting about which of them is dumber. Donna’s ready to leave, but Brenda notes that they’ve already been through a lot, so they might as well keep going. David tells Donna not to give up so easily. Kelly hangs out with Color Me Badd, admitting that she’s not a huge fan, though she does like them. Donna tells David and Brenda again that she wants to leave, then gets a call back from her father. She chickens out on telling him about Felice. Afterward, she tells her friends that Felice is having an affair.

At the Walshes’, Brandy’s still talking, now about the Peace Corps, where she met her husband. He’s writing a book about surfing, so now Dylan’s interested. Andrea decides it’s time for her to go, so the guys are finally alone with Brandy. She starts to do her thing, but the guys see her as kind of a friend now, so they can’t get into it. Jim and Cindy return home just as Brandy’s leaving. “I’m Cindy’s cousin,” she introduces herself. (Ha!) Dylan and Steve run off, leaving Brandon to explain himself to his parents. (He tells them Steve has a cousin named Cindy.)

Brenda and David urge Donna to talk to Felice and find out what’s really going on. Donna’s worried that her whole life will change. David notes that her father might already know; he and Felice might have some sort of “arrangement.” As the kids check out of the hotel, Kelly calls Brenda to tell her she got passes to the concert. Brenda gives her the news about Donna, who she’s taking to the Walshes’. She tells Kelly to go to the concert so she can tell Donna all about it.

Felice finds Donna in the lobby and blasts her for not leaving earlier. Donna reveals that she saw Felice with another man and asks if she’s having an affair. Felice won’t answer the question, but Donna’s clear on the answer. She goes home with Brenda and tells Jim and Cindy what happened. She feels like she doesn’t have a family anymore. Donna admires the Walshes because their family never changes, though Jim tells her that isn’t true.

Felice arrives but Donna refuses to leave with her. She reminds Felice that she was a huge proponent of abstinence while she was having an affair. She cares more about appearances than feelings, and Donna won’t hide her feelings to make herself look okay. While Brenda comforts her, Cindy tells Felice that Donna can stay with the Walshes until things calm down. After Felice leaves, Cindy assures Donna that her mother loves her, and no matter what she does, it has nothing to do with how she feels about Donna.

Cindy continues that marriage and family are difficult. Donna points out that Cindy always keeps things together. Cindy admits the events of “The 17-Year Itch” to her. She assures Donna that parents never stop loving their children, adding that Donna doesn’t want to turn her back on her mother’s love. Later, the other Walshes discuss the situation and how Donna has suddenly changed. Jim thinks the twins can help Donna keep her life simple. Oh, and “Steve’s cousin” left her business card behind.

Donna heads home after all and asks Felice if she still loves Donna’s father. Felice says she does. She feels like she’s asking Donna to grow up quickly now that she knows about the affair. She apologizes for how her actions have hurt her daughter. Donna asks what will happen to their family, and Felice promises that she’ll tell her husband. She assures Donna that whatever happens between them, they still love Donna. Donna begs her to try to work things out in her marriage.

David stops by to see if Donna wants to hang out with him and Brenda at the Peach Pit. Donna wants to stay home, but Felice urges her to go. As they leave, Donna tells David that she’s never known what it’s like to have problems. They meet up with Brenda at the Peach Pit, and Kelly arrives a few minutes later to talk about the concert. She met some guys and brought them along to get some food. Of course, the guys are Color Me Badd. Kelly makes them sing before they can eat, so they give the kids their own private concert.

Thoughts: I’m not that familiar with Color Me Badd (I was more a New Kids on the Block girl), so I have no idea if their fame here is overblown or not. Probably.

David: “Plan B is to think of a plan B.” Heh.

Tori Spelling kind of breaks my heart in this episode (in a good way). She does the sad scenes really well.

Is it bad that I think the stripper’s dress is cute? To be fair, it’s not the kind of dress you would associate with a stripper. And it covers more of her body than you’d think.

If Felice is so concerned with appearances, she should really talk to Donna about the super-short argyle shorts she wears in this episode.

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