December 31, 2011

BH90210 2.27, Mexican Standoff: South of the Border

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I'm going to have happy dreams tonight

Summary: Brenda and Dylan are at his place, making out and lamenting the fact that she has a curfew. Dylan invites her to go to Baja with him, which Brenda is sure will never fly with her parents. He points out that they let him go to his place all the time. They’ll only be gone from Saturday morning through Sunday night. Brenda decides she can risk missing curfew since she’s still in the same state as her parents.

Brenda sneaks in late and gets caught by Jim, who notes that this isn’t the first time she’s missed her curfew. He thinks she’s spending too much time with Dylan. Brenda thinks he’s treating her like a child; she’s 17 and her grades are fine, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Jim replies that sticking to a curfew is one of the few things he asks of her. They agree that Brenda always does the right thing.

At school, David shows Kelly and Donna the diamond earrings he got for Mel and Jackie. He thinks Mel will get his ear pierced. Kelly’s sick of talking about the wedding, and Donna wonders if she’s jealous. Dylan presses Brenda about the Baja trip again. Kelly would rather have Brenda in town to mope with her.

Brenda takes Dylan home for dinner and announces to her parents that they have weekend plans in Mexico. Jim starts to protest, but Cindy pulls him aside and tells him there’s nothing to worry about. They question Dylan over dinner, and Jim eventually relents, to Brandon’s surprise. Jim reminds Brenda that since they’re treating her like an adult, she needs to act like one.

The lovebirds head to a Beverly Hills beach and discover that it’s closed because of bacteria. They encounter Jake Hanson, an old friend of Dylan’s who taught him how to surf. He’s living in “a little place off Melrose.” (Get it? Because they spin him off for Melrose Place? Get it??) Brenda and Dylan head to the Peach Pit, where Dylan calls Brandon “Benedicto Arnoldo” for not supporting their Baja trip. Andrea learns of the trip and tries to turn it into a group thing, to no avail.

Steve examines his invitation to Jackie and Mel’s wedding, complaining to David that he didn’t get a plus one. He’s on Kelly’s side about being anti-wedding. He’s also not sure this marriage will last longer than Jackie’s previous ones. Jake comes by and meets all of Brenda and Dylan’s friends, minus Kelly. He needs a job, so David suggests that he paint the Silver/Taylor house.

Brenda and Dylan watch The Grapes of Wrath and make out at his place, falling asleep. (Wasn’t this an episode of Full House?) They wake up at 4 in the morning and Brenda rushes home, where Jim tells her he can’t trust her, so she can’t go to Mexico. The Taylor/Silver clan hangs out with Donna, looking over invitations. Donna finds it ironic that Mel and Jackie are getting married while hers are splitting up. Kelly gets annoyed and leaves.

Brenda, Kelly, and Donna try on bridesmaid dresses and discuss Jim calling off the Baja trip. Donna suggests that Brenda go to Mexico anyway and tell her parents she’s staying at Kelly’s. Kelly’s reluctant to agree to the plan. Jackie sends her to the house to let Jake in, which just gives Kelly another thing to complain about. Jackie calls her out on her attitude, but it doesn’t get anywhere.

At the Taylor/Silver house, Kelly meets Jake and is instantly attracted to him. He seems interested, too. At the Peach Pit, Brenda tells Dylan about Donna’s proposed plan, saying she doesn’t want to lie. He urges her to tell her parents the truth. Brenda thinks Jim is being sexist because he would never treat Brandon the way he’s treating her. She decides she’ll go to Mexico whether Jim and Cindy like it or not.

Early Saturday morning, Brenda packs and tells Brandon she’s going to Kelly’s for the weekend. He guesses she’s actually going to Baja. Brenda expects him to keep quiet, and he agrees, because he’s Elizabeth Wakefield. Jim and Cindy buy the story about Brenda going to Kelly’s, and Jim even wonders if he was too hard on her, because he’s Ned Wakefield.

Kelly hangs out with Jake while he builds a wedding canopy, telling him she’s surprised her mother isn’t going to try harder to hide her pregnancy at the wedding. She admits that she’s stressed about adding a new stepfather, stepbrother, and baby to her life all at the same time. Jake tells her she’s facing a “world of possibilities.”

Dylan and Brenda head to Mexico, and she tells him she told her parents she was going to Kelly’s. She calls home to check in and Brandon lets her know he’s been covering for her. Brenda and Dylan check into a motel where he knows the owner, and Brenda learns that she’s not the first girl he’s brought there. In fact, the last time he was there, it was not long after he and Brenda had broken up. She’s furious that he didn’t tell her and announces that they’re leaving.

Back in Beverly Hills, Cindy calls Kelly looking for Brenda. Kelly tells her Brenda went out to get some food and will call when she returns. Brenda fights with Dylan, telling him she’s not sure what she wants anymore. Kelly calls to tell Brenda to call home, then chats more with Jake, who is not at all disappointed to learn that she’s single. She invites him to stay for dinner since her mom’s out.

Brenda calls Cindy, then snipes at Dylan some more. They wind up getting separate rooms. Kelly and Jake flirt a little, joking about finding work for him to do that will keep him around longer. He thinks that she’ll soften when the baby arrives. Steve shows up and isn’t happy to see Jake in the house. After he leaves, Jake confirms that he and Kelly are really over, then kisses her.

Dylan and Brenda go to dinner together (since he warned her not to go alone), and he blasts her for being a brat when they’re alone in a romantic setting. They get serenaded with a Spanish version of “Feelings,” which cracks them up and leads them to apologize to each other. Steve goes to the Peach Pit to complain to Brandon that Kelly didn’t even want him in her house tonight. He’s worried that Jake will hurt Kelly, but Brandon notes that Kelly will come to him for comfort afterward. Steve admits what everyone already knows: He’s still in love with Kelly.

When Jackie and Mel get home, they’re surprised to see that Kelly’s actually happy. She hugs Jackie and feels the baby kicking for the first time. Dylan and Brenda spend the night dancing in Mexico, then go surfing in the morning. They get stopped at the border on their way home, but Brenda doesn’t have any ID on her. She’ll need to have a legal guardian bring her birth certificate, which means Jim and Cindy have to be called.

To be continued!

Thoughts: Grant Show sure is pretty.

Doesn’t Dylan have a phone? Can’t Jim just call and bug Brenda when she’s late getting home?

Jackie’s letting Brenda and Donna be bridesmaids? What is this, the Baby-sitters Club?

Dylan and Brenda have better chemistry when they’re mad at each other.

Hey, Jake, maybe you should find out how old girls are before you make out with them.


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