January 7, 2012

BH90210 2.28, Wedding Bell Blues: Everything’s All About Brenda All the Time

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Where are the Fug Girls when I really need them?

Summary: Brenda and Dylan are still at the Mexican/U.S. border, waiting for Jim to come vouch for Brenda’s citizenship. Dylan’s sure that he’ll get over the fact that his teenage daughter lied about her whereabouts to leave the country with her boyfriend. Too bad that when Jim arrives, he walks in on them making out.

Brandon comes home to find Jim yelling at the kids for the Mexico jaunt and losing his trust. He’s no happier when he finds out that Brandon knew what Brenda and Dylan were up to. Cindy’s equally upset and decides to call Jackie to tell her Kelly was also involved. Jim thinks Brenda and Dylan’s relationship has “gone too far” and they need to “take a break.” Dylan decides to leave so the family can sort everything out on their own.

Brenda tells Jim he can punish her, but Dylan isn’t to blame. He didn’t even know she’d lied until they got to Mexico. Somehow, that doesn’t make Jim feel any better. Kelly and Jake flirt and kiss some more at her place, separating when Jackie comes outside to confront Kelly about Cindy’s phone call. She orders her daughter to apologize to Cindy for her part in the lie.

At school, Kelly blasts Brenda for ratting her out; she’s upset that she got yelled at in front of Jake. Brenda tells her that she and Dylan aren’t allowed to see each other. Andrea complains to Brandon that she didn’t get invited to Jackie and Mel’s wedding, though Brandon’s sure she was. He offers to talk to Kelly, but Andrea’s too pouty to care anymore.

At the Peach Pit, Nat tells Brandon that everyone’s taking the wedding too seriously. (He’s just mad that no one wanted his pies at the reception.) Dylan arrives and Brandon assures him that they’re fine, but he doesn’t want to lie for him and Brenda again. He adds that he understands why Jim is angry. Dylan asks what he can do to make things up to Jim, but Brandon thinks the ship has sailed on that. Dylan interprets this to mean that he’s no longer welcome at the Walshes’ house.

Things are very tense at the Walshes’ breakfast table the next morning, and Brenda thinks her parents are taking the situation too far. She complains to Brandon that she’s not allowed to make decisions on her own. He points out that their parents aren’t that strict, but she crossed a line. He gives her the same advice he gave Dylan: Lie low.

Brenda invites Dylan to the wedding rehearsal, where they’ll be able to hang out without her parents knowing, but Dylan doesn’t plan to go to the rehearsal if he’s not going to the wedding. He doesn’t want to be there if Jim and Cindy are. Brenda decides she won’t go to the wedding either, which is dumb, since she’s a bridesmaid.

Jake’s work at the Taylor house is finished, so he’s hitting the road, much to Kelly’s disappointment. He assures her they can still be friends. Of course, Kelly’s unhappy that he only sees her that way. He tells her they can see what happens. She invites him to the wedding as her date, but Jake doesn’t think he’s the best person for her to bring home to her mother.

At the rehearsal, Kelly tells Brenda about the Jake situation; Brenda tells her she shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up. Then she turns the conversation around to herself and Dylan. They start fighting, and eventually Brenda runs off and Kelly tells Jackie she wants people to pay attention to her feelings. But there’s an even bigger problem: A plumbing issue that has flooded the Taylor house.

At the Peach Pit, Kelly, David, and Donna bring Brandon up to speed, telling him they can’t find a new location for the wedding. Andrea arrives with her wedding invitation, which her mother forgot to give her. Kelly makes it clear that they weren’t planning to leave her out. Brandon suggests that Jackie and Mel get married at the Walshes’, but Cindy and Jim aren’t quite on board when they find out. Unfortunately, Jackie’s already under the impression that they offered the house, and Cindy can’t back out.

The wedding preparations move to the Walshes’, with Brandon and Steve put to work. Brenda does nothing, like anyone should be surprised. Cindy tells her that she and Jim are still upset, but they’ll eventually get over it. Brenda urges her to stand up to Jim about his decision regarding Dylan, but Cindy’s on his side. Brenda tells her Dylan’s too proud to come to the wedding. A little later, Cindy gives Brandon a note to deliver to Dylan – it’s a letter asking him to “take the first step.”

When Kelly comes over for the wedding, she and Brenda make up. Dylan arrives soon after to talk to Jim. Or, more accurately, to be yelled at some more by Jim. He makes some good points that Dylan and Brenda’s relationship hasn’t been completely rosy, so it’s hard for Jim to trust him. Dylan can stay for the wedding, but after that, he and Brenda are done. Dylan decides not to share this with Brenda.

The girls get ready for the wedding, discussing their own future nuptials. (Donna’s up for getting married while bungee jumping.) Jackie confides in Kelly that her three previous marriages didn’t work out, so she has no confidence that her fourth will. Kelly helps her calm down a little by assuring her that she really likes Mel. She adds that he might know what he’s doing, since he wants to marry Jackie.

The wedding begins and Brenda spaces out to imagine marrying Dylan. The ceremony goes off without a problem, and at the reception, everyone’s happy. Steve thinks Kelly will like having a father around, even if he’s David’s dad. He asks about Jake, telling Kelly that seeing them together finally convinced him that they won’t get back together. Kelly agrees, but notes that if Mel and Jackie can get together, anything can happen.

Dylan and Brenda dance at the reception, talking about how much of a jerk Jim is being. Dylan’s mad that he trusted Jim and got shut out, the same way his own father treated him. David dances with Kelly, mentioning how weird it is that they’re stepsiblings now. She tells him he’s matured and is semi-cool now.

Jake shows up and tells Kelly he doesn’t want to completely drop out of her life. He notes that she’s not a kid but she’s also not an adult, so his feelings for her are kind of dangerous. Kelly doesn’t know anything about and doesn’t know what she would be getting into if they started a relationship. She tells him she’s willing to take her chances. Then they make out.

Andrea tells Brandon that she’s done the math and Jackie and Mel’s marriage will last. She hates that she doubted whether her friends really like her, but she still feels like an outsider sometimes. Brandon tells her they like her because she’s unique. Meanwhile, David gives his father and stepmother the earrings he bought them. Jake finds Dylan and they trade vague barbs about Jake’s past.

Brenda pulls Jim aside to ask what he said to Dylan that has him so upset. She’s not happy that he’s shutting Dylan out when the Walshes are his only family. She convinces Jim to talk to Dylan, and now Jim has magically calmed down. Dylan tells him he trusted Jim and isn’t used to having a father who doesn’t express his emotions through violence. He doesn’t want Jim to tell him what to do. Jim tells him to leave, but first Dylan orders him to stop controlling his trust.

Everyone sees off the newlyweds (Andrea catches the bouquet), and Dylan starts to storm off. He tells Brenda he got too close to the Walshes and won’t make that mistake again. As he leaves, Jim tells Brenda she’s not allowed to see Dylan anymore.

Thoughts: I’m finally done with season 2! It feels like it went on forever. Of course, it’s not as exciting when you realize I still have eight seasons to go.

The minister is played by Lewis Arquette, who was really slumming when he accepted an unnamed character with one scene on this show.

There are two random girls at the wedding who Steve tries to pick up, and one of them is Denise Richards.

I have no words for the bridesmaid dresses the girls wear (see above). All I can think of is Steel Magnolias.

If Steve isn’t going to pursue Kelly anymore, then what purpose does he serve?


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