January 7, 2012

SVH #111, A Deadly Christmas: King Jeremy the Wicked

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You can't tell, but there's a Christmas tree on fire. In a cabin no one uses. Just go with it

Summary: Picking up where Death Threat left off, Jessica has just realized that Jeremy was behind Sue’s “kidnapping.” Except she immediately talks herself out of thinking he’s a bad guy and convinces herself she’s wrong. Then she convinces herself that she wants to have sex with him, as he’s been pressuring her to do (even though SHE’S 16 and HE’S 23). Jeremy’s also still with Sue, waiting for her inheritance to be deposited in her bank account. He plans to grab it and run as soon as he can.

Elizabeth and Todd do some investigating into the “kidnapping,” since the police seriously don’t give a crap, and they wind up at the cabin where Sue was held, finding some of the instruments of abduction. Sue eavesdrops on Jeremy and Jessica and figures out what Jeremy’s planning. Then she makes the first good decision in the whole mini-series: She tells Jessica everything. Jeremy and Jessica’s first meeting was a set-up, and she and Jeremy were planning to get her inheritance the whole time.

Jessica believes Sue and shares the story with Elizabeth. They call Sam, the PI from the previous book, but can’t get in touch with her, so they decide to call the cops instead. (I know!) But they don’t have any proof, since Steven accidentally taped over their recording from the drop-off. Which is just further proof that the cops don’t care about solving the kidnapping since they didn’t take the tape into evidence.

Sue finds a news article about Jeremy (going by a different name) marrying someone a few years ago, most likely for her money. She also finds a plane ticket and figures out Jeremy’s going to take her inheritance and leave without her. The girls call the bride, who confirms their suspicions. Jessica and Sue both keep pretending they’re into Jeremy, so he won’t think anything’s up; he’s too dumb to catch on.

He’s not too dumb, though, to steal the inheritance before Sue can get to it. The girls and Sue come up with a plan, and Elizabeth lets Todd join up, because the little girls need a big, strong man to protect them. For some reason, part of the plan involves Jessica telling Jeremy that she knows everything he did but still wants to be with him. She tells him she wants to run away with him that night. He’s all, “I get the money AND a hot 16-year-old? Score!”

What Jeremy doesn’t know is that the twins have called Sam and summoned her from L.A. She arrives with more proof that Jeremy’s a golddigger. Then she outfits Jessica with a wire (Sam’s solution to everything) and sends her off with Jeremy to a cabin. The plan is for Sam, Elizabeth, Sue, and Todd to follow them and call the police. Yes, there’s certainly no way this can go wrong.

Jess heads off with Jeremy, but it’s snowing, which leads Sam and her crew to fall behind and wind up in a ditch. Jessica fulfills her part of the plan, getting Jeremy to ‘fess up to everything he’s done; she’s under the impression that the others are right behind her. When she realizes they aren’t, she heads for the phone, but Jeremy catches her and accuses her of trying to rat him out. They fight, she knocks herself out on a coffee table, a Christmas tree catches on fire (didn’t I say to just go with it?), and Jeremy realizes he’s about to get the money and get rid of the blonde without incriminating himself, so he takes off.

He doesn’t get very far, since Sam and her merry band of helpers arrive and try to stop him. They don’t. They do, however, save Jessica from the burning cabin. Well, really, Sue and Elizabeth do. Todd is no help. I still don’t know why he’s there. Jeremy gets nabbed by the police and Sue decides to come clean about her part in everything, so the twins actually brought down a criminal for once.

Other stuff involves Lila painting for Robby since she doesn’t think he’ll be ready for a showing in time, and a now-single Ken having a mad crush on Jessica and wanting to take her to a holiday dance. It’s as boring as it sounds. No, even more boring than that.

Thoughts: This book really could have benefited from Sgt. Johnson from the BSC books. He actually listens to teenagers when they say someone’s a criminal, even if they’re wrong.

There’s really no point in this book taking place over Christmas. The holiday is barely mentioned at all.

Jessica’s idea of lingerie is garters and teddies. Jessica is your grandmother in 1940.

Todd wears white jeans. Ick.

Interesting that everyone worries that Jeremy might kill Jessica in the cabin, but no one worries what might happen if he pressures her to have sex and she says no.


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