January 14, 2012

BH90210 3.1, Misery Loves Company: The Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

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I bet Steve only waits on hot girls

Summary: School’s out, but Steve has failed every class and has to repeat his junior year. Just kidding! It’s a dream. At the Peach Pit, Brandon reassures him that it wasn’t real and they’re going to be seniors after they enjoy their two months off. They plan to spend the summer hanging out at the beach, “picking up chicks.”

Kelly and Donna pick Brenda up from the Walshes’ to go shopping. Brenda’s pouty because of the whole Dylan situation. The pouting has earned Brenda the loan of Jim’s credit card, but she won’t need it, since she’s not going to the mall – she’s meeting Dylan. Kelly’s also sneaking around with Jake, and she and Donna note that Brenda will need someone else to cover for her while they’re in Paris. However, Donna’s considering staying in California to help fix her parents’ marriage.

Brandon is ditching Nat for the summer but is down because he hasn’t made much money to use over the next couple of months. Steve laughs it off, since it’s the amount he spends on pizza. Brandon teases him for being snobby. Steve says he could work a minimum-wage job if he had to, so Brandon bets the amount of the paycheck that Steve can’t get and keep a job for a week. Steve turns around and asks Nat for Brandon’s job.

Dylan and Brenda hang out on the beach, and he tells her he’s going to see Jim the next day to get him removed as trustee of Dylan’s money. Brenda wishes they were going to Europe with Kelly and Donna. Dylan tells her about spending time in Europe as a kid. Brandon returns to the Beverly Hills Beach Club and reunites with Henry (yay!), who lost the sporting-goods store he opened with his brother-in-law. “All of us have been hurt,” he tells Brandon.

Brandon spots Brenda and Dylan together and confronts Brenda for her lies. He knows her relationship is none of his business (that’s funny, Walsh), but he won’t be her accomplice. Dylan notes that they’re only sneaking around because Jim and Cindy don’t like him. Brendon tells him that they’re scared because Dylan’s taking their daughter away. There’s nothing he can do to help.

Dylan takes Brenda back to their meeting spot so Donna and Kelly can pick her up. He tells her he’s tired of having to sneak around. She reminds him that there’s no alternative. Back at home, Brandon baits his sister and Jim tells her to stop moping already. At the Peach Pit, Donna tells David she can’t go to Europe because her passport photo is horrible. Steve has to wait on them, which cracks David up. He orders them not to tell Nat he’s working there on a bet.

Jim and Dylan meet, and Jim tries to make small talk about college and Dylan’s grades. Dylan announces that Jim may think he can control Brenda, but he can’t control Dylan. He wants a new trustee. Jim’s happy to give up the responsibility, but Dylan’s mother gets to make the call. Dylan doesn’t get to call the shots until he turns 21. He accepts this, as long as Jim stops asking him how school’s going.

At home, Jim complains to Cindy about Dylan’s behavior; he wishes they’d charged him with kidnapping after the Mexico trip. Cindy wonders if it’s time to back down. Jim reminds her that they both feel like Dylan’s no good for Brenda. At the beach club, Brandon learns that Andrea will be working as the head of the children’s camp. Henry tells him that she gave Brandon as a reference. Brandon doesn’t want to spend the summer feeling guilty for talking to other girls.

Jim and Cindy have a surprise field trip for Brenda, but she’s already made plans with “Kelly.” He thinks she’s just being stubborn because she thinks if she can keep it up long enough, her parents will give in. Henry gives Brandon a bottle of champagne to deliver to a couple who just joined the club – Jim and Cindy.

Brandon spots Dylan’s car in the parking lot and learns that Kelly invited him and Brenda to join her for the day. He warns her that his parents are also at the club. They go looking for the secret lovebirds, but Cindy sees them first. She tries to keep Jim from seeing them as well, but it doesn’t work. Brandon finds and warns Brenda and Dylan; Brenda doesn’t want a confrontation, but Dylan’s tired of playing games.

Brenda decides to face her parents on her own, pretending everything’s normal. They yell at her for lying and sneaking around. Jim also doesn’t want to let Brenda say anything. She agrees that she shouldn’t have lied or kept her relationship a secret, so from now on, she’s going to see Dylan whenever she wants. Jim warns her that if she walks away, “things will never be the same.” She walks off anyway.

The gang meets up at the Peach Pit, discussing Brenda and her parents. Andrea wonders if she wanted to get caught. Brandon teases Steve about his job, so Steve teases him about having to work with Andrea at a club his parents now belong to. Speaking of Andrea, she asks Brandon to take her to the club in the mornings. Steve suggests that he also take her home.

Jay Thurman, the former editor of the school paper who graduated before Brandon moved to Beverly Hills, joins the gang, then takes Andrea to a movie. Kelly and Donna approve of their date. Steve notes that Brandon won’t have to worry about Andrea’s crush anymore. Brandon isn’t as pleased as he should be.

Cindy and Jim discover a bunch of Brenda’s things gone and realize that she’s run off to Dylan’s place. Indeed, she’s over there telling him that if her parents don’t like her life, they don’t have to watch her live it. She’s not quite sure what she’s doing, though. Back at the Peach Pit, Brandon is still teasing Steve, who thinks the job is working out great. However, Nat admits to Brandon that it’s not. He feels like Steve is trying to prove something. Brandon urges Nat to give him another chance.

Jim goes to Dylan’s and orders Dylan to tell Brenda to go home. Brenda says she won’t leave until Jim accepts Dylan as part of her life. No one will budge. Jim at least won’t go so far as to physically force Brenda out, so he has no choice but to leave without her.

At the Peach Pit, Steve hands over Brandon’s money, admitting that he got fired and he’s not cut out for being a waiter. He reminds Brandon that tomorrow, Brandon will be waiting on him at the beach club. At the Taylor/Silver home, David tells Kelly that he and Donna caught her parents going at it in the living room. Donna’s decided to go to Europe after all. Suddenly Jackie tells them her water broke. Mel’s out so Kelly takes charge.

At the Walshes’, Jim promises Cindy that they’ll work things out with Brenda. Brandon comes home to hear the news, wondering why his parents let Brenda stay at Dylan’s. He’s surprised at the way things have turned out. He adds that Cindy and Jim’s problems with Dylan probably don’t have that much to do with Dylan. Meanwhile, Brenda tells Dylan they can’t share a bed because she’ll imagine her parents watching them. She feels guilty for leaving and making them upset.

Thoughts: Jay is played by Peter Krause, AKA Casey from Sports Night, Nat from Six Feet Under, Nick from Dirty Sexy Money, and Adam from Parenthood.

Brandon, stop rolling up your sleeves and chomping gum.

I thought the Walshes had money problems. How can they afford club membership and a cabana?

Andrea actually looks kind of cute in her beach club uniform. I think it’s because she’s not wearing her glasses.

It’s 35 degrees here. This episode made me want to go to the beach so badly.

Brandon and Steve teasing each other made me laugh. I also think that’s how a lot of guy friends really act, so points for realism.

Jackie found out she was pregnant around Valentine’s Day, right? Let’s say she was two months along then. That means she got pregnant in December. Assuming this episode takes place in July, at the latest, that baby is two months early. Everyone should be a lot more worried than they are.


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