January 15, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 4.11, The Tao of Dawson: Red-Letter Day

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Yay, another relationship for everyone to get angsty over!

Summary: Dawson and Pacey are fishing together, hanging out for the first time in months. Dawson announces that he likes Gretchen and thinks she feels the same way about him. He wanted to tell Pacey the truth so things don’t blow up like they did with Pacey and Joey. Pacey protests that “sisters are off-limits – they’re like mothers, only pretty.” Dawson replies that he’s not going to act on his feelings. Pacey clarifies that his tao is to do nothing.

Later, Pacey accompanies Gretchen on a trip back to her college to pick up her car, which her ex-boyfriend Nick has been using. Pacey talks up Nick, and Gretchen guesses that he’s trying to push her toward him to keep her away from Dawson. Pacey pretends that he’s fine with whatever they want to do. Then he finds a mix CD Dawson made her.

Dawson asks Jack if it was weird when Pacey dated Andie. Jack was fine with it since he and Pacey weren’t really good friends at the time. Mitch overhears and notes that Dawson might soon know what it’s like to be overprotective of a sister. Dawson finds an old love letter he wrote to Gretchen as a kid but never sent. Jack encourages him to act more like a child. Dawson’s sure that Gretchen knows his feelings; if they’re meant to be together, they will be.

The yacht club is closing for renovations, so Drue is looking for a girl to hang out with to fill up his free time. First, though, he’s going to get in as much Joey-taunting as possible. Mrs. Valentine tells him he’s being sent to visit his father, which he’s not excited about. Pacey and Gretchen arrive at her former college and realize that her car isn’t currently drivable. Also, Nick is seeing another girl. Gretchen and Pacey will have to spend the night, and only one of them is happy about it.

Back in Capeside, Dawson sees Mr. Brooks leaving Grams’ house and arranging a date that night. Grams objects to the word “date,” though, despite the fact that they’ll be doing date-like things. She wonders if Dawson is as concerned about Jen’s activities as he is about hers. At the yacht club, Drue and Joey take some dishes to a storage room, which they accidentally get locked in thanks to a busted doorknob.

Pacey and Nick sit in a hot tub together, discussing school. Pacey tells Nick that Gretchen’s single and encourages him to make a move. Jack helps Dawson get the baby’s room ready, but Dawson’s distracted by the idea of Grams getting involved with Mr. Brooks. Jack thinks it’s great, but Dawson tells him that Mr. Brooks is dying. Jack urges Dawson to tell Grams that. He asks if Dawson would have preferred not knowing about Joey and Pacey even though the truth was hard to hear.

Drue tells Joey that if necessary, she can eat his corpse. He thinks that if someone makes a TV movie about their captivity, Lacey Chabert will play her. Joey climbs a ladder looking for food; she falls off and he catches her and kisses her. She slugs him, of course. Gretchen tries to convince Nick (and herself) that her life is great and she doesn’t miss college. He turns on the charm but she sees right through it.

Pacey talks Gretchen up to Nick again, wondering why they ever broke up. Nick says their lives just went in different directions. He spots a girl checking Pacey out and tries to send him upstairs with her. Dawson visits Grams and sees that she’s gotten dressed up for her dinner with Mr. Brooks. She’s in such a good mood that he decides not to tell her Mr. Brooks is sick. Grams reveals that she already knows anyway, and she’s happy just to have someone to spend time with.

Pacey has now changed his tune on Nick, and has also decided that he’s the reason Gretchen left school. Gretchen tells him about her pregnancy and miscarriage. Pacey apologizes for trying to get her and Nick back together. Gretchen admits that she never told Nick about her pregnancy – in fact, Dawson is the only person she’s told. Pacey’s angry that she told Dawson before her own brother.

Dawson edits his movie at Mr. Brooks’ house, growing uncomfortable when Mr. Brooks asks him for relationship advice. Mr. Brooks guesses that he’s worried about Grams falling for a man who’s going to die after losing her own husband. Dawson doesn’t like what Grams will eventually have to go through, but Mr. Brooks notes that everyone dies eventually. You can’t fight fate, so you just have to ride it out.

Nick and Gretchen flirt a little (he’s a bit drunk), though she tries to make it clear that they won’t be getting back together. He thinks she’s there for more than just her car. He invites her upstairs and Pacey watches them go. Joey and Drue bicker about her hitting him, and he tells her everyone thinks she’s mean. He complains about his father and Joey starts to feel a little sorry for him. Drue wonders how Pacey and Joey make it work when they’re so different. She likes the surprises Pacey brings.

Nick’s room is all ready for lovin’, since he was that sure Gretchen would want to fall back into bed with him. He kisses her, saying they’re perfect for each other, but she tells him she’s not the girl she was when they were together. Then Nick passes out, so it doesn’t matter.

The next morning, Gretchen finds Pacey finishing up the car. He doesn’t get why she fell for a jerk like Nick; he blames himself since he encouraged them to get back together. Gretchen deserves someone much better, and she thinks Pacey means Dawson. She assures Pacey that nothing happened last night because she remembered that she came back to say goodbye to Nick. She got the strength to do so from how well Pacey always treated her.

Dawson asks Jack if he believes in inevitability. Jack has considered all the possible things that could have prevented his shoulder injury, which took him off the football team. Dawson mentions Grams and Mr. Brooks wanting to be together despite his illness, and Jack says they’re probably looking for comfort. He tells Dawson that fear isn’t the only thing that drives people. Maybe he’s supposed to be where he is right now, with someone he loved before Joey.

Joey and Drue wake up in the storage room and bicker some more before Joey hears a buzzing. It’s Drue’s cell phone, which he claims he forgot he had with him. Joey tells the caller to come get them, then accuses Drue of orchestrating their captivity. Also, he looked down her shirt when she was asleep. Mrs. Valentine gets the kids out of the storage room, and when Joey says Drue was responsible for what happened, Mrs. Valentine asks if she really thinks he preferred being there to being with his father.

Gretchen returns to Capeside before Pacey and finds Dawson’s old love letter on the porch. In it he tells her not to be nervous about starting high school. He also tells her how much he likes her. As Gretchen reads, Mr. Brooks and Grams hang out together, Mitch and Gail get an ultrasound, and Joey and Pacey meet up. Gretchen goes to the Leerys’ with the letter and Dawson asks, “What took you so long?” She responds that she had some things to do first, then kisses him.

Thoughts: Nick is played by Christian Kane (Eliot on Leverage, Lindsey on Angel). His hair is awful, as always.

So Gretchen, not Joey, is suddenly Dawson’s “one who got away”? Yeah, I believe it.

Doug is the seemingly gay Witter brother, yet Pacey’s the one talking about how handsome Nick is and sitting in the hot tub with him. Just saying.

Hey, Dawson, way to make the leap from “Mr. Brooks takes medication and has a visiting nurse” to “Mr. Brooks isn’t long for this world.” I mean, it turned out to be true, but still.

Another Michelle Williams-less episode. Not that season 4 Jen was very interesting.


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