January 22, 2012

BH90210 3.3, Too Little Too Late/Paris 75001: Innocents Abroad

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Shannen tries to explain to Tori that they're not actually going to Paris for this story arc

Summary: Brandon is hanging out with Andrea’s kids at the beach club, getting buried in the sand. He notices a deaf kid sitting with his mother nearby. Henry sends Brandon back to work, but no one will help him get out of the sand. He tries to make plans with Andrea for that evening, but he’s too late to distract her from Jay. Steve shows Brandon the front page of the paper, which mentions Dylan’s father being up for parole.

Dylan’s already at the prison to meet with his father before his parole hearing. Jack asks him to write a letter talking about how awesome his dad is. Dylan’s hesitant, so Jack guilts him into agreeing. Brenda and Donna have just arrived in Paris with every piece of clothing they own. Donna’s annoyed by all the smoking in the city; she tries to get Brenda to lecture their cab driver about it. In response, he kicks them out of the cab.

The girls check into their hotel, where they get a bare room with a view of a brick wall and hardly any place for their clothes. They meet three of their fellow classmates, who aren’t all that friendly. Brenda begs Donna not to call David, thinking she’ll get homesick. Andrea has dinner with Jay, who’s about to go to Houston for the Republican National Convention. He offers to get her a spot on the trip, and she says she’ll get to “smoke out the enemy.” She’s shocked to learn that he’s a Republican, and he’s shocked to learn that she’s a Democrat. Then they make out in public.

The next day, Andrea (who happens to know some sign language), meets the deaf boy, Cameron, and invites him to the kids’ camp. His mother doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Brenda and Donna do the tourist thing in Paris, but Donna’s obviously not happy. Brenda finally calls her on it, saying she’s going to take advantage of the immersion experience to actually immerse herself in the culture.

Jay visits Andrea at work and tells her she can come to the convention. (Uh, doesn’t she have a job?) Brandon sees them hugging and puts on his sad face. Later, Andrea and Jay make out and Steve tells Brandon that she’s trying to make him jealous. He encourages Brandon to make a move before it’s too late. (Isn’t it already too late? Shut up, Steve.)

Cameron comes to hang out with Andrea’s kids, telling her that his mother gave him permission. It’s a lie, though, and his mother isn’t happy about him wandering off. She doesn’t think Andrea would be able to keep an eye on him while also watching the other kids. Andrea convinces her to let Cameron spend one day with the kids just to try it out.

Donna and Brenda go out to a fancy restaurant and Brenda lectures Donna about making sure none of the locals takes advantage of their naivety. Brandon infiltrates a water-balloon toss and gets all the kids to throw their balloons at Andrea. They chat about the convention, which Andrea’s allowed to leave her job to attend, and Brandon notes that she’s dumping Cameron to go. Andrea’s mad at him for trying to make her feel guilty.

Donna hallucinates David, I guess because otherwise Brian Austin Green wouldn’t be in this episode. Brenda thinks she “can’t accept the idea of [her] own independence.” Part of the reason she came to Paris was to show that she’s in charge of her life, and Jim and Dylan aren’t. The girls are unimpressed with their dinner, which was supposed to be veal but which is actually brains.

Kelly finds Dylan at the beach club trying to write his letter for his father’s hearing. She tells him she and Jake are through. Dylan says he warned Jake not to mess with her, but Kelly says she was the one who got too interested. They reminisce about being in the same kindergarten class. Dylan laments that he can’t come up with anything nice to say about Jack, so Kelly tells him he might as well lie.

Brandon catches Andrea on her way to a date with Jay and tells her how much he’ll miss seeing her while she’s in Houston. He kisses her, which leaves her stunned. She thinks he’s only interested because she’s with Jay. She asks where he’s been over the last couple of years while she was pining for him. The next day, Brandon complains to Steve about wanting a girl he can’t have. He apologizes to Andrea for what she saw as an insult with his kiss. She assures him that they’ll always be friends.

After their first day of classes, Brenda and Donna get ready for a night out. Donna makes it clear that she won’t be picking up any guys. Brenda misses Dylan, too, but she’s not obsessing over him like Donna is over David. They go out with some fellow students to what’s probably supposed to be a party but looks more like a gallery opening. Donna’s happy to finally get some good food. A guy hits on Brenda, who tells him she sleeps with Donna. Then she thinks she sees Dylan.

The real Dylan is on his way to prison for the parole hearing. Jack is happy with Dylan’s letter, but Dylan tells him it’s not completely factual. Jack accuses him of having a selective memory. Then they quote Green Eggs and Ham to each other, which apparently proves that Jack taught Dylan to read. Back in Paris, Donna’s now happy and Brenda’s now blue. She wishes Dylan were there to see the romantic city with her. She also wants to be a whole person with lots of different interests. Donna confides that she’s glad Brenda came instead of Kelly.

Cameron’s mom thanks Andrea for helping him have such a great summer. She’s sad that Andrea won’t be there for the rest of it. Dylan meets up with Kelly, who tells him she’s sorry that Jack didn’t get paroled. They chat about Brenda and how far away she seems (and is). Dylan decided not to bring her down with news of his father. He and Kelly admit that they’re not as miserable as they expected to be with Brenda gone.

Brandon watches Andrea say goodbye to Cameron, or what he thinks is goodbye. She’s actually decided to stay in Beverly Hills. Cameron needs her more than Jay and the Republican party do. Later, Jay tells Andrea that this is probably their last chance to be together, since he’ll be heading to school right after he comes back from Houston. They agree to try a long-distance relationship. Jay’s happy that Andrea’s staying for Cameron, not Brandon, and makes sure that’s really the case. Then everyone plays tug-of-war. Yes, really.

Thoughts: Jay’s surprised that Andrea’s a liberal? Has he…has he met her?

Someone did research for this episode, because the 1992 RNC was indeed held in Houston.

Brandon getting the kids to throw water balloons at Andrea was actually pretty cute. Darn you, Brandon, for making me like you for ten seconds!

Also cute: Gabrielle Carteris in this episode. It’s the combination of no glasses and her hairstyle. It’s much better for her.

Hi, Ian Ziering’s pecs. How are you?

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  1. Dorothy Mantooth said,

    Lol, nobody needed to do “research” on the 1992 RNC. It was current events when this episode was filmed!

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