February 5, 2012

BH90210 3.5, Shooting Star/American in Paris: Brandon Helps People Who Don’t Help Themselves

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Yes, yes, Paris is lovely. TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT, DEAN CAIN

Summary: Brenda and Donna’s time in Paris is coming to an end, and Brenda wants to make sure she gets the most out of every minute left. Brandon and Andrea fly kites on the beach with her beach club kids, encountering a guy in fatigues. Brandon guesses that he’s homeless and tries to give him some money, which the guy won’t take. Andrea wants to tell Henry about the guy, but Brandon’s sure he’s harmless. Brooke shows up for some flirting and complains about all the “transients” around.

Steve finds David playing some music in a cabana and learns that it’s him singing, though Steve doesn’t believe him. Dylan tries to talk to Kelly, who’s been avoiding him for a week and doesn’t want to talk about “the other night.” She doesn’t think their kiss was a big deal, but Dylan does. Kelly reminds him that Brenda’s coming home in a few days. She doesn’t want getting “carried away” with Dylan to affect their relationships with Brenda.

Brenda meets an American named Rick who thinks she’s French; she decides not to correct him since he thinks she’s hot. She pretends she lives near his hotel, since she can’t say she’s also staying in a hotel. Rick asks for a tour of the city the next day, and Brenda agrees. Later, she brags to Donna and their classmates that she fooled Rick for an hour, so of course she can keep it up for an entire day. Donna tells Brenda to tell Rick the truth, then yells at her for smoking.

Brandon spots his homeless non-friend again, this time with a group of other homeless people. He feels bad, because he’s Brandon. Kelly shows up at Dylan’s to clarify her earlier comments about nothing happening between them. There’s nothing between them, but she still has some sort of feelings for him. They make out again and Kelly wonders what they’re going to do. Later, Dylan calls Brenda, who’s just left to meet up with Rick. David asks Steve to pass his tape on to anyone he might know in the music business. Steve tells him not to push too much.

There’s more kite-flying on the beach, and this time the homeless guy, Jack, tries to be helpful. Brandon asks how he wound up on the street, because Brandon is nothing if not sensitive. Jack tells him he’s a Marine veteran but lost everything when he got back from Desert Storm. Brandon naively says that he thought the government was supposed to take care of vets. He clarifies that Jack would be able to work if he could get a job.

Brandon turns to Henry, who refuses to give Jack a job at the club. He was also in the Marines and doesn’t like vets who hide behind the flag to get assistance. Brandon begs Henry to give Jack a chance as a custodian. In Paris, Brenda tries to dodge Rick’s questions about boyfriends and visiting the States. He’s from Wisconsin but is thinking about transferring to school in California. She agrees to go to dinner with him.

Dylan and Kelly go jet-skiing and make out some more. She reminds him that they’ll have to cut it out when Brenda comes back, but Dylan says they’re just having fun. At dinner, Rick pushes Brenda to talk about her family. She tells him a little about her problems with Jim, which leads to her admitting that there’s a guy in her life. Rick asks Brenda to teach him the specifics of the cheek-kissing tradition, so this guy is smooooth. It works, and Brenda makes out with him.

Brandon tells Brooke that he’ll be late picking her up that evening because he got Jack a job interview. Brooke thinks Jack is just looking for money so he can go get booze. She asks Brandon if he’s trying to save the world. (Brooke, you have no idea.) She warns him to keep his eye on his wallet. Kelly confirms for Steve that David’s tape is really of him, and Steve tells her and Dylan that he loves it. (What a shock that Steve has questionable taste in something.)

Brandon tells Jack to see Henry about a job, commenting that Jack was a war hero. Jack tells him all he did was sit around waiting to be sent home, since Saddam had already removed his troops from Baghdad by the time Jack got there. He appreciates what Brandon has done for him, though. Dylan asks Kelly out for the next night, promising shooting stars and privacy. Her conscience is bothering her again, so she says no. But her conscience isn’t bothering her enough to not make out with Dylan again. David sees them and Kelly realizes that Brenda will be the one who gets hurt.

Brenda returns to her hotel at 2 in the morning to a worried, angry Donna. She reminds Brenda that their program’s closing ceremony and goodbye party are the next day, when she’s supposed to meet Rick. Plus, they’ll be going back to the U.S. in 30 hours. Brenda ponders destiny and true love, but Donna doesn’t get it. She thinks Rick just hit a nerve in Brenda’s feelings for Dylan.

Brooke has dinner with Brandon, Jim, and Cindy, asking where Brandon’s idealism came from. She mentions how he helped Jack get a job, which impresses Jim. Brooke thinks there’s nothing wrong with helping people as long as they want help. David promises Kelly he won’t tell Brenda about her and Dylan as long as she doesn’t tell Donna he almost hooked up with Nikki. They discuss David’s music, and Kelly barely manages not to laugh in David’s face.

Rick shows up at the goodbye party at Brenda and Donna’s hotel, so Brenda tries to hide. Donna interrupts one of their classmates, who’s flirting with Rick, and gets her to back off. Brenda then tells Rick she’s there to say goodbye to some Americans she became friends with. They go off alone and Brenda reminds Rick that she’s seeing someone, but he says she wouldn’t be there with him if the other guy were Mr. Right. He invites her to go to the Riviera with him.

Back in Beverly Hills, Steve tells David that his tape isn’t great, but he can help David become awesome. David’s hesitant to let Steve by his manager, but Steve notes that he needs money. He gets two weeks to get David a gig. Brandon checks in with Henry, who confirms Brandon’s suspicions that Jack didn’t show up for his job interview. Henry says that Jack is “far gone” and it’ll take him a lot to come back. Brandon goes looking for Jack but can’t find him.

Dylan again asks Kelly to camp out on the beach with him, but she declines. Brooke tells Brandon to stop moping over Jack since she’s sure Jack isn’t wasting any energy thinking about him. An anxious Andrea shows up and tells Brandon she can’t find Cameron, but he shows up seconds later and tells her he just went to use the bathroom. He and Brandon both tell Andrea to chill out. (Okay, what was the point of that?)

Everyone gets ready to leave Paris, and Brenda tells Donna she feels bad that Rick is expecting her to meet him and is about to get disappointed. She jets off to say goodbye to him, though Donna’s worried that he’ll talk Brenda into going to the Riviera with him. Brenda arrives just as Rick is leaving, so it’s a moot point. Meanwhile, Kelly meets Dylan on the beach so they can look at shooting stars, make out, and pretend they’re not being horrible people.

Thoughts: As you can see from the picture, Rick is played by Dean Cain, who is still, to this day, one of the hottest men ever.

Brandon: “I don’t mean to stick my nose in where it’s not wanted….” Me: “LIAR!”

Do Kelly and Dylan just not care about anyone seeing them together? I mean, Brenda’s whole family hangs out at the club! I refuse to believe they’re really that stupid.

Rick has always wanted to go to Paris, but he’s only there for two days before spending two weeks in the Riviera. Huh?


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  1. Fran said,

    I hate.. HATE Kelly! Lol. She was always so judgmental about other people when she was just as bad. Blah. I love to hate her though!

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