February 12, 2012

BH90210 3.6, Castles in the Sand: Now All They Do Is Remind Me of You

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But he really dumped her for that haircut

Summary: Brenda and Rick are in a park in France, and she’s told him she’s really American. Then she calls him Dylan. But it’s not real anyway – Brenda’s dreaming on her flight back to the U.S. Donna says she can’t wait to see David, and Brenda says she can’t wait to see Rick. Er, Dylan. Speaking of Dylan, he and Kelly spent the night on the beach. Kelly’s happy that nothing happened, but Dylan thinks that sleeping next to each other isn’t nothing.

Andrea and a couple of her beach club kids interrupt Kelly and Dylan’s conversation about what kind of relationship they have now. Kelly hides in her sleeping back and Dylan gets Andrea to leave by pretending that he spent the night on the beach with a hungover friend. Kelly doesn’t think Brenda needs to know anything when she gets back. She thinks that when Brenda lands in California, Dylan will immediately remember what they had.

Steve and his purple shorts “manage” David at the beach club and get invited to a welcome-home party at the Walshes’ that night. David runs off to find Kelly and take her to meet Donna at the airport. Brandon and Brooke get the house ready for the party as Andrea and Steve claim they’re not jealous of their relationship.

Brenda arrives and asks why Dylan isn’t there. She asks her parents if this means they’re still anti-McKay. Jim and Cindy are impressed that she’s not screaming or crying. Cindy notes that if it weren’t Dylan, there would be some other guy to deal with. At least Dylan loves Brenda. Kelly, Donna, and David arrive at the party, and Brenda heads upstairs to the bathroom for a secret cigarette. She tells Kelly about Rick, saying she didn’t go with him because she loves Dylan too much.

Dylan shows up, having been summoned by Jim and Cindy, and he and Brenda have a happy reunion right in front of Kelly. Everyone tells Brenda about a clambake and sandcastle contest coming up at the beach club. Once the party’s over, Kelly reluctantly leaves Brenda alone with Dylan. Brenda gives him his present, something for his watch chain, and tells him it’s not a good idea for her to go to his place her first night back.

Brenda thanks her parents for inviting Dylan, telling them she agrees that things need to change. She loves Dylan but doesn’t want to lose her parents over him. She’s also very grateful for the Paris trip. Later, Brenda asks Brandon about Brooke and he admits that something seems off. At the Taylor/Silver house, David assures Kelly that he doesn’t think Brenda noticed anything strange about her and Dylan. He also doesn’t think Dylan will tell her anything. Kelly looks at a picture of herself and Brenda and mopes.

Brooke and Brandon have teamed up for the sandcastle contest, though she’ll have to do most of the work since he’s on the clock. She teases that she’ll just have to recruit Steve to help her. Andrea’s helping her kids with their castle. Dylan shows up to work with Brenda and Donna, but Kelly and David are MIA. Jackie wants Kelly to come to the club, but she doesn’t want to be there with Brenda and Dylan. David tells her to get over it before people start getting suspicious.

Brenda mentions Rick in front of Dylan and lies that he was their tour guide. Cameron’s being clingy with Andrea for some reason. Brandon has to leave Brooke to work on the castle by herself, since he has to help Henry with something. Brooke tells him Henry can fend for himself – he can’t be fired since he’s black. Brandon defends Henry for all his hard work, and Brooke says she didn’t mean anything by her comment.

The Taylor/Silvers arrive with Erin, and Brenda learns that Dylan helped Kelly babysit a couple weeks earlier. Mel invites everyone to their cabana later. Kelly decides to stay with her mother instead of hang out with Brenda and Dylan. David warns Steve that he might not be his manager for long, and Steve claims that he’s going through offers for David to perform. (Remember, he has to get David a gig within two weeks or he’s gone.)

Brooke and Brandon talk about Henry’s looted business, and Brooke spouts nonsense about minorities and riots. She thinks she and Brandon keep fighting because he’s intimidated by her. He calls her on her racial slurs, which just makes things worse. Dylan catches up to Kelly, who tells him things are unfolding exactly as she predicted. She’s staying away to make sure everyone’s happy.

Steve asks Henry to let David play at the clambake that night. Henry tells him he already signed a contract with another band. Brandon tries to call a truce with Brooke; the two of them decide to be more careful about their conversation topics. (Apparently her political annoyingness comes from her father.)

Andrea comes by looking for Cameron (didn’t we do this already?), bugging Brandon until he comes with her to find him. He’s in his mother’s cabana, and he tells Andrea he’s sad because they have to say goodbye. Cameron admits that he loves her, and she says he’s brave for being able to tell a girl how he feels about her. She knows boys twice his age who can’t do that. (Hmmm, I wonder who she’s talking about?)

As the sandcastles are judged, Brenda asks Kelly if she saw Dylan much over the summer. She has the feeling that he was seeing someone while she was gone. Dylan’s being too nice, and Brenda thinks he’s trying to make up for something. Kelly assures her that Dylan loves her. Brenda asks her not to say anything to Dylan. Steve intercepts the band signed for the clambake and offers them money to step aside.

Andrea and her kids beat all the teenagers in the contest, and Brooke tells Brandon he’s not sure why she worked at the club anyway – she can’t need the money since she’s Jewish and from Beverly Hills. Brandon wins some points with me by literally telling her to stop talking. He calls her out for making stereotypes, telling her that Andrea lives in a one-bedroom apartment. Brooke’s upset that they had another fight, but Brandon’s more upset with Brooke in general and tells her they’re done.

With the band nowhere to be seen, Henry scrambles to get a replacement and complains to Steve. After confirming that David can sing, Henry gives him a shot. (By the way: No. No, Henry, David can’t sing.) Steve takes credit with Kelly and Donna, who tell him to shut up so they can hear the song. Brenda admits to Dylan that she wondered a few times if he was with anyone else while she was gone. Then she tells him the truth about Rick. Dylan doesn’t repay the favor.

Steve has heard about Brandon and Brooke’s breakup, but Brandon just says he was ending his summer fling. He laments to Kelly that his summer wasn’t great. After the clambake, the friends hang out, noting they have about six days until their senior year begins. Kelly’s moping by the water, and Dylan joins her and apologizes for her getting the short straw in their situation. He can’t believe she wants him to go back to Brenda and forget everything that happened. She watches the water destroy everyone’s sandcastles and notes that nothing lasts forever.

Thoughts: The episode title makes me think of this, which keeps getting stuck in my head. (It’s also where my recap title comes from.)

Part of me feels sorry for Kelly, but she did bring this on herself.

I’m sorry, but the way Brooke says, “Jewish people are great with money!” cracks me up.

I can’t decide which is worse: David’s singing or David’s dancing. It’s a Sophie’s choice.


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