February 18, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 4.16, Mind Games: A Matter of Trust

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Is this considered yellow journalism?

Summary: Pacey and Joey want to spend some time together (so they can have sex) but haven’t been able to be alone for two weeks. Drue interrupts their makeout session to announce that he has the results of the senior polls. He gleefully announces that class couple is Joey and…Dawson. Joey resorts to violence as Drue jokes that there were “dimpled chads for [Pacey] and some Ms. Jacobs chick.” She accuses him of rigging the polls, then says he messed with people’s emotions. Dawson arrives and claims he’s fine with the poll results.

Pacey asks Gretchen to take Doug out drinking and spend the night at his place, obviously so he and Joey can be alone. Gretchen guesses they had sex, and she’s way too proud of them. She promises not to tell anyone and agrees to spend the night elsewhere. Jen has another therapy session with Frost, talking about her friendship with Jack. Frost wonders if she would be able to trust Jack as a male friend if he were straight. He asks about Jen’s lack of female friendships and the bad decisions she made when she was younger, such as drunken sex.

Dawson visits Gretchen at the restaurant, where she learns that Mitch and Gail are going out of town for the weekend. This means she has another option for her evening activities. Joey goes to Pacey’s and they immediately start making out because now that she’s had sex, she just wants more. He assures her that they have the house to themselves for the night. Joey’s worried that since Gretchen knows they had sex, she’ll spread the news.

Jen and Jack have coffee across the street from Frost’s office, which leads Jack to believe they’re stalking him. He thinks she wants to learn something about Frost’s personal life. He tries to keep Jen from following Frost when he leaves his office, but he can’t. Gretchen stops by the beach house to get some things and Joey pulls her aside to make sure she’s not going to tell Dawson anything. Gretchen promises to keep quiet but warns that it’s not hard to guess what Joey and Pacey have been up to. Oh, and P.S.: She’s spending the evening with Dawson.

Jen and Jack follow Frost to a bookstore, where Jack shares his theory that men who read Anne Rice are gay. They’re unable to keep their presence hidden because they’re dorks. Frost mentions a poetry reading the next day, so of course Jen will be going to that. Joey and Pacey try to convince themselves that Gretchen’s evening at Dawson’s will be totally innocent. Both claim to be okay with Joey’s ex dating Pacey’s sister.

Dawson and Gretchen have a movie night, and when he sees that she’s brought a toothbrush, they discuss whether the night will turn into a sleepover. Gretchen decides they just need to put the idea of sex on the table and talk about it. Her first sexual experience was with her high school boyfriend, who Dawson hated. As we know, Dawson is a virgin, but Gretchen knows he still has feelings about the topic.

Dawson admits that he never considered it with Jen, and he was willing to wait with Joey. He admits that he always thought the two of them would lose their virginity together. Dawson wishes Joey and Pacey would just do it and put the final nail in the coffin. He tells Gretchen that when he asked Joey if they’d done anything, she said no, and he believes her. Dawson and Gretchen try to watch another movie, but now things are all awkward. She leaves, saying she was wrong about something.

The next morning, Joey gets up early to make Pacey breakfast, but she has to send him to the store to buy actual food. As he’s leaving, Dawson arrives looking for Gretchen. Pacey tries to keep him from entering the house but can’t. Joey hears them coming and stays out of Dawson’s line of sight. Jen and Jack go to the poetry reading, her claiming that Frost invited her. Jack points out that a therapist who would want to date his patient isn’t exactly respectable. He wonders why Jen wants Frost to like her so much.

Pacey tracks down Gretchen at Doug’s, and Dawson tells Pacey not to tell her he was looking for her. He admits that he thinks Gretchen has realized they’re not good together. Dawson leaves and Pacey tells Joey he needs to go to. Frost is late to the poetry reading, so Jack convinces Jen that he was never going to show up. He arrives at the last minute and sits with Jen and Jack, making Jen think she won this round.

Drue runs into Dawson at a coffee shop and mentions that he wanted the class-couple poll to bring some drama to the yearbook. He thinks Dawson’s concern for Joey just makes Drue right. Gretchen heads home and asks Joey how she, Dawson, and Pacey got into the mess they’re in. They’re constantly worried about hurting each other, so they’re overly nice all the time. Gretchen warns that the lies they keep telling to protect each other won’t solve anything.

Gretchen confronts Joey for telling Dawson that she and Pacey didn’t sleep together, saying it isn’t fair to Dawson or to the person trying to date him. Joey reminds her that she wasn’t there when everything went down, so she doesn’t understand the situation. Gretchen urges Joey to tell Dawson the truth – if not for her or Dawson, then for Pacey. When Pacey returns, Joey pretends she has to go help Bessie with something.

Pacey asks Gretchen what happened between her and Dawson, though Gretchen doesn’t think he really cares. She’s surprised to learn that Dawson came by looking for her. Pacey doesn’t know what’s going on but suspects that it involves him. Gretchen tells him to ask Joey. He presses her again, saying he won’t tell Dawson or Joey what she says. Gretchen finally tells him that Joey lied to Dawson about whether she slept with Pacey.

Jen and Jack try to make poetry-related small talk with Frost after the reading. Jack tries to get Jen to see that Frost is all wrong for her. Joey finds Dawson in the school computer lab and is surprised to learn that he’s started drinking black coffee. She notes that there are a lot of things they don’t know about each other anymore. Dawson says he’s not sure things were good when they told each other everything.

Dawson then apologizes for asking Joey if she and Pacey had sex. He thinks he’s sabotaging his relationship with Gretchen because he’s trying so hard not to repeat past mistakes. He wants to be “the guy who gets the girl.” Joey says he is, but Dawson points out that he didn’t get her. The topic changes to the senior polls, and Dawson reveals that he’s in the lab to replace his and Joey’s photo as class couple with Joey and Pacey’s.

Frost reveals that he knew Jen was following him and tells her they’ll discuss it in their next session. He thinks she was looking for the answer to a bigger question. She figures out that it has to do with trust, and now she’s realized that she can trust Frost. Dawson meets up with Gretchen, who assures him he didn’t do anything wrong. She wants him to always be honest because trust is more important than sex. He gives her a toothbrush.

Pacey thinks Dawson’s yearbook gesture was nice for Joey, since she was so upset about the senior poll. She wonders if they should have had sex on the boat, when they were alone. Now everything is about sex (not that it wasn’t before, really). Joey asks if Gretchen said something to Pacey after she left, but just asks her why she wants to know without answering the question.

Thoughts: Do teenagers really talk about sex this much? My friends and I never did. Of course, I don’t think anyone in my group of friends was really having that much of it, so maybe that’s not a good example.

Clear out so your little brother can get laid – is Gretchen the worst or best sister ever?

I kind of want Pacey and Gretchen’s surfboard-shaped coffee table.


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