February 19, 2012

BH90210 3.7, A Song of Myself: There’s No I in Team (But There Is One in “Shut Up, Gil”)

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"Do these pants make me look pretentious and annoying?"

Summary: Brandon, Brenda, and Dylan are back at West Beverly for their senior year. Kelly and Donna watch Brenda and Dylan, wondering how long they’ll stay together. David is surprised to see Nikki Witt, who has ditched San Francisco to live in Beverly Hills. Brenda, Donna, and Steve are senior buddies to incoming freshmen, though Steve is only there because it’ll look good on his transcripts (and so he can meet a hot girl). Instead, he’s paired with a guy named Herbert.

Brenda’s buddie is a girl named Sue who seems a little meek. She has Brenda show her to a bathroom, where she changes into a skin-baring outfit and smokes a cigarette. Brandon meets up with Andrea and learns that the Blaze has a new faculty advisor. Brandon actually wants to leave the paper, but Andrea refuses to let him quit. They meet their new advisor, Gil Meyers, who helps Andrea convince Brandon to stay put.

Kelly and Dylan end up in Spanish together; they haven’t talked since Brenda got back. Brenda’s also in the class and has no idea that anything should be awkward. Andrea thanks Mr. Meyers for being on her side about Brandon. Donna gushes to David about her freshman buddy, who turns out to be Nikki. She and David pretend they haven’t already met (and made out). Speaking of making out, that’s what Dylan and Brenda are doing, and Kelly doesn’t really want to see it.

Mr. Meyers meets with the newspaper staff for the first time to discuss content and layout. Andrea’s surprised that he thinks anything should change. Brandon tells her that Mr. Meyers is on her side since he said she was a good editor. She thinks she needs to go out of her way to show him how committed she is to the paper.

Dylan has dinner at the Walshes’; he and Jim are getting along a lot better. Meanwhile, Kelly complains to David about having to watch Brenda and Dylan make out all the time. He asks if she’s in love with Dylan, which she denies. David tells her about Nikki going to West Beverly and befriending Donna. When they’re with Donna, Nikki plays innocent, but when Donna’s away, she hits on David. Kelly encourages her to come clean to Donna.

Andrea and Mr. Meyers run into each other at the public library and discuss Brandon. Mr. Meyers wants to know if he’s motivated and a leader. Andrea suggests that he challenge Brandon with more responsibilities. Mr. Meyers agrees and recommends that Brandon take over as editor-in-chief. Andrea can be “the woman behind the man.”

Back at school, Herbert ruins Steve’s attempts to flirt with some poor, clueless girl. Nikki asks David if he’s going to tell Donna about their fling; she wants him to do it soon. Mr. Meyers teaches Whitman in Brandon and Andrea’s English class, then tells Brandon that he’s being promoted to editor-in-chief. Andrea is the least excited she’s ever been about anything.

Brandon runs into Nikki (the second time that day), then asks Mr. Meyers (who wants to be called Gil, because he’s all young and hip and stuff) if Andrea’s okay with him becoming editor-in-chief. He thinks Andrea is better for the challenge. Gil (bleh) thinks she needs to find other things to occupy her time. Brandon would rather be a team player than a leader, especially during his senior year, which he wanted to be a smooth ride. Gil just quotes Whitman to him.

Brenda and Dylan encounter Sue, who’s already picked herself up a boyfriend. Brenda wants Dylan to throw a barbeque for all their friends. Kelly tries to get transferred to an art class, which will require her to change her entire schedule. Elsewhere, David continues not telling Donna anything about Nikki.

Andrea pretends to be okay with her new position on the Blaze. When Brandon asks for the report she gave Gil on streamlining the paper, she tells him to do the job himself. He wonders why she backed him as editor-in-chief if she didn’t want him to have the job. Andrea points out that the alternative was trashing him. She walks away, telling Brandon he’ll have to run things without her.

Steve gives David a bunch of 45s so diners around town can play his music in jukeboxes. David doesn’t want it at the Peach Pit since Nikki and Donna each think she was the first person to hear the song. Steve advises him not to say anything to Donna. Kelly’s keeping his secret from Donna, and Nikki just wants them to break up so she can have David. David worries that Nikki will tell Donna. “Deny, deny, deny,” Steve tells him.

Brenda and Dylan bring home food for his barbeque, though Dylan admits that he’s never grilled anything in his life. As she’s cleaning up his living room, she finds an earring and asks who it belongs to. Dylan lies that it’s Iris’. At school, Kelly tells Dylan that her schedule has changed and gets her earring back. He assures her that he didn’t tell Brenda it was hers. He adds that if Kelly hadn’t changed her schedule, he would have changed his so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Brenda and Donna run into Sue again; now she’s hanging out with a bunch of bikers and barely wearing clothes. Brenda’s surprised that Donna knows Sue, but Donna’s more surprised that Brenda didn’t pick up that Sue is Scott’s sister. Gil confronts Andrea for glaring at him during class, and she calls him out for not letting her answer any questions. He says he knew she knew the answers. Andrea announces that she’s quitting the paper since her work apparently doesn’t mean anything to him. Gil was apparently dumb enough not to realize she was annoyed.

Andrea continues that Gil obviously likes Brandon more than he likes her. He tells her that sometimes overachievers need to step back and be followers. She thinks that if she were a guy, Gil would congratulate her for being an overachiever. Instead, he’s teaching a guy to lead and a girl to follow. She addresses some double standards and asks Gil what Walt Whitman would have to say about his ideas.

Donna and Nikki discuss David, and Nikki says she’s glad Donna is okay with everything. She promises that nothing happened, but she met David over the summer. Donna’s mad that she pretended not to know him. Nikki says they only kissed, but that doesn’t make Donna feel any better – after all, kissing is all she and David do. Nikki notes that David stopped things from going any farther because of Donna. Donna decides to skip getting mad and get even instead.

Steve finds Herbert being hassled by some other students and stands up for him, calling him “my freshman.” Herbert agrees to stop calling him “sir” if Steve will remember his name. Brandon and Nikki officially meet, and she seems to have forgotten about her crush on David. Brenda finds Sue smoking in the bathroom and changing back into her good-girl clothes. Brenda admits that she knows who Sue is, adding that she was at Scott’s birthday party the night he died. She offers to be there for Sue, or to recommend a counselor who can help her.

Brandon is already in over his head with newspaper stuff, and Gil feels bad about pushing Andrea aside. He asks Brandon if he comes across as sexist. He laments that he’s read all sorts of studies about teachers favoring boys, but he never thought he would be one of them. Brandon says he would understand if Gil wanted to give the paper back to Andrea. Gil doesn’t like the idea but the guys know they need to do something.

Brandon tracks Andrea down at the library and shows her the Blaze’s new masthead: Both of them are listed as editors-in-chief. He wants them to work together as a team. Of course, Andrea’s on board. But first Brandon wants her to have some fun, so he takes her to Dylan’s barbeque. Donna brings Nikki, and she and Brandon are happy to see each other again.

Nikki pulls David aside to talk and begs him to tell Donna about them. She throws herself at him, but he tells her he loves Donna. Donna overhears, having arranged the set-up with Nikki. And then apparently everything’s forgiven. Plus, Nikki’s free to pursue Brandon. Brenda asks Kelly why she’s been so down lately, promising to find her a guy as great as Dylan.

Thoughts: I read somewhere that Nikki, Sue, and Herbert were brought on for a potential spin-off involving younger characters, but it didn’t work out. I can see why.

Sue is played by Nicholle Tom, who was later on The Nanny.

No one wants to call you Gil, Gil. Go away.

David, stop asking Steve for advice. No one has ever asked Steve for advice and been successful in whatever he has advised them to do.

Herbert, your tiny little ponytail is going to be a problem.

Donna’s idea of revenge is extremely weak. Girl needs to talk to Emily Valentine.


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