March 4, 2012

BH90210 3.9, Highwire: Tip on the Tightrope

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When did Andrea become a figure skater?

Summary: It’s morning in the Taylor/Silver household, and Kelly’s in the shower while David’s listening to his Walkman and dancing dorkily. He’s not paying attention and walks into the bathroom, seeing his stepsister naked. At school, Andrea’s stressing about college and tuition. She doesn’t think Brandon has to worry about the money side of things. Steve has trouble opening his locker and bugs an annoying custodian named Hutchins about opening it for him.

Kelly complains to Donna about having to live with David. Ms. Teasley bugs her about missing a college counseling session. David tries to do announcements on the radio but gets distracted when he sees Kelly and flashes back to seeing her that morning. Steve asks him what’s going on, reminding David that they’re business associates and friends. Elsewhere, Nikki and Brandon engage in some PDA, now that they’re apparently together.

Steve quizzes David to see if he’s telling the truth about having seen Kelly unclothed. She sees them leering at her and gets mad. She also can’t believe that Donna’s defending David, saying the walk-in was accidental. Donna thinks Kelly’s jealous that Donna has a boyfriend while she’s single. In the girls’ art class, they happen to be studying nudes, which is an oh-so-ironical irony.

That night Kelly and Dylan wind up at the Peach Pit together and he teases her about how much he would appreciate being the one to see her naked. Andrea arrives, saying she’s narrowed down her college choices, and admits that she’s too intimidated to apply to Yale. Later that night she has a dream about walking a tightrope that will take her to Yale. Dylan’s at the other end, and he asks why Gil is in her dream. Gil shakes the tightrope and makes her fall.

Ms. Teasley meets with both Brandon and Brenda, who are considering the same schools. Ms. Teasley notes that all of their choices are expensive. Brandon says the family isn’t exactly rich, and Brenda says they’re not exactly poor. At home, Jim and Cindy inform the twins that only one of them can go to an expensive, out-of-state college. Jim says they’ll make the decision fairly, but that quickly leads to a fight, so Jim says he and Cindy will pick.

At school the next morning, Brandon and Brenda are still bickering about the decision; he thinks it’ll go her way because things always do. He adds that Brenda ran away from home and got rewarded with a trip to Paris. (I KNOW!) Dylan tells Brenda to calm down, but she just snaps that he’s rich so it’s easy for him to say. Donna meets with Ms. Teasley, admitting that she doesn’t think she’s smart enough to get into a good college. She also thinks her father doesn’t believe she really has a learning disability.

David tells Steve he has Kelly-related PTSD that prevents him from doing anything other than picture her naked. Steve advises him to enjoy it. Apparently Brandon also knows about the incident and tells David that it’s normal for guys to picture girls naked. He suggests that David move on to Sue next, but that makes David even more uncomfortable since she was Scott’s sister. Andrea overhears and asks the guys if they’ve ever undressed her with their minds. “I’m doing it right now,” Steve assures her. She’s not as flattered as she’d expected to be.

Andrea asks Gil if he was ever in the circus, learning that he went to Yale. He wishes her luck, which she interprets as skepticism that she can get in. Gil just says she shouldn’t put all her eggs in one basket. Andrea complains about this to Brandon, who tells her he has his own problems. Steve tells Ms. Teasley he plans to go to USC like everyone else in his family. He’s confident he won’t have any problems getting in. She points out that he has a D+ average and might need a backup plan.

David asks Kelly for a ride home, but she doesn’t want him staring at her in the car. Brenda asks why Kelly’s so worked up over something seemingly innocent. Kelly blames her anxiety on her uncertainty about what to do in the future. Brenda tries to cheer her up by inviting her to hang out at Dylan’s, but of course Kelly doesn’t want to do that.

When Brenda tells Dylan about Kelly’s problems, he tells her that Kelly might not want to go to college. After all, he doesn’t either. Brenda thinks he’s trying to get revenge on his father. Dylan reminds her that he doesn’t do things to get back at people. She wonders what will happen if she goes to college out of state and he stays in Beverly Hills. Dylan tells her they’ll figure that out when the time comes.

Back at home, Brenda asks Jim to talk to Dylan about college, which Jim says will just make him more insistent about not going. He suggests that the two of them are moving in different directions. Brenda accuses him of trying to break them up. Jim asks what they were doing tonight instead of studying. When she says Dylan was fixing his motorcycle, Jim points out that Dylan has no motivation and lots of money, so of course he doesn’t think he needs college. Brenda needs to decide if she and Dylan want the same things.

Brandon comes home, learns that Brenda and Jim are talking, and complains to Cindy that Brenda’s going to get her way again. He announces that he’ll apply to California University to solve everyone’s problems. Cindy tells Jim about this, saying that Brandon’s just giving up whether or not he really wants to go to school in California. She thinks he might deserve the better college because he’s worked harder. Jim notes that Brandon worked for his car, and Brenda shouldn’t be punished for that. Cindy suggests taking out a second mortgage on the house, an idea Jim doesn’t like.

Andrea has her tightrope dream again, this time with Brandon at the other end. He notes that Gil isn’t in charge of admissions at Yale, so she shouldn’t let him rattle her. She needs to go for what she wants. Brandon announces that it’s showtime, and Gil starts sawing at the highwire. Steve has a clandestine meeting with B.J., asking for the alumni master key. B.J. reminds him that the legacy is now in his hands. Steve immediately heads to the school, but the key doesn’t work.

In the morning, Steve meets B.J. at the Peach Pit and accuses him of pulling a frat prank. B.J. promises that the key is the same one that’s been passed down for years. If it didn’t work, then maybe the school changed the locks. In art class, Donna’s work impresses her teacher, who suggests that she go to art school. This makes Donna’s day.

Brenda asks Kelly if she thinks Brenda and Dylan have anything in common. Kelly notes that they can have different interests and still date. Brenda’s concerned that Dylan doesn’t seem to have any ambitions. She hasn’t discussed this with Dylan yet because she’s worried Jim is right. Brandon and Nikki talk about his fight with Brandon, and she says she kind of misses not fighting with her siblings back in San Francisco. She also thinks Brandon shouldn’t consider California University a negative.

At home, Brenda tells Brandon that he can go to school out of state. He guesses that there’s something behind this decision. Brenda calls Dylan and admits to being scared about going to school away from him. She tells him she’s decided to stick around L.A. He warns her not to plan her life around him. She needs to do what she wants or she might end up resenting him. The call is interrupted when Kelly shows up at Dylan’s place.

Kelly’s there under the pretense of giving Dylan some wrenches, and she uses the opportunity to tell him she misses their friendship. She’s tired of moping around. She also thinks the two of them are the only people at school who aren’t obsessing over colleges. Kelly asks for a ride on the motorcycle sometime, then leaves. Dylan calls Brenda back and again encourages her not to base her college decisions on him.

Jim and Cindy call a family meeting to announce their decision, which is that there is no decision. The kids can look at any school they want, and Jim and Cindy will do whatever they can to send them there (even if it means a second mortgage). Brenda reveals that she’s been thinking about California University for a while, so she’ll be applying there. Brandon admits that he’s leaning that way, too. They ask for the money their parents won’t be spending on tuition as a graduation gift.

Andrea has the highwire dream a third time, with Gil climbing up to the rope to taunt her. She kicks him in the face and makes it to the other side. The next morning, she tells Gil she’s applying to Yale no matter how Gil feels about it. Of course, he never thought she shouldn’t apply. Steve uses a wad of gum to keep the door to the maintenance closet from locking, then sneaks into the school that night to get the legacy key. Hutchins catches him and reveals that he has the key on him. He threatens to turn Steve in, so Steve shuts him up with $100.

Kelly apologizes to David in their shared bathroom, saying she understands that everyone’s adjusting to living together. They agree to be more careful and set a schedule. Then Kelly turns on the shower and takes off her robe. David freaks out, but she’s wearing pajamas underneath.

Thoughts: Andrea still sleeps on her grandmother’s couch. Maybe they could get a place with two bedrooms?

Steve is skeezy all through this episode, but in a hilarious way.

Donna’s art looks more like fashion designs to me, which makes total sense for her character.

The wardrobe people put Dylan in a wifebeater just knowing that 20 years later, I would find it hot.

This makes no sense: Steve tried to use the legacy key to get into the school, but it didn’t work, so he tried to break into the maintenance closet. But how did he get back into the school to get to the closet?


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  1. My favorite part of this episode has to be when Jim & Cindy both say “NOT!” together, especially the way Jim says it, and then Brandon and Brenda laugh. The most 90’s moment on TV of all time.

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