March 6, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 4.19, Late: Maybe Baby

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Given what happens in the next season, this picture is kind of painful

Summary: Mitch and Gail are about to go on their last date before the baby comes. (Going on a date when you’re two weeks overdue is probably not a good idea.) Gail announces that she’s going into labor, so Mitch rushes her to the hospital, leaving Dawson and Gretchen behind at the house. However, it turns out to be a false alarm. Because of Gail’s age, the doctor wants to induce labor in a few days. This gives the family a little longer to decide on a name.

Jack shows up late to tutor with Tobey, who he’s getting along with much better. Meanwhile, Joey’s trying to get in touch with Pacey, who’s off on a fishing trip with Doug. Bessie tells her she’s officially an annoying girlfriend. Dawson tells Gretchen that Gail’s throwing a naming shower the next afternoon; Gretchen’s leaving the next day for a job interview in Boston. Dawson’s surprised by the news. She asks how he feels about long-distance relationships, noting that he could always move to Boston, too. He feels like they’re breaking up, but she says they’re facing reality.

Jack offers to stay behind with a student so Tobey can leave early. Tobey waits for a bus with two shady-looking guys. Joey goes to the beach house, anxious about Pacey being out of touch, and Gretchen admits that he’s not on a fishing trip. She tells Joey about his arrest and explains that Doug took Pacey camping so they could talk. Gretchen’s worried that Pacey’s life will completely fall apart if everyone isn’t extra sensitive. Joey still wants to talk to him. Gretchen calls her selfish, but Joey explains herself: She’s late.

Jen and Grams attend Gail’s shower, so if Gail goes into labor there, at least one person will be able to deliver the baby. Gretchen arrives next and Dawson is a little more supportive of her possible new job. Joey and Bessie are next to show up, and Gretchen tries to check on Joey, who clearly hasn’t shared her news with anyone else. Grams kicks Dawson and Mitch out so the women can party on their own.

Jack goes back to the tutoring center, where the kids are going wild because Tobey hasn’t shown up. Grams does that string trick to determine the sex of the baby, telling Gail it’s just what she wants. Bessie’s name suggestions are Sophie and Satchel. Dawson and Mitch hang out in a treehouse with cigars, which they don’t actually smoke. Mitch admits that he’s not completely looking forward to taking care of a newborn. It took Dawson calling him Daddy to make him really enjoy parenthood. Dawson thinks they can wait until the baby’s born to decide on a name.

Jen shares her baby name suggestions: Emma and Jackson (as in Pollack). Gretchen likes Kurt (as in Cobain) and Isabella. Grams suggests Rosemary and Thomas. Dawson and Mitch talk about Gretchen’s possible move; Mitch wonders if she’s doing it because Dawson’s going to California. He advises Dawson to follow his own path because you never know what will happen. Joey couldn’t think of baby names, but she brought Gail that stupid necklace Dawson used to wear all the time.

Bessie brings up Joey’s birth, which lasted for hours and ended when their mother, Lillian, called out that everyone was waiting to meet Joey. Joey can’t take it anymore and leaves. Jack goes to Tobey’s house but Tobey won’t open the door, saying he has the flu. He’s really trying to hide the injuries he sustained when the shady-looking guys beat him up. Jack encourages him to go to the police, but Tobey refuses.

Bessie asks what’s going on with Joey, quickly guessing that she might be pregnant. Bessie wants Joey to talk to her so they can straighten out her life. Joey shoots back that she’ll wind up with a life like Bessie’s. Bessie accuses her of thinking she’s superior, noting that at least she has Bodie to help her out, while Joey can’t depend on Pacey. The fight is interrupted when Gail goes into labor.

Dawson, Mitch, and Gretchen accompany Gail to the hospital while Jack visits Jen, who’s knitting something for the baby. He tells her about Tobey’s attack, which Jack thinks was actually a gay-bashing, not a mugging. He’s surprised that the usually-militant Tobey doesn’t want to take action. Jen thinks Jack shouldn’t just brush Tobey’s silence aside.

Apparently Dawson thinks a hospital hallway is a good place to have a conversation with Gretchen about their future. He also wants to know why she wouldn’t sleep with him on the beach in Maine. She points out that getting closer right now, when they’re about to move across the country from each other, is a bad idea. Mitch informs them that Gail’s labor was another false alarm, so everyone heads back home.

Joey goes back to the beach house, not knowing where else to go. Gretchen thinks Pacey would be a good parent; it’s himself he can’t take care of. She encourages Joey to talk to Bessie since she’ll need her family if she turns out to be pregnant. She tells Joey about her miscarriage the year before, admitting that it’s what brought her back to Capeside. Joey notes that she’s been successful since then, asking if Dawson’s going to Boston with her. She tells Gretchen that Dawson would do anything for her, but Gretchen doesn’t want him to get closer when he’s about to leave.

Gail thinks she’s in labor for real, but Mitch and Dawson have been burned enough times not to freak out. Jack returns to Tobey’s house with a police officer and tells Tobey to file a report. Tobey just wants to forget the attack ever happened. The officer tells him that the odds are in his favor because gay kids are more likely to be attacked. He encourages Tobey to speak out since most kids aren’t brave enough.

Mitch is still anxious about having another child, but there’s not much he can do about it now. Joey returns home, having spent the night at the beach house, and Bessie admits to pushing her out of her crib when she was little. She hated Joey when she was a baby because she no longer had their mother to herself. Joey admires Bessie for taking on motherhood instead of running away, as well as taking care of her sister. She hopes she has Bessie’s courage if she winds up needing it. Bessie promises her support.

Jack pushes Tobey to go to the tutoring center instead of hiding out in his house. Tobey’s surprised to see him as an activist. Jack says the two of them aren’t as different as he used to think they were. If he’d left before Tobey, their positions could be reversed. Joey finally takes a pregnancy test, and it’s negative. Later, she goes to the hospital with Bessie, Jen, and Grams, but the baby still hasn’t been born.

Dawson asks Joey if she and Pacey have discussed the future yet. He encourages them to since it has a way of making things clear. Joey thinks he and Gretchen should discuss things, adding that sex isn’t what she expected it to be. It doesn’t necessarily bring people closer. It’s a magnifying glass that highlights what a relationship is really like.

The sex talk has to end because the baby’s there, and Dawson goes in to meet his new sister. Gail tells everyone that she used Lillian’s trick to get the baby to come out, calling the baby by name. She and Mitch are naming their daughter Lillian. That night, Pacey finally gets in touch with Joey, but she assures him that everything’s fine. She doesn’t tell him about her pregnancy scare and he doesn’t tell her he’s not really fishing with Doug.

Gretchen’s waiting for Dawson when he gets home, having decided to take a later train so they can get it on. She reminds him that there’s no hope for them, and he says he knows they might as well just break up now, but they proceed anyway. (And fortunately, we don’t have to see any of it.)

Thoughts: I’m pretty sure most doctors induce if you’re two weeks overdue. And if the doctor’s that concerned about Gail’s age, why not just do it?

I get not choosing a name until the baby’s born, but did Mitch and Gail not even have any ideas?

I hate when TV characters freak out about possible pregnancies before taking a test. And I especially hate it when they keep putting off the test but remind us every five minutes that they might be pregnant. It’s especially bad on soaps.

The gay-bashing story would have been better if Jack had been the one who was attacked. Tobey’s only been in a few episodes and he’s not all that likable; it would have been smarter to have the story center on a character the audience actually cares about.

I’ll give them Lillian Leery, which sounds nice, but Lily Leery is really unfortunate.

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