March 18, 2012

BH90210 3.12, Destiny Rides Again: Danger! Danger!

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Sorry I couldn't find one of Dean Cain's face. Or abs

Summary: Brenda, Kelly, and Donna are at the video store (remember those?), trying to find something to watch. David’s wandering around in the adult section. As Donna pulls him away, they run into her priest, Father Chris, who jokes, “So I see you’re looking for musical comedies.” He suggests that she stop by for a talk sometime. Suddenly another familiar face appears: Rick. Brenda can’t leave the store without encountering him, so she asks her friends to play along with whatever she says and does.

Rick has transferred to UCLA, and Brenda tells him she’s visiting a relative. He tells her he waited a long time for her in Paris. He wants to give her a tour of L.A., but she says she’s only in town for a couple of days. Rick thinks it’s fate that they’ve run into each other. Brenda says she’s staying with her aunt and uncle, the Walshes. He calls her there that night, and she has to play French in front of Jim, Cindy, and Brandon.

Kelly paints her bedroom black, leading Jackie to think something’s wrong. Kelly admits that she feels alone since she’s single. She adds that she keeps falling in love with the wrong guys. Jackie notes that she’s been married five times and knows you can’t control who you fall in love with. David and Donna make out on her bed, and the discussion turns to taking things further. Donna still isn’t sure if she’s ready for sex. She always thought she would wait until she was married, but her body feels differently. David warns that he probably won’t be able to wait that long.

Everyone discusses their SAT scores at school, and Steve admits to Brandon that he did really badly on his and probably won’t be able to go to USC. Brandon isn’t all that sympathetic. Steve spots his freshman buddy Herbert fixing a computer and offers him a ticket to a Raiders game. They start talking about computers, then the grade banks at school, then the possibility of Herbert breaking into a grade bank. Herbert would only need an active server, which would mean breaking into the school. Steve notes that he can make that happen (thank you, legacy key).

After putting in some time on the Blaze, Andrea walks home. Or she would walk home if she weren’t hit by a car that then drives off. She winds up in the hospital with casts on both legs. Brandon visits and surprisingly doesn’t arrange a posse to go after the hit-and-run driver. Steve bugs Herbert about helping him, noting that he could be the next recipient of the legacy key. Herbert gives in, so Steve uses his ultra-’90s cell phone to get the password he needs, then runs off laughing hysterically.

Nikki tells Brandon, Donna, and David that she has tickets to a televised AIDS benefit Rosie O’Donnell is hosting that night. They all agree to go together. Dylan goes over to the Walshes’, where Brenda’s finalizing a date the next day with Rick. Dylan’s SAT scores are in, and they’re so good that he’s being accused of cheating. Jim thinks he should just take the test again. Dylan refuses since he has nothing to prove.

Brandon, Nikki, David, and Donna visit Andrea, then go to the benefit, where Rosie gives a little PSA about sex. She asks the teens in the audience to share their first sexual experiences. Brandon and Nikki are put on the hot seat, and they admit that they’ve had sex, just not with each other yet. Donna announces that she’s a virgin and plans to wait to have sex. Rosie asks her to tell her mom that she did a good job raising her (ha! Clearly Rosie has never met Felice), and she shouldn’t let David pressure her.

At Dylan’s, Brenda bugs him about retaking the SAT. He asks if she believes that he didn’t cheat. She does, since he’s always been honest with her. That’s part of the reason she told him about Rick (or part of the truth about Rick, at least). Dylan comes clean that there was “a girl” over the summer. Brenda’s mad that he didn’t tell her sooner. She wants to know who the girl was, but Dylan says it doesn’t matter.

David and Donna wind up back at her house, and since her parents are out of town, he’d like to spend the night (but not do anything). They fall asleep together and she dreams about going with a Communion class to the adult section of the video store. One of the girls tells Donna she can’t go in because she’s “just a little girl.” Donna goes to church with the girls and asks Father Chris if God will still love her if she sleeps with her boyfriend. He says God will love her but her parents will be disappointed. Donna wakes up and tells David he has to go home.

Brenda gets ready for her date with Rick, asking Cindy to play along. She promises she won’t be seeing Rick again after today. Rick wants to go to the Peach Pit, and of course Brandon is working that day. He and Nat play along with Brenda’s story that Brandon’s her cousin. But Brenda finally snaps and tells Rick who she really is. She storms out but comes back a few moments later to apologize for lying to Rick. He apparently doesn’t care and just wants to make out.

Donna goes to church to get some counseling from Father Chris. He asks her what her heart wants her to do. He tells her that love and virginity are gifts; she needs to decide who to give those gifts to. He promises that God will still love her no matter what she does. Donna remembers that he told her the same thing when she was younger.

Rick takes Brenda home and asks to see her again the next day. He doesn’t see Dylan as any kind of obstacle. He thinks he and Brenda have something powerful, and he doesn’t want to lose her a second time. Brenda tries to get him to leave, and Rick guesses that she’s seeing Dylan that night. He tells her to make sure it’s worth bucking the odds.

David’s upset that Donna talked to a priest about their sex life. She tells him she wants to wait until they’re out of high school, then discuss sex again if they’re still together. David promises that he’s not going anywhere and is okay with just making out. Brandon visits Andrea again and learns that the police still don’t have a suspect in her hit-and-run. He assures her that her friends will take care of her while she’s wheelchair-bound.

Brenda bugs Dylan again about retaking the SAT, asking why everything has to be a battle with him. He tells her to leave him alone if she’s not going to support him. Brenda notes that their problems obviously aren’t about the SAT. She tells him Rick came to L.A. and she spent the day with him. She loves Dylan, but they need a “rest.” And just like that, Brenda and Dylan are no more.

That night, Steve and Herbert use the legacy key to get into the school and subsequently the grade bank. Herbert starts to change Steve’s grades, but the computer locks him out, then goes black. Kelly can’t decide on colors for her room, telling Jackie she’s going through some changes. Jackie notes that paint colors aren’t that important.

Brenda calls to tell Kelly that she and Dylan broke up, and that Dylan dated someone over the summer but didn’t tell her who. Kelly wonders if they broke up because Brenda wants to be with Rick. There’s a knock on Kelly’s door, and she thinks it’s David, but it’s actually Dylan (not that she tells Brenda that). He agrees with Brenda that they should start seeing other people, and he specifically thinks he should start seeing Kelly.

Thoughts: The priest is played by Gregory Itzin (24, The Mentalist, Big Love, Covert Affairs, Murder One, The Ides of March). I wouldn’t have recognized him without seeing his name in the credits.

The irony of Dylan insisting “I did not cheat” isn’t lost on me, show.

From what I’ve read, the breakup came about because Luke Perry couldn’t take working with Shannen Doherty anymore. If it’s true, he hid the animosity well in their scenes together.

When the computer freezes, Steve smacks the monitor and all I could think of was Zoolander.

Kelly, I know he’s cute, but a guy who would make a move on you five minutes after breaking up with your best friend is not a guy you want to be with. Not that you were any better for hooking up with him while he was still dating your best friend. I’m just saying, you’re putting a lot on the line here.

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