March 26, 2012

BH90210 3.13, Rebel With a Cause: Don’t Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out, Broody McKay

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Rick deserves so much better than all the crazy people on this show

Summary: Word has spread that someone hacked into West Beverly High’s computer system and tampered with grades. However, no one knows who the guilty party is. Brenda and her completely-inappropriate-for-school boustier tell Donna that she and Rick have a date set up, even though Brenda’s only been single for 48 hours. Steve’s totally calm about his recent computer escapades – he’s more interested in booking David for a Battle of the Bands – but Herbert is freaking out since the police are now involved.

Brandon gives Dylan some articles about a kid accused of cheating on his SATs so Dylan can prepare to defend himself. Ms. Teasley is also on his side. Brandon is surprised to hear that Dylan and Brenda broke up partly because of the whole debacle, though Dylan says it’s about more than that. Namely, it’s about Kelly, who’s hesitant to do anything remotely similar to a PDA with Dylan when someone could see them. She wants to tell Brenda that they’re together, but Dylan says they don’t need her permission.

Andrea’s back at school but frustrated with having to use a wheelchair. She wants to do a story on the break-in, thinking it’ll be award-worthy. Brandon has already gotten started but Ms. Teasley won’t give him any information. Brenda asks Dylan about his SAT issues, but he’s short with her, so they’re clearly not in the friend stage. Brandon mentions to Steve that Andrea’s investigating the break-in, and after she talks to the police, she tells Steve and Brandon that the police are going to keep looking into it until they find the culprit. Steve’s a-scared.

Donna bugs Brenda about her date with Rick; she thinks Brenda’s moving on too fast. Brenda tells her and Kelly that she got sick of Dylan’s brooding. Hutch the shady janitor threatens to tell the police that Steve had access to the school; Steve reminds him that he accepted a bribe. Hutch notes that the police would be more likely to believe an adult than a teenager. Steve shuts him up with some more money.

There’s something dumb about Jim’s temporary secretary, Dottie, calling him a lot, and then Rick comes to the Walshes’ to pick Brenda up. He tells Jim and Cindy about his interest in business economics, then realizes that Jim wrote some article he enjoyed. Kelly and Dylan go to the planetarium, which is where all the cool teenagers hang out, and talk about a field trip they took there when they were younger. It’s dark, so of course they make out.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Rick have their date at the Peach Pit, though she’s nervous that they’ll run into Dylan. Donna and David show up and make really awkward conversation with them. After the show at the planetarium, Dylan waxes philosophical about stars and the cosmos and such. Kelly confides that people see her as a screw-up because she’s screwed up a few times, and she wonders if it’s worth it to try to change. They’re better at making out than at the deep stuff, so they do that instead, but Kelly wants to move slowly.

Steve and Andrea wind up at the Peach Pit, where he offers to put up a reward in exchange for information on her hit-and-run driver. She tells him the school’s offering $250 for news on the break-in. Steve thinks that’s ridiculous since people will just make something up. Andrea tells him the detective on the case told her the trail is getting cold. She thinks that since there was no sign of an actual break-in, the culprit was hiding in the school or had access to keys. Herbert tries to pull Steve aside for a conversation, but Steve wants to avoid him.

Dottie calls for Jim, who asks her to bring some papers by for him to sign. This plot is stupid. Dylan and Kelly go out to dinner, and she says the next meal is on her. He’s pleased that she thinks there will be another date. There’s more making out, and then Dylan asks Kelly to spend the night with him. She seems to have completely forgotten about taking it slowly. As they leave the restaurant, all over each other, they run into Brenda and Rick. The three friends start fighting, and Rick is too dumb not to try to play peacemaker. Kelly ignores him and tells Brenda, who called her a bimbo, to go to Hell.

Dottie stops by the Walshes’, and she’s hot. (Brandon certainly thinks so.) Jim seems clueless to her level of attractiveness. Cindy thinks Dottie has the hots for Jim, and that Jim made himself look nice for her visit. He accuses her of being jealous. Jim promises that when he’s at work, he only thinks about work. If he’s not thinking about work, he’s thinking about his family and the Vikings. Rick takes Brenda home, and she tells him she feels betrayed by Dylan and Kelly. He encourages her to move on and look to the future. She says he sounds like Jim. Rick promises to make Brenda forget about Dylan.

Kelly goes home with Dylan but yells at him for encouraging her not to tell Brenda about them. She feels horrible for the way things ended up. Dylan really doesn’t care, since he got the girl he wanted. Kelly mentions that Dylan reminded Brenda that she broke up with him. She wonders if Dylan’s using her as a rebound. He points out that they were kissing on the beach before he was single (yeah, that’s the way to make this look better). Kelly declares the evening unsalvageable and leaves.

At school the next day, Andrea asks Brandon if he’s heard of the legacy key. Jay (her summer fling) thinks students have used it for years to get access to their grades. Andrea believes they’re looking at a conspiracy. Brandon goes straight to Steve to warn him that Andrea knows about the legacy key and could easily figure out his connection to it. He’s figured out that Steve was probably behind the break-in. Steve denies this, so Brandon asks him to turn in the person who gave him the key. Steve challenges him and Andrea to figure it out on their own.

Ms. Teasley informs Dylan that his SAT appeal has been denied; the proctor doesn’t remember his arrival and there’s no evidence to back up Dylan’s side of the story. He can either take the SAT again or take the case to court, but he’ll probably lose. Dylan doesn’t like either option. Kelly tells Brenda that she wanted to tell her about the two of them, but Dylan didn’t want to hurt her. Brenda blasts Kelly for lying under the pretense of protecting her. Kelly calls Rick boring, and Brenda says that at least she wasn’t someone’s second choice. “Neither was I,” Kelly replies. Before she can elaborate, they’re distracted by Dylan storming out dramatically.

Dottie calls the Walshes to let them know that Jim will be late for dinner. Cindy isn’t pleased. At the office, Dottie and her inappropriately bared cleavage ask Jim to put in a good word for her at the employment agency if she’s offered a permanent job. Then she tries to seduce him in what is obviously a fantasy. The real Dottie tells Jim there’s no rush to make a decision, and he tells her, “I’ll sleep with you – sleep on it.” Kelly tells David all about the Dylan saga, lamenting that she looks like the bad girl. David doesn’t think that’s how Dylan sees her. She calls Dylan, who doesn’t pick up.

Jim and Rick have a stimulating conversation about tax law and keyboards as Steve meets with Hutch for another payoff. Brenda has realized that a relationship with Rick isn’t a good idea; they don’t have anything in common. She was caught up in the romantic part of their fling but isn’t ready for the commitment he wants. Rick thinks Brenda is “the one.” Brenda tells him the timing isn’t right but claims it has nothing to do with Dylan. Rick asks her to hold on to his number.

Dylan winds up at the Peach Pit and fills Brandon in on the SAT developments. He thanks Brandon for his support and tells him he’s taking off for a while. Brandon’s worried that he’ll do something self-destructive, but Dylan’s leaving to avoid that. Meanwhile, Brenda calls him but can’t bring herself to leave a message.

Thoughts: Dylan, shut up. Why do you even care about the SAT? You don’t even want to go to college, remember?

You can tell Jim is all, “I LOVE RICK. HE IS NOT DYLAN.” It’s pretty funny.

Who takes a date to a planetarium? Is Dylan secretly Ross from Friends?

Is $250 a good reward for a school full of rich people? I’m going to say no.

Of course Cindy doesn’t like that Dottie’s pretty. Cindy’s a woman and that’s how women always act on TV.

Who dumps Dean Cain?? Honestly!

You know what would have been a good ending? Rick and Dottie end up together.


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