April 1, 2012

BH90210 3.14, Wild Horses: No Sale

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Ladies and gentlemen, Diesel Stone and the Waste Management

Summary: Andrea has now lost her faith in the police figuring out who was behind the school break-in. She’s also had no luck figuring out who has the legacy key. Steve is relieved. Brenda worries because no one’s heard from Dylan in three days, and he could be drinking again. Donna thinks Brenda and Kelly are being immature by avoiding each other. Somewhere, Dylan’s car breaks down and he meets a woman named Anne who gives him a ride to a phone on her horse.

Back at West Beverly High, Steve assures Herbert that they’ve gotten away with the break-in. Brandon repeats to Steve what Andrea told him about the legacy-key investigation being a dead end. Nikki is…also there. David bugs Steve about a showcase he’s supposed to play, and Steve says he has everything under control, though of course he doesn’t. He spots Hutch the janitor watching him and gets a little paranoid.

Dylan can’t get his car fixed right away, so he’ll have to stay wherever he is for a while. Anne offers to let him stay in the ranch’s guest house. David’s unhappy with the showcase, not realizing he almost didn’t get to play. Kelly asks Brandon if he’s heard from Dylan, who they’re both worried about. Brandon is also worried about Kelly and Brenda’s friendship, or lack thereof. David starts off the showcase with some…um…rapping? The sound system goes haywire, but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing.

Dylan and Anne chat, though neither is very open about his or her background. She thinks that whatever Dylan left behind deserved to be left. Kelly, Donna, Brandon, and Nikki try to figure out what to tell David about his performance. They wind up lying that he sounded great. David’s upset and fires Steve. The next group to perform is Diesel Stone and the Waste Management, who Nikki knows. In fact, she used to date their keyboard player (really, it’s a keytar, which is awesome).

After the performance, Nikki meets up with the keyboard player, Diesel, who wrote the song for her. He invites her to spend the evening with him before he and the band leave the next morning. She says it’s a school night and she’s there with her boyfriend. Brandon meets Diesel, who smokes and insults David. Brandon tries to be clever by calling him “Axl.” Nikki defends Diesel to Brandon, then invites him to their party. Brandon thinks they should go comfort David. They fight, and Brandon asks Nikki to choose who she’ll be hanging out with. She chooses Diesel by default.

The next morning, Brandon asks Brenda for her advice about the situation. Brenda notes that it wouldn’t have been a big deal for him and Nikki to go to the band’s party for 15 minutes. She says he’s jealous when he’s judgmental (which is always). Brandon says she’s one to talk, what with the way she’s been acting toward Kelly. Brenda encourages him to call Nikki and make up. Brandon does, but she’s not home from the party.

As Anne and Dylan bore me, David uses his radio station to tell the school that Steve’s a jerk. Donna bugs Kelly about her and Brenda avoiding each other. Kelly says Brenda’s the one who drove Dylan away. Steve starts to confront David, but Hutch calls him away to complain that the police have been interrogating him. He needs to give them something so they’ll back off, and he’s giving them Steve.

Brandon and Nikki fight again; he calls her a groupie and blasts her for staying out all night. She tells him that she had some tequila shots and passed out at the party. She still wants to be with Brandon. He’s upset that she didn’t defend David to Diesel, who’s a loser. Nikki admits that he has some sort of control over her and she can’t help herself when she’s around him. Anne is totally the female Dylan, blah blah blah, just have sex already. She wants him to stay at the ranch for a while and work, and he admits that he’s tempted, and then they make out.

Diesel shows up at West Beverly to tell Nikki that his band got a record deal. He wants her to come with him to celebrate, but she has a history test. As he gets angrier about making her to come with him, Brandon arrives to intervene. Nikki tells him to stay out of it. Diesel orders Nikki into the car, and she goes, even though he’s been drinking. Later, Brandon and Brenda complain about their problems to each other, and then Brenda and Kelly ignore each other some more.

Dylan works on his car, and Anne asks her to come to dinner with some friends. Steve asks Herbert to take the fall for him since he’s a freshman and can become “rehabilitated.” Steve knows he’ll be expelled if he gets busted. Herbert tells him he’s disgusting and so conceited that he thinks he can buy his way out of anything. “I don’t know how you can stand being you,” he says.

At Anne’s dinner, she’s offered $700,000 for a horse she doesn’t want to sell, then a million. Dylan encourages her to keep the horse, but Anne gives in for a big chunk of money. “Everything’s for sale,” the buyer tells Dylan. At the Peach Pit, Donna finally gets fed up with Brenda and Kelly’s feud, telling Brenda that she started everything by telling Dylan she wanted to see other people. She also blasts Kelly for seeing Dylan without talking to Brenda first. She wants them to try to recover something more important than a guy.

Brandon learns that Nikki never went home after school, and that Diesel’s abusive. Nikki’s been hanging out wherever the band’s staying, while Diesel was out picking up another girl. Nikki starts to leave, but Diesel gets mad and smacks her. Of course, Brandon arrives to save the day. He’s dumb enough to get into a fight with Diesel, but at least he wins it. He takes Nikki to his house and she admits that she left San Francisco because of Diesel, who’s totally awesome when he’s not drunk or hitting her. Until she met Brandon, she didn’t realize she deserved better.

Cindy pops in to check on Nikki, which makes her miss her own family. Brandon wonders if the Witt family’s problems are so bad that Nikki can’t talk to her parents about what’s been going on. She tells him she’s supposed to see them at Thanksgiving. Brandon promises to still be there when she comes back. Kelly stops by to work things out with Brenda, who was just about to leave a message for her with David. The girls apologize to each other and take responsibility for their own actions. And now they can worry about Dylan together.

Dylan’s decided to leave the ranch, but first he confronts Anne for selling a horse she loved. She says it was a game and she won. Dylan notes that she already has a ton of money. Anne replies that he wouldn’t understand since he doesn’t have her wealth. He reveals that he does, and he doesn’t want to turn into her. He left L.A. because he was sick of all the strings tying him to various people, but he’s realized that without those strings, he has no connections. Without connections, he’d rather be dead inside.

Brenda and Kelly let Donna know they’re reconciled, telling her she’d be good at counseling if art school doesn’t work out. Steve gives David a list of potential managers he’s sent his demo tape to. He tells David he’s talented and deserves the best. Kelly asks what his finder’s fee. Steve blasts her for thinking he only worries about what he can get out of situations. He then apologizes for telling someone how sexy Kelly was in bed.

As their friends look on, Steve shows Brandon the legacy key and admits that he screwed up and can’t get himself out of it. He’s going to confess to Ms. Teasley. He doesn’t know what will happen, but if he doesn’t have friends, it doesn’t matter. (Hmm, sounds familiar.) Brandon says that Steve’s underrating them, but Steve corrects that they all overrated him. Steve goes to Andrea next, and she thinks he was only nice to her to throw her off his trail. He tells her he never needed a reason to be nice to her.

Steve tells Ms. Teasley everything, saying he’s as disappointed as she is. She notes that he’s not a computer whiz, so he must have had help. If he doesn’t name his accomplice, she’ll recommend that he be expelled. Steve tells her he worked alone. Now suddenly Ms. Teasley has the power to expel him, which she does.

Thoughts: Diesel (gag) is played by David Arquette. The look he gives Nikki when he sees her at the showcase is even more hilarious than David’s rapping.

Whose idea was this episode, a ten-year-old girl’s? “Luke Perry and horses – yay!”

How did the keyboard player get a band named after him? Maybe the lead singer has a really lame rock star name.

Donna: “You do remember Brenda Walsh. She used to be your best friend.” Kelly: “Well, we all have our crosses to bear.” Brenda: “Or our legs to uncross.” BURN! Nice one, Bren.


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  1. beckyboo said,

    Ah keytars. Oh how I miss them. I am air keytaring right now.

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