April 9, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.3, Capeside Revisited: Reunited and It Feels So KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!

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R.I.P., Mitch. I'm sorry you didn't get to finish your ice cream

Summary: Joey, Jen, and Audrey have dinner at the restaurant where Pacey now works; they’re even waited on by Karen. Charlie calls Jen, and the other two girls discuss the fact that she’s been very tight-lipped about him. But apparently Jen doesn’t know much about him either. Joey heads to the restroom, passing the kitchen on her way and spotting Pacey inside. Jen admits that she knew he was in Boston but was sworn to secrecy. Joey wants to see him but is sure he doesn’t want to see her.

Dawson crashes at Grams’ house, planning to take the bus to Capeside the next day to tell his parents he’s not going back to California. He’s not sure how to break the news to them. Grams says just to tell the truth. Jack hangs out at Sigma Epsilon, hitting it off with the frat brothers. One of them invites him to play golf on Sunday. However, Jack doesn’t want to pledge the frat. Or at least not until he sees how happy a guy is after accepting a bid.

Karen complains to Pacey about an annoying customer and he complains back about not being allowed to cook. She rags on him for not wearing a chef’s hat. Jen goes by Charlie’s, trying to claim that she’s not going to respond to booty calls all the time. She tries to find out more information on him, noting that they’ve “been whatever” for a week but are still basically strangers. Charlie seems to want to keep it that way. All he’ll say is that he’s from Illinois.

The next day, Dawson returns to Capeside for the first time in months. Oh, and he didn’t tell his parents he was coming. He wastes no time telling them that he’s spent the past week in Boston and won’t be going back to USC. Gail thinks he just needs more time to make friends in California. Dawson says he’s at “a profound crossroads,” and he’ll regret not going to Boston. He already has arrangements to live at Grams’ and enroll in school in Boston. Mitch firmly objects.

In their room, Audrey bugs Joey about the guy she saw at the restaurant the night before. Joey doesn’t want to talk about him, but she admits that she wants to see him. Audrey’s sure Pacey wants to see her, too – she’s “the kind of girl that guys don’t get over.” Joey doesn’t want to make Pacey uncomfortable. Audrey reminds her that no one’s going to grade her on whatever happens. Relationships are messy, so Joey needs to get used to messes.

Jack wakes up on the couch at the Sigma House, having been kept there so he wouldn’t drive drunk. The guys give him an invitation to join the frat, saying they’ll be his family. One says he needs to ask himself if he’s in or out. This prompts Jack to tell them he’s gay. They already figured it out and still think he’s right for Sigma. Then they tell him straight out (heh) that they want him in the frat because the dean wants them to diversify.

Jen’s still with Charlie and still bugging him about not knowing each other well. He assures her that the fact that they mostly just have sex isn’t a big deal. She challenges them to go 12 hours without having sex. Charlie predicts that she’ll crack first. At the restaurant, Pacey calls Karen on her grumpiness, asking her to bond with him over complaining about Danny. She tells him he needs to wear a chef’s hat so he looks good to the customers. Also, she’s mad that he was hired because he’s a guy.

At the Leerys’, Mitch confronts Dawson about making life decisions that revolve around Joey. He’s said for years that he wanted to go to USC, and he worked hard and accomplished his goal. Now he suddenly wants to throw everything away. He can stand at the crossroads, but he needs to choose his own path, not follow Joey down hers. Mitch reminds Dawson that in the real world, as opposed to high school, decisions have consequences.

Dawson knows he has a big choice to make and doesn’t want a lecture, or to live the life Mitch has chosen for him. Mitch gives him tickets to fly back to L.A. and tells him to seize this opportunity because soon it’ll be gone. Later, Gail and Mitch discuss their son and how they miss having him around. Mitch knows their relationship with him is rare. He’s never going to do something that changes the world, but Dawson might.

Jen and Charlie hang out, trying to find ways to distract themselves. They want to see a movie, but Charlie doesn’t like subtitles and Jen does, which is apparently a point of contention for her. Jack tells Grams that he got a big to join Sigma, but Tobey thinks he should turn it down since he’d be a “gay Uncle Tom.” Jack, however, thinks he would fit in there. Grams thinks the issue is bigger for him than it is for the brothers. She’s sure they want him for more than just a quota.

In Capeside, Gail asks Dawson if Joey asked him to stay in Boston. She’s not sure of the status of their relationship; he tells her they’re not together. He’s spent the last few years trying to accomplish goals, but now that he’s fulfilled them all, he’s not sure what to do. Gail reminds him that people change. Dawson needs to make sure staying in Boston will allow him and Joey to keep growing. Is she the person he’s willing to take such a big leap of faith for?

Charlie and Jen play gin and discuss their likes so Jen can find something they have in common. He thinks having sex is enough. He talks her into agreeing, at least for now, and they start to have sex again. He’s out of condoms, so Jen orders him to go find one. Meanwhile, Joey goes to the marina and reunites with Pacey. They make small talk, and then Joey invites Pacey to come to a Sunday dinner at Grams’ sometime. She wouldn’t want him to miss out because of her. She also thinks it might be possible to eventually forget all bad memories and only remember the good ones.

Dawson says goodbye to Gail and Lily, then gives Mitch back the plane tickets. He hopes Mitch doesn’t think he’s making a mistake; he’s trying to be the kind of person Mitch raised him to be. Mitch is still on the mistake side. He’s disappointed but makes sure Dawson knows he will always love him and be there for him.

In Boston, Jen and Charlie break into their college’s health center to steal condoms. Supposedly they’re a gift from a previous class. Jen realizes that Charlie can’t read the sign over the condoms and teases him for being nearsighted. That would explain why he doesn’t want to see a movie with subtitles. Jen’s pleased that she’s finally learned something about him.

Jack tells the Sigma brothers that he doesn’t want to join them just to fill a quota. One of the guys tells him they’re all filling quotas there. Jack may be gay, but he’s the gay guy they want to join them. Jack points out that Tobey will come visit, which could make people uncomfortable. The brother assures him that they’ll welcome Tobey as much as they’ll welcome Jack. Jack decides he’ll join them.

Danny checks on Pacey after he’s spent hours peeling and slicing potatoes for chips. He approves, then dumps them all out – he doesn’t serve chips. He just wants Pacey to learn so he can trust him to work with really expensive white truffles. Danny says Karen has more motivation and discipline than Pacey, and she wanted Pacey’s job. Danny would rather teach him than hire her.

Joey returns from her marina visit to find Dawson waiting for her. He’s still uncertain about the decisions he’s made. She tells him there’s no right or wrong, just consequences. (She heard this from a sociology professor.) They head out to get coffee, talking about Capeside. Joey comments that you can never go home again.

Back in Capeside, Mitch gets ice cream and sings along to “Drift Away” as he drives home. He drops the ice cream, and when he leans over to pick it up, he swerves into oncoming traffic. And that’s how Mitch died one of the most ridiculous deaths on TV.

Thoughts: When I first heard about this episode (I’d stopped watching when it first aired), all I could think was, “…What?” Killing Mitch off was just so random. And also depressing, since Dawson was the only character on the show who actually had a good relationship with his parents. Also, dying reaching for ice cream? Pathetic.

Just sleep together already, Pacey and Karen.

Uh, whose boat is Pacey living on? Does that person know he’s living there?

How are Pacey and Joey totally okay now? They had this horrible break-up, didn’t talk forever, and now they’re suddenly fine. I wish break-ups were actually like that in real life.

If Danny’s restaurant is nice enough to serve truffles, how could the girls afford dinner there?

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  1. Deja Johnson said,

    Abby even went out better than Mitch and her death was ridiculous too.

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