April 14, 2012

BH90210 3.17, The Game Is Chicken: Dylan Is Always Right

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"So when does Cha Cha DiGregorio get here?"

Summary: Thanks to his recent disciplinary problems, Steve’s has to serve detention an hour before school starts. He gets into a fight with another detention-server, Wardlow, but is stopped before he can beat the guy up. Andrea tells Brandon she’s been going to hypnotherapy to try to remember her hit-and-run accident. She now remembers seeing stars hanging from the rearview mirror of the car that hit her.

David’s loaded up on classes so he can graduate early, but he doesn’t have enough time to study and do his radio show. While they’re talking, Donna demonstrates that she’s watched David work at the station enough to know how to do his job. Dylan tries to hide from Kelly and Donna, since he hasn’t chosen between the two of them yet. Brandon suggests that they set up a timeshare agreement. Steve complains to them about Wardlow and the whole detention experience. He’s not sure he’ll make it to the end of the year.

At home, Jim tells Brandon that the country’s economy is taking a downturn. Too bad for Brandon, who wanted new ski gear. Brenda and Kelly talk to Cindy about the Dylan situation; Cindy wonders what exactly will happen when he does make up his mind. She suggests that the girls go out with a friend’s son and his friend, who both go to Princeton. The girls are interested. David teaches Donna some more about the radio station, since he’s going to let her take over his show. She’s nervous.

Kelly’s reluctant to go on the double date with Brenda, who reminds her that Princeton is awesome, so the guys must be, too. Donna makes her radio debut, managing to forget her own last name and location. David tells her to pretend it’s just the two of them having a conversation. It works, and she gets more comfortable, though she’d rather talk about makeup than play music.

After school, Steve finds a carton of eggs on his car, then opens it to find a bunch of chickens inside. (It has something to do with an episode of Steve’s mom’s TV show.) Wardlow was behind the prank but agrees to help Steve clean up. Steve sees a tank of nitrous oxide in Wardlow’s trunk, and the guys start talking about fast cars. Wardlow doesn’t usually let people drive his, but he thinks he can trust Steve, not least because Steve now knows which car is his.

Steve and Wardlow head out to a drag race, with Brandon tagging along. Wardlow takes bets, and Brandon’s only too happy to place one. Wardlow wins, so Brandon and Steve make some money. Brandon’s hooked and wants more action. That night, Brenda and Kelly hang out at the counter at the Peach Pit, avoiding Dylan, who’s completely ignoring them. They decide they’ll go on the double date after all. David comes by to give Donna some ideas for the radio station.

Dylan thinks Wardlow is scamming Steve and Brandon, and the race was fixed. Brandon thinks they can play the system and still make money. Andrea overhears and Brandon tells her about the drag strip and local races. She disapproves because of her hit-and-run. She lets the guys know how deeply the incident has affected her psychologically. Dylan warns Brandon and Steve not to fall for Wardlow’s scheme.

In detention the next morning, Wardlow asks Steve to come to another race, but Steve says he isn’t a sucker. Donna talks about shopping on the radio, showing that she’s now really comfortable. David isn’t, though. Brenda and Kelly are excited for their double date that night; Kelly’s a little jealous that Donna has a boyfriend. Though maybe not right now, since Donna and David are bickering over the content of her show.

At the Peach Pit, Brandon tries to talk Steve into backing Wardlow in his next race. He’s willing to put up $200 of the $1,500 Wardlow wants. Brandon notes that if he wins, they make $3,000. Dylan points out that if he loses, they get nothing. Brandon says it’s not about money, it’s about winning. “It’s about winning money,” Dylan corrects.

Kelly and Brenda get ready for their double date, but their excitement quickly disappears when the guys, Wayne and Adam, arrive: They’re geeky high schoolers. (Princeton is a prep school.) The guys give the girls an out, but Cindy basically orders the girls to keep the date. Steve and Brandon meet up with Wardlow for the next race, where Wardlow will go against a guy named Frank Padilla who is obviously not the nicest.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly accompany their dates to an arcade and try to ditch them. The guys aren’t paying attention to them anyway. “We’re going to die here,” Kelly predicts. Brenda finds a game she and Kelly both used to be good at when they were younger. At the race, Steve thinks Wardlow has a chance of beating Padilla. Brandon’s distracted because he’s seen something hanging from the mirror of Padilla’s silver car: stars.

Steve tells Brandon to call the cops while he stalls Padilla. Brandon does, though he’s not sure Andrea will be able to ID Padilla. Kelly and Brenda make their own fun at the arcade, winning a bunch of prizes and throwing them at the guys, then taking some pictures together in a photo booth. Steve pretends to examine Wardlow’s car so he can ensure the driver he’s backing is able to complete the race. Wardlow’s worried that Padilla will bail on the race. Steve says he wants to drive.

Donna runs into Dylan at the Peach Pit and asks for some advice on the radio show. She’s enjoying herself more than she expected, and she thinks she’s doing well, but David’s annoyed. Dylan’s mind wanders and he admits that he’s worried about Brandon and Steve. Donna asks why he’s at the Peach Pit if he’s so concerned.

Wardlow has no choice but to let Steve drive his car, but just before the race starts, Steve objects to the person calling the race. Padilla suggests a game of chicken instead. Steve taunts Padilla about acting like he lives in the ’50s, and Padilla makes unbecoming remarks about Samantha, which is definitely a bad idea. Now Steve’s ready to play chicken, but with his car instead of Wardlow’s.

Brenda and Kelly are still at the arcade, wondering how they got to where they are. Kelly realizes that they made a mistake allowing Dylan to choose between them – they could both lose him. They agree to never let a guy come between them again. Wayne and Adam bring over food and ask why two girls as cool as Brenda and Kelly don’t have boyfriends.

Dylan arrives as Padilla and Steve start their game of chicken. He pulls his car in between them, forcing them both to stop. Police arrive soon after and all the onlookers run off. Steve suddenly realizes what could have happened and almost cries. Brandon shows up with Andrea, and as the police handcuff Padilla, she recognizes him as her hit-and-run driver.

Dylan, Steve, Brandon, and Andrea head to the Peach Pit with Wardlow, who says they’re lucky to have each other as friends. The double daters join them, and Dylan asks Adam and Wayne how the date went. He still hasn’t made up his mind. At school, Donna tells David she’s giving him his show back. He doesn’t want her to, saying she’s better at it than she is. He suggests that they do the show together. Dylan finds Kelly and Brenda’s photos from the arcade in his locker and approaches them.

Thoughts: Wayne is played by Seth Green! Awesome.

So is drag racing a big problem for normal American teens? They did a drag-racing plot on Degrassi, too. Except it ended with someone getting injured and Sean going to prison. Good times.

Has there ever been a situation where Dylan has warned someone not to do something and has been wrong? It’s kind of like how Brandon always tries to help others and has never been wrong.

What was the whole point of the hit-and-run plot? Why ignore it for three episodes, then have it turn out that the driver was a guy we’ve never seen before?


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