April 16, 2012

BH90210 3.18, Midlife…Now What?: Sometimes a Fantasy

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I mean...right?

Summary: Steve finds Brandon betting on a basketball game at school and tells him it’s for suckers. Donna’s hesitant to go on a mother/daughter trip with Brenda, Cindy, Kelly, and Jackie when her own mother isn’t going. The girls invite Andrea along, though she’s not really a spa person. She decides to write a story about it for the school paper.

At the Walshes’, Cindy and Jackie are happy that their daughters are friends again, though Jackie knows that’s only until Dylan makes up his mind. Jim plans to spend the weekend working; his client is a pop psychologist who wrote a book called Midlife…Now What? Jackie has read it and thinks it was great. Cindy knows Jim will be working with Dottie all weekend, and she’s not thrilled about it. He assures her that he’s not planning to have a midlife crisis.

Brandon asks Nat to call Duke so he can place a bet. Steve tries to get Dylan to go to a party in the Palisades, but Dylan doesn’t want to meet more girls he has to decide on. David also won’t go, since he’s studying, and Brandon would rather bet on the Knicks game. The girls, Cindy, and Jackie are all at the spa, and everyone’s relaxed except Andrea. Jackie runs into Babette, an old friend who now works at the spa, and Kelly reveals to Brenda that Babette was Jackie’s coke connection.

Brandon congratulates Jim on spending most of his weekend with Dottie. Cindy calls home and is disappointed to hear that Jim is out. She decides to buy Midlife…Now What? and complains to Jackie about Jim hanging out with a hot younger woman. Jackie reminds her that they have a solid marriage. At the office, Dottie totally flirts with Jim.

At the spa, the girls keep trying to get Andrea to relax instead of schedule every minute of her day. They wind up in a mud bath, but Donna’s the only one who thinks it’s actually beneficial. Duke visits the Peach Pit to collect some money from Nat and inform Brandon that he won a bet. Brandon tells him to put the money toward another bet. Dylan complains to Brandon that he still can’t decide between Kelly and Brenda.

The girls get massages, and a masseuse promises Kelly that they’ll “do a lot of work on [her] problem areas.” She blathers about high school and two friends she knows fighting over one guy. Later, Kelly asks Brenda if she thinks she has “problem areas.” Brenda tells her she’s crazy, but Kelly clearly doesn’t believe her.

Dylan tells Nat about his girl issues, and Nat points out that he doesn’t have to marry whichever girl he chooses. Dylan daydreams about being middle-aged and coming home to Brenda and their five kids (with a sixth on the way). It’s not a happy daydream. Meanwhile, Kelly nags Donna about the amount of calories she’s eating, asking if she’s bulimic since she eats a lot but stays thin. Andrea has finally relaxed, though a relaxed Andrea seems like a drunk Andrea.

Cindy’s way too into her book, telling Jackie that fantasies are supposedly normal. She calls Jim’s office and tells Dottie she’s sure Jim’s being well taken care of. Jim’s client, the author, comments that he’s not sure how Jim can concentrate with such a hot secretary. Jim admits that he finds it difficult, even though he’s happily married. Sometimes he thinks Dottie’s hitting on him, and thinking about her makes him feel guilty. The client gives him a copy of his book.

Babette and Jackie reminisce about past drug parties, and Babette admits that she still uses coke sometimes. Jackie’s proud to be in recovery and have a new family. After Babette leaves, Jackie tells Cindy she’s embarrassed that she was doing lines when they first met. Cindy admires the way Jackie has turned things around.

Kelly tells Brenda that she thinks Babette wants to get Jackie to use drugs again. Brenda encourages her to talk to Jackie. Later, while getting a facial, Brenda hears the talkative masseuse gossiping with another visitor about a friend who had an affair with a Beverly Hills oral surgeon who had just had a new baby. Yep, she means Mel.

At the Peach Pit, David chats with Brandon (who randomly uses an Irish accent), then tells Dylan that he had to take care of Erin the night before because Mel was off playing poker. He thinks his father has earned a night out; he works a lot so he can spoil the women in his life. Dylan daydreams about being married to Kelly, who spends all their money. She’s also mad when he buys her an emerald, Brenda’s birthstone.

Kelly meets up with Brenda, who tells her what she overheard. Kelly calls home to talk to Mel, but David tells her he hasn’t been around the house much and hasn’t slept at home for two nights. At the Walshes’, Brandon and Steve try very hard not to tease Jim about his book. Jackie and Cindy have drinks with Babette but are interrupted when Kelly pulls her mother aside to tell her about Mel. First she makes sure Jackie won’t go back to doing coke once she hears the news.

Kelly leaves Jackie alone to think, and Babette finds her. Jackie tells her what’s going on and wonders what she’s going to do now. Babette tells her not to make any major decisions while she’s upset. Then she offers to take Jackie to get some drugs. When Jackie gets back to her room a little later, she tells Kelly that Babette took her to her room for coke, but Jackie didn’t have any. She and Kelly are both proud of her decisions.

Jackie’s realized that no matter what happens, she’s glad she met Mel because of the good things she wound up with. Kelly wonders what will happen next. Jackie isn’t sure if she and Mel can work things out. Kelly doesn’t get why men cheat – “why isn’t one woman ever enough?” Jackie thinks it might be genetic.

The next morning, Dottie comes to the office early and tells Jim that he’s compassionate, brilliant, and sexy. She kisses him, but he insists that he loves Cindy. However, he has to admit that it’s a fantasy come true. That’s because it’s actually a fantasy. When Dottie does come to the office, she tells Jim that she’s quitting – her boyfriend proposed and they’re moving back to Florida.

The women prepare to leave the spa (with a suitcase full of free samples Andrea has nabbed). Jackie tries to steel herself for what she faces back at home. Cindy feels foolish for spending the weekend suspicious of Jim when Jackie was really the woman being cheated on. Brandon, Dylan, and Steve watch a game Brandon bet on, but change the channel when Dylan get a call about a news broadcast. His father’s getting out of prison.

Thoughts: I don’t think a recovering drug addict would be quite so happy to see her former drug connection.

There’s a funny throwaway scene where the gossipy masseuse starts talking and another masseuse rolls her eyes and puts on headphones.

Every time Dylan whines about Brenda and Kelly, I want to quote Chandler when Ross had to choose between Rachel and Julie: “Oh, no! Two women love me! They’re both gorgeous and sexy! My wallet’s too small for my 50s, and my diamond shoes are too tight!”

It looks like Dylan isn’t going to grow up all that hot.

Jim, busted by Brandon and Steve with his book: “It’s called Midlife…Now What? If you make one crack, I’m giving the Mustang to Brenda.” The delivery cracks me up.

What a random ending. Jack wasn’t even mentioned in the episode. And wouldn’t he have called Dylan to tell him he was being released, instead of letting him hear about it on the news?

Oh, no! Two women love me! They’re both gorgeous and sexy! My wallet’s too small for my 50s, and my diamond shoes are too tight!

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  1. Megan said,

    I remember Erica Dylan’s sister who had her first period.

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