April 21, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.5, Use Your Disillusion: Sleeping Dogs Lie

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"No, I will not wait to be seated! Coffee needs to be poured on laps NOW!"

Summary: Gail is straightening up Lily’s nursery while Dawson does other house-related chores to solidify his position as man of the family. His mother encourages him to spend some time with Joey instead. She assures him that he can leave Capeside for a couple of days; she can take care of Lily on her own. At Worthington, Joey and Audrey go for a jog and discuss Dawson’s visit. Joey’s overthinking everything, feeling a lot of pressure to comfort Dawson. They won’t be discussing anything deep.

Professor Wilder finds the girls and chats with Joey about how the school just received the estate of a famous writer. He’s been chosen to go through all of the writer’s works and see if there’s anything worth publishing. He wants Joey and some other students to help. Joey accepts but can’t attend the party Professor Wilder is throwing to celebrate because of Dawson. Wilder tells her to bring Dawson along.

Jen hangs out in Charlie’s room and asks him to see a play with her the next night. He’s working at the radio station but invites her to stop by afterward. Then there is making out. Danny helps Pacey with his quarter-playing skills at the restaurant; they’re interrupted by Karen, who taunts them for their form of male bonding. Danny asks to borrow Pacey’s boat the next night so he can take his wife, Emily, out for a date. In exchange, Pacey gets the night off.

Jack plays pool with some other Sigma Epsilon pledges, discussing the tasks they might have to undergo before they can join the frat. Tobey arrives for a surprise visit as a pledge gets a call to participate in a hazing task. Jack’s happy that Tobey’s there, but he’s worried that they won’t have much time to spend together.

Dawson’s now at Worthington, and Joey’s all awkward. She gives him a book called How to Deal With Your Parents [sic] Death. She suggests watching movies all day, and though Dawson seems like he wants to do something else, he agrees that that’s probably a good idea. Jen has convinced Pacey to go to the play with her, though he’s not that excited about Shakespeare. Tobey comes to Grams’ house, confused about where he was supposed to meet Jack. Jen thinks Jack ditched him for the frat brothers.

Joey and Dawson watch movies on her tiny TV, and Joey panics when a scene shows a car accident. She thinks she’s “robbing” him of his time to freak out by making it about her. Dawson assures her that he doesn’t feel that way. Joey thinks Audrey was right and they should have gone out. Dawson jumps on that idea, and Joey tells him they could go to the party at Wilder’s.

Downtown, Jen and Pacey chat about Karen, who he definitely has a crush on. He’s all excited to have Danny as a mentor. Jen finds it funny that Pacey thinks of Danny as an older version of himself. As they pass by a restaurant, they see Charlie inside with another girl. Pacey tries to rush Jen off, but she wants to go inside and confront him. Pacey tries to convince her to wait until the next day so she can calm down. Jen pretends to agree, then starts to run inside, so Pacey throws her over his shoulder and runs off with her.

Jack and Tobey are at another restaurant, and Tobey’s upset that Jack didn’t tell him he would be late. (Tobey doesn’t have a phone because he’s worried about brain tumors.) He also can’t tell Tobey what he was doing as it’s against the frat’s rules. Jack tells him not to act like a girl, which Tobey finds offensive. Just as they’re working things out, Jack gets summoned for another task. Tobey tells him to go do it.

Jen grumbles her way to the play, which is, appropriately enough, Othello. She storms out before it starts. Joey and Dawson go to Wilder’s, and Dawson makes it clear that he doesn’t need her to be with him every second. He’s clearly not ready for this, though. Jen takes Pacey back to the restaurant and pretends they’ve just stumbled upon Charlie and his lady friend. Then she spills coffee on him. Charlie introduces her to the other girl, his sister, as Pacey cracks up.

Jack and the other pledges are stuck waiting around for instructions; they think their initiation is the next day. Jack’s worried that he’s hurting his relationship with Tobey. The other guys are in the same situation with their girlfriends and encourage Jack to set boundaries. They think Tobey’s there to make sure Jack doesn’t get involved with any new people. They tell Jack to dump him and move on.

Dawson hides out in Wilder’s kitchen as Joey talks with her classmates. A girl comes in to talk to him, but he seems to be having a kind of anxiety attack. He pulls Joey out of the party and tells her about a similar experience he had days earlier at the grocery store. Dawson doesn’t like feeling out of control or where the feeling came from. He really did want to go out, but as soon as they went, he changed his mind. Joey tells him that’s allowed. She agrees to go back to her room, clearly concerned about him.

Jen and Charlie walk home together and he explained that he wasn’t working because his shift was switched. His sister called before Charlie could let Jen know. She offers to do his laundry for a month to make things up to him. He tells her he needs to learn to trust her. He points out that he didn’t jump to conclusions when he saw her with Pacey because he trusts her and knows they have something special.

Jack finally makes it home to Grams’ and apologizes to Tobey, who’s really angry. He asks Jack to admit that the frat is more important than Tobey is. Jack points out that he’s going to be in college for four years and needs to have a social life, especially when he and Tobey can’t see each other all the time. He wants to be himself with his friends, rather than compartmentalize his life.

When Jack first moved to Capeside, he was Andie’s brother, then Joey’s boyfriend. When he came out, he was Jack the gay guy. He came out to the frat so he wouldn’t have to hide who he really was, and they didn’t care about his sexuality. He figured Tobey would understand.

Jack says under his breath that the other guys were right. Tobey’s angry that Jack talked to someone else about their problems. Jack accuses him of being jealous. Tobey says that he wants to be Jack’s main priority. Jack comes first to him no matter how far apart they are or what he’s doing. He’s always thinking about Jack and how to make him happy. He can see that Jack doesn’t feel the same about him.

Pacey flirts with Karen at the restaurant and she wonders if he’s arranging his schedule so they always work at the same time. A woman comes in looking for Danny; she’s his wife, Emily, and she spent the last night home sick. Pacey realizes that that means Danny and Emily didn’t spend the night on his boat. Dawson packs to go back to Capeside, thanking Joey for helping him out. He leaves the book behind.

Tobey and Jen wait for Jack to come back and make up with Tobey before he leaves Boston. Jen says Jack will regret not trying to make things work. Tobey says everyone gets hurt in a breakup, encouraging her to stay with Charlie. Danny thanks Pacey for the use of his boat, saying Emily had a great time. Pacey says nothing.

Jack comes home in his new frat blazer, happy to have been inducted. Jen tells him he sucks and broke Tobey’s heart. He should think about what he gave up today. Jack already knows. Jen admits that she feels like she and Jack don’t know each other that well anymore. He blames that on her new relationship with Charlie, which Jen finds unfair.

Jack continues that they’re all growing apart, and he wanted to spare Tobey some pain. He wants to meet new people without having to worry about hurting someone else. Jen says he should have said something to Tobey, but Jack is telling her instead. Jen heads off to take Charlie a basket of fruit and flowers, but when she starts to turn the corner to his dorm room, she catches him making out with another girl.

Joey confides in Audrey that she feels relieved now that Dawson’s gone. She only got him the book because she wanted him to know how she felt but didn’t know how to say it. She wrote a message in the book but Dawson will never read it. Audrey tries to cheer her up with coffee and glitter lipstick. After Joey leaves the room, Audrey reads her message to Dawson, which talks about keeping loved ones close after losing someone. She loves him and is always here for him.

Thoughts: The Pacey/Jen scenes are awesome, especially their exchange when he tells her Danny’s like him. Jen: “When you grow up, you basically want to be yourself?” Pacey: “Yeah. I’m very well-adjusted.” Hee.

If I were Tobey, I’d be less annoyed by Jack telling me not to act like a girl and more by him calling me a “friend” when the frat brothers call.

The other girl was Charlie’s sister? What a shocking twist that has never, ever been used on TV before! It’s worth it for Pacey’s reaction, though.

Tobey’s upset that Jack talked about their problems with a neutral third party, but doesn’t everyone do that? It’s called venting, Tobey.

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