April 22, 2012

BH90210 3.19, Back in the High Life Again: Like Father, Like Son

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"I may have committed some light treason"

Summary: A limo drives through Beverly Hills, carrying Dylan and a newly-sprung-from-jail Jack. Dylan wants to know what his father plans to do with his life, but Jack’s more interested in celebrating his freedom than anything else. They wind up at the Bel Age Hotel, where a bunch of reporters are waiting to talk to Jack. He tells them how happy he is and says he’s going to Disney Land with his son.

Things are much less happy at the Taylor/Silver house, where Jackie and Mel are fighting over his affair with a 19-year-old dental hygienist. Jackie has changed her mind about working things out and tells Mel to live. Kelly and David are both sad about the turn of events, though David isn’t surprised, since this is what happened between his parents. Kelly’s worried that Erin will grow up with an absent father like she did. David isn’t sure where he’ll wind up now.

Dylan calls to invite Kelly to a party Jack is throwing at the Bel Age that night. She doesn’t want to ditch David, but he has study plans with Donna, so Kelly agrees to go. The Walshes watch Jack on TV, and we all know Jim hates Jack, so he’s not happy about his parole. Dylan calls and extends a party invitation to Brenda. Jim doesn’t want to let her go, claiming it’s about Jack, not Dylan. He says Jack went to jail for insider trading, but there’s a lot more to his crimes than that, including mob connections.

At the Peach Pit, Brandon and Steve discuss the party, which Steve is skipping for a basketball game. Brandon wants to place a bet, and when Steve declines to participate, Brandon asks Nat to call Duke. Steve finds Andrea looking through fashion magazines, preoccupied with hair color. He encourages her to go blonde. She thinks it would be radical, and he notes that she might need that.

The Bel Age party is fancy and not well-attended. In fact, Kelly’s the only one of Dylan’s friends who can make it. (Brenda has decided to humor Jim and stay home.) Kelly meets Jack and Christine as Dylan notes that Jack no longer has the entourage he used to. Christine replies that he doesn’t have the money he used to either. Brenda tries to talk to Brandon about the party, but he’s busy watching the basketball game he bet on. He tells her this is the only thing keep him from being bored this year.

Kelly confides her family problems to Dylan, saying she wishes Jackie and Mel would start the divorce proceedings already. Dylan invites her to spend the night at the hotel. Kelly declines but agrees to go swimming. They reminisce about an earlier party in the same pool, then start horsing around. This leads to a makeout session.

Kelly wonders what would have happened if Brenda had come to the party. Did Dylan choose her because Brenda isn’t there? Now that Jackie and Mel’s relationship has broken up because of an affair, Kelly doesn’t want to be the other woman in a relationship. Dylan promises that he chose her. Kelly says they need to tell Brenda everything, including their affair over the summer.

Andrea and Donna go to a drugstore so Donna can help pick out hair dye. She thinks Andrea would look better as a redhead than a blonde. Andrea wants to make sure she doesn’t look geeky when she goes to Yale. She’s learned from the spa trip that “beauty may be skin deep, but it’s no sin to be beautiful.” Donna promises that she’ll look ungeeky, noting that if she doesn’t like her new hair color, she can dye it again.

Jack tells Dylan that he did lose a lot of money, but he stashed some away for them to live well. When that runs out, he’s sure he can make more. Dylan notes that it’s not the ’80s anymore. Jack teases that he should be a financial expert; if he’s going to be in charge of his trust fund, he should know what he’s doing. Dylan tells him Jim takes care of everything. Jack isn’t sure he’s doing a good job, and if Dylan isn’t sure either, he should do something.

Jim reads in the paper that Jack is still facing civil suits. He also thinks Jack has some money stashed away, despite the paper’s claims that he’s broke. Brenda’s not happy with Jim for keeping her home the previous night, especially since Kelly was allowed to go to the party. Cindy points out that Jackie has other things occupying her time, reminding Brenda that she isn’t Kelly. Jack calls to introduce himself to Jim and ask for a meeting. Jim is less than thrilled, and Brenda’s worried that Jack will try to get his hands on Dylan’s money.

David confronts Mel about his marriage and his actions. Mel says he just can’t be monogamous. David refuses to move to Portland to live with his mother, so Mel says they can get their own place. David’s upset that he has to move away from Erin just because their father can’t keep his hands to himself. (I don’t think his hands were the problem, David.)

At school, Dylan invites Kelly to dinner with Jack and Christine that night. Kelly admits that she’s preoccupied with the Brenda situation. Brenda joins them, telling Dylan she had to miss the party so she could study. After he leaves, she confirms that Kelly didn’t tell Dylan that Jim wouldn’t let her go. Kelly’s surprised that Brenda has met Jack, though that first meeting didn’t go well. Brenda tells her that Dylan and Jack’s relationship hasn’t always been as good as it is now.

Dylan sarcastically thanks Brandon and Steve for ditching the party the night before; he’s especially mad at Brandon, though he knows Jim is behind their absence. He snarks that it’s nice to know who his friends are. That afternoon, Donna helps Andrea dye her hair while David brings everyone’s mood down by complaining about Mel moving. Andrea wonders why David can’t just stay with Jackie and Kelly. David thinks he would be a reminder to Jackie of what Mel did. The girls encourage him to at least ask Jackie about it.

At the Peach Pit, Brandon asks Nat if Duke has stopped by with the $100 he won on the basketball game. Nat realizes that he forgot to place the bet. Steve wonders if he’s telling the truth. Nat gives Brandon $100 of his own money to make up for the mistake. Brandon asks for Duke’s phone number instead so he doesn’t have to place bets through Nat. Nat wants to keep an eye on Brandon, who notes that he’s always on his best behavior, so there won’t be any trouble.

Jack and Dylan meet with Jim in his office to tell him that Dylan wants Jack to manage his money. Jim says that Jack’s legal problems and criminal record would preclude him from managing a trust. Jack, however, wants to dissolve the trust. Jim points out that Iris established the trust and Dylan doesn’t get the money until he turns 21.

Jack sends Dylan out of the room, thanks Jim for his help, and reminds him that it only takes three signatures to dissolve the trust: Jim’s, Iris’, and Dylan’s. If Iris agrees, they’re two-thirds of the way there. Jim doesn’t think Iris will go along with the idea. Jack calls his bluff by picking up the phone and telling him to make the call.

Brenda is rightfully upset with Brandon for ignoring her the previous evening. He thinks she’s taking her anger at Jim out on him. Brenda says she could have gone to the party if she wanted to, but she stayed away because she’s not sure about Jack’s character. Even though she and Dylan got close, she never completely understood him. Jack’s return has made him even more distant. “Maybe the rich are different,” Brandon doofuses.

At dinner with Dylan, Kelly, and Christine, Jack raises a toast to what he thinks is a done deal on the trust. Jack and Christine both leave the room, and Dylan tells Kelly that he’s not as confident as Jack is about Iris agreeing. In the other room, Jack has an intense phone conversation with someone, promising that the trust plan is a done deal.

Dylan again invites Kelly to stay over, but she doesn’t want to until they tell Brenda everything. He points out that she had the chance to tell Brenda at school but didn’t. They agree to talk to her together the next day. Kelly sneaks in late and is caught by Jackie, who’s upset that she’s so late but soon backs off since Kelly’s happy. Erin cries, and Jackie and Kelly find David taking care of her. David says he’ll miss being there for her all the time. Jackie decides that Erin’s home is David’s home, so he can stay.

At school, Brenda asks Dylan to see a movie that night. He already has plans with Jack. She can tell something’s wrong, but Dylan just says he has a lot on his mind. Brenda doesn’t want their fathers’ animosity to come between them. Andrea, now kind of a redhead, shows her new style off to Donna and David. David can’t tell much of a difference but says she looks great anyway. According to Mel, smart women want to hear that they’re beautiful and beautiful women want to hear that they’re smart. Donna tells him to stop taking advice on women from Mel.

Andrea’s disappointed that Steve and Brandon don’t notice anything different about her. After a few moments, Steve realizes that she dyed her hair, but they make Brandon try to figure it out for himself. Dylan apologizes to Brandon for being angry about the party; Brandon doesn’t need to prove anything about their friendship. Dylan continues that he won’t be coming by the Walshes’ much anymore – he and Brenda are definitely over.

After school, Dylan and Kelly go to the Walshes’, take Brenda for a walk, and tell her everything. She’s understandably angry. She asks if they slept together, which they deny. Dylan wants them to start over from a more honest place, but Brenda says this isn’t about honesty. She hates both of them and never wants to talk to them again. Dylan assures Kelly that Brenda will be fine, but Kelly isn’t sure the two of them will be.

Thoughts: I really, really don’t get Mel’s appeal. How has he been married twice, not to mention landed at least two mistresses? Now, Jack’s appeal, I get. He’s a bit of a silver fox.

If Andrea really wants to ungeekify herself, she needs to stop doing her hair like she’s a 40-something soccer mom.

Brandon doesn’t seem to be keeping his betting a secret, so why haven’t Jim and Cindy stepped in to say something about it? And why is Nat enabling him?

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