April 24, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.6, High Anxiety: In Vino Veritas

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Drunk Dawson is fun. Well, except for the blaming-Joey-for-Mitch's-death part

Summary: Dawson sees his doctor in Capeside, telling him about his recent anxiety attacks. They’re obviously tied to Mitch’s death. The doctor refers him to a psychiatrist in Boston, as apparently there are no psychiatrists closer to Capeside. At Worthington, Audrey cleans up her and Joey’s room in preparation from a visit from her mother. She’s really not looking forward to it. Joey’s surprised to hear that Audrey’s mom has ruined her self-esteem and hit on her boyfriends.

On Pacey’s boat, Jen tells Pacey about catching Charlie making out with another girl outside his room. She finds a necklace that most likely belongs to Danny’s mistress. Pacey thinks Jen should discuss this with Jack, but he’s too busy hanging out with his new frat brothers. He tells Jen that she can either get mad or she can get even. Back in Capeside, Dawson walks around the house and…stares at stuff. (Seriously, that scene had no point.)

Even though it’s his day off, Pacey swings by the restaurant for chowder and some flirting with Karen. He also returns the necklace to Danny, who’s still pretending he was there with his wife. He asks to use it again that night, but Pacey turns him down, claiming he’s throwing a party. Karen overhears and tells all of their co-workers. Dawson calls Joey and tells her he might be in Boston that weekend. They make awkward conversation about nothing.

Dawson goes to meet with the psychiatrist but gets annoyed having to wait so long and leaves. Audrey’s mother arrives at Worthington and immediately starts harping on Audrey about her weight. She asks if she looks more like Audrey’s mother or her sister. Audrey asks for someone to kill her. Mrs. Liddell invites Joey to have dinner with them, but before she can answer, Audrey pulls her into the bathroom and begs her to come.

Dawson heads over to Grams’ house, having not told anyone that he was going to be in town or that he wants to spend the night there. Jen’s dressed up but won’t tell Dawson or Jack where she’s going. Jack invites Dawson to come to the frat house with him, which Dawson thinks sounds like fun. Jen goes to Charlie’s dorm for a surprise sex romp, which he doesn’t want right then. She pretends she left a sweater in the closet, but he won’t let her open it. Of course, there’s a girl inside, and she claims to be Charlie’s girlfriend.

At the Sigma house, there’s some sort of drinking relay, and Dawson finds himself having a good time. Not having a good time: Joey or Audrey, since Mrs. Liddell is really, really annoying and criticizes everything Audrey says and does. Joey slips off to call Dawson, but when he sees who’s calling, he doesn’t answer his phone. Charlie points out to his two girlfriends that they never made any commitments to each other. He met them both on the same night and things just happened. So how about a threeway?

Mrs. Liddell brings up Audrey’s childhood acting and the fact that she was a model herself. She was up for a Scorsese movie when she found out she was pregnant. Mrs. Liddell thinks Audrey was more talented than she was, but she wasn’t focused enough to stick to acting. She tells Joey that Audrey went to six schools in four years; every enrollment ended in scandal. She reveals that she had to give a large donation to Worthington so they would admit her.

Joey finally speaks up, telling Mrs. Liddell that whether she’s disappointed or jealous, Audrey doesn’t deserve her anger. She’s interested, well-rounded, and disciplined, as evidenced by the fact that she keeps putting up with her mother’s insults. Then she tells Audrey they’re leaving for a party. Jen and Charlie’s other girlfriend, Nora, agree to the threeway, making Charlie strip before they’ll do anything. Once he’s naked, they make him close his eyes, then shove him into the hallway and lock his door.

The girls congratulate each other on a successful plan, revealing that they also stole a signed CD, class notes, and Charlie’s favorite shirt. They admit that they’re mad at themselves for thinking they finally found a guy who’s both cute and honest. Jen invites Nora to Pacey’s party, but Nora feels like moping by herself. Already at the party, Audrey and Pacey hit it off. No one’s heard from Dawson, who shows up just then with Jack and some other Sigmas. Dawson’s definitely drunk.

Pacey chastises Jack for letting Dawson drink, but Jack is just happy that Dawson’s feeling better. Dawson and Audrey reunite, and then he remembers that he was supposed to call Joey. He calls her right there, leaving her a message while she stands there and listens. It starts out jokey, but then Dawson says that if Joey hadn’t left him a message, he probably would have gone back to L.A. instead of Capeside. In that case, Mitch might still be alive. All Joey can do is stare at him.

Pacey wakes Dawson up on the boat the next morning and gives him a disgusting hangover remedy. Dawson can’t quite remember what happened the previous night, but he knows it was bad. Pacey thinks Joey will forgive Dawson before he forgives himself. Mrs. Liddell hugs Audrey goodbye, saying that she criticizes Audrey out of love. Audrey calls her out for not apologizing. However, she knows Mrs. Liddell is the only mother she has, and she’s the only daughter her mother has. This leads Mrs. Liddell to apologize.

Once her mother is gone, Audrey thanks Joey for defending her and taking her to the party. Joey made her feel good about herself. Audrey wishes she could return the favor. Dawson goes back to Grams’, where Jen is a little mopey but not as down as he is. He admits that he’s lucky since he has some great friends. Karen shows up to work at the restaurant tired, having worked the night before without much notice. Pacey admires her necklace, which he finds very familiar.

Joey takes Dawson to the train station as he apologizes for what he said the night before. She forgives him easily. She points out a $2 movie theater and suggests going to it the next time he’s in town. Dawson doesn’t know when he’ll be up to seeing a movie again. He doesn’t know what to do with himself at all. Joey tells him he has every right to feel that way.

Dawson admits that he came to Boston to see a psychiatrist but didn’t keep the appointment. He’s not sure why he left. When he decided not to go back to L.A., all he could think about was kissing Joey. He kept looking forward to the day when they might be able to try again, and just when it seemed possible, Mitch died and Dawson was pulled out of his daydreams. Now he doesn’t know how to get back there. He’s scared that he never will. Joey kisses him, telling him he’ll find his way back. Until then, she’ll daydream for both of them.

Thoughts: Mrs. Liddell is played by Brenda Strong, who’s probably best known for playing Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives.

When Jen’s talking to Pacey about Charlie and says, “She was his sister?” I misheard it as “she was my sister” and thought someone had finally told her about Eve.

Do Joey and Audrey have their own bathroom? No dorm has rooms that huge plus private bathrooms. Well, okay, my college had some good-sized rooms with suite bathrooms, and I did spend a semester in a good-sized single with my own bathroom, but that bathroom was tiny. (Man, that semester was awesome, though.)

I’m surprised Joey didn’t give Audrey a speech about how she should just be glad she has a mother. Thank you, Joey, for being likable.

You know who Dawson should talk to about anxiety? Andie. Oh, wait, I forgot that Andie no longer exists.



  1. Cherie said,

    “No dorm has rooms that huge plus private bathrooms.” No dorm has rooms that huge FULL STOP. Well tbh, I can’t quite remember what Joey and Audrey’s dorm looked like (it’s been at least five or six years since I’ve even caught a second of the Creek), but TV’s depiction of dorm rooms is straight-up ridic. I’m picturing it as high ceilinged, with tons of natural light flowing through HUGE windows and lots of dark wood accents and a hardwood floor–am I wrong? I’ve also never heard of underclassmen (-persons?) having their own bathroom. WORTHINGTON MUST BE QUITE THE SCHOOL. No wonder Joey was so keen to go there.

    BTW (and I know I’ve said this before), I’m loving this blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Jenn said,

      There are a couple of schools known for having big rooms – I remember that parts of Scream 2 were filmed at one of them and the school was chosen because the rooms are so big. But most schools definitely have smaller rooms. They also have cinderblock walls.

      Buffy is another show with ridiculously big dorm rooms. Buffy and Willow could have split their room down the middle and still had a larger-than-normal single each.

      • Cherie said,

        Cinderblock walls, fluorescent lights, nubbly grey carpeting, and absolutely no room for anything but bed, desk and small closet/inadequate shelving seems to be the norm for most dorm rooms I’ve encountered. And it seems like, when you can see out of the massive, lovely windows of these TV dorm rooms, you’re looking out from a first or second floor, when it seems like many freshman/sophomore dorms have a billion floors and no one lives on the first couple.

        Also, it seems weird to me that TV would film in actual dorm rooms–wouldn’t it be cheaper to just build a soundstage or film in an existing structure like an apartment (or apartment set) or something (if you’re going to set up unrealistic expectations for dorm rooms anyway by filming these rare fancy ones anyway)?

        Oh my god, I’m sorry, I think I have thought about this WAAAAAYYY too much…….

  2. Deja Johnson said,

    It’s always nice to see Brenda Strong without a gun.

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