April 28, 2012

BH90210 3.20, Parental Guidance Recommended: Changes of Heart

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Reason #168 Brian Austin Green won't let Megan Fox watch this show

Summary: Brenda mopes over the outcome of her love triangle with Dylan and Kelly, imagining taking an axe to his surfboard. Meanwhile, the other two lovebirds are making out on Dylan’s couch. Iris is due in town that afternoon, and Kelly wonders if she’s really psychic. Iris gets in early and shows up at the house just as clothes are about to be removed.

Kelly runs off to freshen up so she doesn’t have to meet her boyfriend’s mother for the first time looking like she’s just rolled around on the couch with her son. Iris is surprised by how messy the house is, thinking Brenda wouldn’t put up with it. Dylan takes his time telling his mother that a) he and Brenda broke up and b) he’s with Kelly now. Iris gets distracted asking for Kelly’s sign.

At the Peach Pit, Steve has set up a demo for David, but Donna objects since David already barely has time for the radio station. David wants to cut Steve out of the deal, and Steve warns that the record label will eat him alive. David gives in, knowing that Curtis Bray, the guy he’ll be meeting with, is a “shark.”

Andrea tells Brandon that she was invited to a get-together in San Marino for students who will be going to Yale. She’s worried since she’s not rich like the other students. Brandon worries that she’s having second thoughts about going to Yale. Kelly shows up to tell Donna about meeting Iris, who Kelly wasn’t too impressed with. She’s also not thrilled that Iris loves Brenda.

Later that night, Brandon checks on Brenda, telling her everyone was asking about her, including Iris. Brenda’s surprised since Jim never mentioned her coming to town. She confides that when she agreed to let Dylan choose between her and Kelly, she didn’t think she would lose. The next morning, Brandon looks at CD systems for his car, not telling his parents where he’s getting the money.

Brenda complains that people either ignore her or ask how she is too often. She would have liked to know that Iris was coming to town. Jim says he was just trying to keep her out of Dylan’s situation. Now Brenda wants him to keep his business confidential. Iris meets with Jim to draft a letter outlining her position on the trust fund. She thinks Jack is conning Dylan, preying on him for the first time. Dylan’s just hearing what he wants to hear from his father.

At the Bel Age, Jack warns Dylan that Iris is going to say a lot of nasty things about him the next day. Dylan admits that he isn’t sure if Jack is trying to rip him off or not. He notes that Jack made the money in the first place and gave it to Iris, who gave it to Dylan. Now Dylan wants to give some of it back.

Jack’s glad the money’s in Dylan’s name; otherwise he would have lost it when he went to jail, or Iris would have spent it. He starts talking business, saying that because of the recession, they need to move quickly on deals. Then he encourages Dylan to spend time with Iris, thinking part of her does want to open the trust. Dylan just needs to see where she stands and Jack will do the rest.

The next morning, Dylan does exactly what Jack wanted, inviting Iris on a drive to Ojai. She’s impressed that he’s so mellow now, compared to how he was the last time she saw him. He credits Kelly and Jack’s release for the change. Dylan wants his parents to spend some time together, which Iris reluctantly agrees to.

Steve, David, and Donna go to Icon Records to see Bray, the label’s president, but have to wait for a meeting. Andrea attends the Yale mixer and immediately feels out of place. She’s surprised to run into Jordan, who thinks Yale wants to turn him into the next Clarence Thomas. They bond over being scholarship students and disliking the snobs around them.

Bray finally graces David and Steve with his presence, telling them he gave David’s tape to a producer named Serge Menkin. He already wants to produce David’s music. Steve is skeptical since Serge is known to have a drug problem. David doesn’t seem to care. Bray sends Steve off to get Donna some free CDs, then tells Bray to “lose the yutz.” If he doesn’t fire Steve, they don’t have a deal.

Andrea learns that Jordan’s getting a full ride to Yale; she has some aid but still has to pay part of her tuition. The two of them laugh over a snob who’s mistaken Andrea for a much richer Zuckerman. Kelly stops by the Walshes’ to tell her that they were friends before Dylan came between them, and he’s not worth it if they can’t be friends now. Then Brenda starts cutting her hair, because it’s another fantasy.

Iris and Jack reunite at the Bel Age and discuss Iris’ idea to start some sort of spiritual school in Hawaii. Jack notes that Dylan could give her the money for it. Iris thinks Dylan planned the whole day with her to butter her up for Jack. She doesn’t want Jack to have access to the money she saved for Dylan. Jack accuses her of trying to be controlling. Iris announces that she’s leaving and Dylan can do whatever he wants.

Brenda’s still moping, and she finally breaks down and admits to Jim that she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t put on a brave face anymore. Iris wonders why Dylan is on Jack’s side, and Dylan notes that he’s spent more time with his father now than he has his whole life. He knows what it’s like to have people turn their backs on him, and he doesn’t want to turn his back on Jack.

At school, Steve encourages David to accept Bray’s deal at Icon. David hesitantly tells him that the label wants to make some changes. Steve says that since David’s the one with the talent, he gets to call the shots. Donna and Kelly are surprised that David would consider firing Steve, but David knows this is his chance to make his dream come true. Kelly advises him to come clean quickly.

Andrea tells Brandon about the Yale mixer and running into Jordan. Just then, Jordan sends Andrea a fax (hee) just to say hi. She clearly likes him. Dylan tells Kelly that Iris is going back to Hawaii, and the trust won’t be opened until he’s 21. Kelly tries to talk to Brenda, but Brenda points out that Kelly has Dylan now – what more does she want?

Iris comes by the Walshes’, but Brandon is so obsessed with watching basketball that he can’t be bothered to visit with her. Iris has brought Brenda a crystal to give her strength. She doesn’t think her relationship with Dylan is over; this is just a bump in the road. Brenda says she’s already getting rid of Dylan’s things. Iris has her picture the happiest time they had together, pointing out that her memories are more important than any of Dylan’s things.

David meets with Steve at the Peach Pit to break the news that he’ll no longer be David’s manager. Steve points out that David wouldn’t have gotten this far without him. David thinks he’s making the right choice for himself. Steve notes that he’s done some pretty horrible things, but David’s actions take the cake.

Before heading back to Hawaii the next morning, Iris tells Dylan she’s going to see Jim and sign some papers: She’s going to let him open the trust. She considers this a compromise with her “opponent.” Speaking of opponents, Brenda says a cool but civil hello to Kelly at school, letting her crystal give her strength (or something).

Jim is surprised by Iris’ change of heart, but she knows she can’t keep driving Dylan away or holding onto her contempt for Jack. She just wants her son to be happy. Even if things go poorly, it doesn’t matter since money can’t buy happiness. Brenda decides to store Dylan’s things in the garage instead of getting rid of them. However, she asks Cindy to burn it if she ever goes out to moon over it.

Brandon’s gotten his new sound system, as well as some skis and a couple things for Brenda and Cindy. Brenda’s confused about where he’s getting the money. Jim shares his frustration over Iris’s decision with Cindy, saying he thinks of Dylan as kind of a son and wouldn’t be able to throw his own child to the wolves. He plays to draw out the process as long as possible.

At dinner with Kelly (who’s not eating), Jack congratulates Dylan on helping him get Iris to change her mind, saying he hasn’t been this happy in a while. Then he goes into the bedroom to have one of his patented intense phone conversations: He lied to Dylan to get the money, and the person on the other end of the phone needs to hold up his end of the bargain.

Thoughts: Steve briefly talks to an assistant (I guess) at Icon, and despite her looking completely different from how I’ve ever seen her, I immediately recognized her as Sharon Lawrence.

Kelly, when Brenda pulls out the axe: “Where’d she get that?” Dylan: “I don’t know, it’s not my fantasy.” I laughed way too hard at that.

Every time someone says David is talented, I die a little inside.

Speaking of David, just look at the picture above. He’s wearing purple jeans. Purple! Jeans! Such a thing should not exist!

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