May 6, 2012

BH90210 3.22, The Child Is the Father to the Man: Here a Dylan, There a Dylan, Everywhere a Dylan

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How is Real Dylan hotter than Other Dylan if they’re actually the same person?

Summary: Dylan has a black-and-white dream about Jack’s car exploding, then imagines another version of himself saying he’ll remember this for the rest of his life. David is supposed to have a meeting at Icon Records, but now he wants to skip it. Steve doesn’t care about his problems. The car bombing is all over the news, and Dylan’s friends don’t know what to say to him about it. Dylan tries to get in touch with his mother while another version of himself mocks him and tells him to take off for Baja.

Jim comes over to Dylan’s, where Kelly’s trying to take care of him. The Walshes – even Brenda – want Dylan to move back in with them for a while. They have to pass a bunch of reporters when they leave the house, but no one talks to them. Someone’s watching and berates someone else for screwing things up. Brenda admits to Brandon that she’s scared about having Dylan stay there, but it’s too late for her to change her mind.

Brandon finds Dylan in the Walshes’ backyard, which Dylan notes always looks the same. Brenda and Brandon talk to him about going to Jack’s funeral, but Dylan doesn’t see the point, since Jack will still be gone. Brenda tells her that he’s still around in spirit. She apologizes for taking so long to agree to let him move in. Kelly laments to Donna that she doesn’t really know how to help Dylan. Donna notes that Kelly’s never experienced this, so it’s not a surprise.

David gets a call from his producer, Serge, who still wants to meet with him at the same time as Jack’s funeral. Donna thinks he should skip the meeting. Kelly decides to pass on dinner, because she’s still not eating. Speaking of things people are still doing, Brandon remains obsessed with sports betting. That night, Other Dylan raids the Walshes’ liquor cabinet and convinces Real Dylan to have a drink.

The front page of the paper the next day features a picture of Dylan and bad stuff about Jack. The Walshes decide not to let Dylan see it. Kelly wants to skip the funeral, but Donna won’t let her. David’s meeting is after the funeral but during the reception. He’s on Kelly’s side, noting that it’ll be awkward for Kelly to go to Brenda’s. Donna asks Kelly and David what Dylan will think about them abandoning him. David doesn’t think Dylan cares about him (probably true), but Kelly is properly shamed.

Dylan gets ready for the funeral, barely keeping it together. He notices that Brenda has gotten rid of all of the things he gave her while they were dating. She says that he and Kelly hurt her, but it’s nothing compared to what Dylan’s going through now. Other Dylan makes an appearance at the church, asking Real Dylan how they know those are really Jack’s ashes in the urn. “Dad, where are you?” he asks. Real Dylan doesn’t respond.

The funeral begins, and the guy watching Dylan earlier is in attendance. So is Other Dylan, who asks if Real Dylan is going to tell everyone that Jack was a good guy who didn’t deserve to be killed. Real Dylan decides not to speak at all. After the service, Donna makes David wait around to say goodbye to Dylan as Kelly tells Christine that she’s skipping the reception. Brenda, however, lets Kelly know that she’s welcome.

Dylan’s watcher approaches and says he used to work for Terry Wilson, the captain of Jack’s yacht. He warns that Dylan’s going to get a phone call at the Walshes’. He needs to do what the callers tell him. David tells Dylan he has to skip the reception, and, as expected, Dylan doesn’t care. There are still a bunch of reporters outside the Walshes’, where Brandon and Steve try to distract Dylan with basketball. Brenda’s worried that Dylan’s a target and might already know it.

Kelly finally eats something, telling Donna she’s nervous about Brenda and Dylan living under the same roof. She doesn’t know what to say to Dylan, who’s ignoring her anyway. Other Dylan tempts Real Dylan with another drink. David has to wait for a studio to open up, and Serge and Curtis Bray don’t really care that he’s missing a funeral reception to sit around with them. Everyone hangs out by the Walshes’ basketball hoop as Other Dylan taunts Real Dylan that his friends aren’t his friends and Kelly will leave him soon enough.

Kelly tries to make small talk with Dylan, commenting that being at the Walshes’ is weird. He replies that his whole life is weird. She mentions the front-page article, apologizing for the things it said about Jack. David returns just as Other Dylan is about to get Real Dylan to take another drink. He thinks he’s closer to Dylan now than anyone because he was in the room when Scott died, and he understands how Dylan feels. He gets that Dylan can’t escape what’s in his head.

Dylan’s “Uncle Frank” calls, and Kelly overhears Dylan agreeing to a meeting. She’s frustrated and wants to leave, but Dylan can’t go with her. He gets Brandon to drive his car around the corner, away from the reporters, then let Dylan borrow it. Other Dylan thinks Real Dylan is an idiot for meeting with the people who killed Jack. Real Dylan finally tells him to shut up. The meeting occurs in a Mexican market, and Dylan’s contact is a federal agent. Oh, and Christine is there, because she’s also with the FBI.

The agents tell Dylan that Jack was cooperating with them, and asked them to tell Dylan he was on the right side if anything happened to him. Dylan summarizes that Jack was bait to lure a crime boss to his yacht. He’s rightfully angry that the agents weren’t able to stop someone from putting a bomb under Jack’s car. He asks to speak to Christine alone and asks if she was just playing along when Jack proposed. She admits that she did fall in love and was going to leave the FBI to be with Jack. Now they both have to move on.

Back in his car, Real Dylan tries to ignore Other Dylan, finally yelling that he’s going to get through this without a drink. When he looks back at Other Dylan, he’s turned into 13-year-old Dylan. Real Dylan heads back to the Walshes’, where a reporter asks what kind of man Jack was. Jim looks on as Dylan says that Jack is survived by his son, who loved him and will miss him. Apparently that’s good enough for the press.

Dylan tells Jim that he spent his time away from the house thinking about when he was younger and his father taught him to body-surf. Jim’s glad that Dylan got to hear Jack say how much he loved him. Later that night, Dylan calls Kelly just to hear her voice. He walks past all of the Walshes’ liquor, then sees his 13-year-old self crying and comforts him.

Thoughts: Dylan appears to sleep in jeans. So much for my hopes of seeing Luke Perry in pajama pants.

Ordinarily I would actually like Brandon’s mint-green shirt, but it’s not exactly right for a funeral.

Nice twist with Christine being a federal agent. Though her falling in love with Jack was a little contrived.


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