May 13, 2012

BH90210 3.23, Duke’s Bad Boy: You Bet Your Life

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What do you mean, that’s not what David’s song is about?

Summary: David’s late for school, so Donna complains about him on the radio. He’s been spending a lot of time out at Icon Records functions now that he’s signed with them. David doesn’t want Donna to hype him too much since he’s not sure Icon likes him that much yet. She just wants to show how proud she is. Donna asks to tag along to a recording session, promising to stay out of the way, like Yoko Ono.

Some guy named Jeff congratulates Brandon on his recent successes with sports betting, offering to help him with any action he wants. Brandon thinks Steve said something to the guy, but he didn’t. Brandon claims that once basketball season ends, he’ll be done gambling. Steve thinks he’ll continue into baseball season, then football season, “then turtle-racing.”

Brenda invites Kelly and Dylan over for dinner, and everything between the three of them is civil but super-awkward. Gil tries to help Andrea pick Blaze issues for some contest where she and Brandon could win a trip to D.C. Andrea doesn’t think they’ve published anything great this year, so the rest of their issues need to be great.

David works with Serge on a song David doesn’t particularly like. Serge asks Donna’s opinion, and she tries to push him to say he likes it. After Serge leaves the room, Donna questions why David’s going for something commercial over something he actually wants to do. Duke goes to the Peach Pit to remind Brandon that he owes some money. Brandon asks for a few days to get it, and Duke grants them while making sure that Brandon knows he’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t come through.

Brenda and Cindy tell Dylan he’s welcome at the Walshes’ whenever he wants to come over. Kelly mentions that she’s on a diet since she’s been eating a lot of junk food recently. Brandon comes home, ignores his friends, and is short with his mother. Kelly says she needs to get home early, but she really just wants to spend time alone with Dylan. Dylan, however, isn’t in the mood.

When Jim gets home, Cindy tells him that Brandon seems distracted. Jim checks on him and finds him looking through baseball cards to sell. He doesn’t get why Brandon is suddenly looking to make money when he’s been able to afford nice things lately. Jim knows Brandon has been gambling and warns that it isn’t worth it since the house always wins. Brandon says it’s no big deal, and of course he’s not in any trouble and doesn’t have a problem.

At school the next morning, Donna asks Steve to help David with his problems with Serge. She says David didn’t want to cut Steve out, but Icon made him. He also isn’t actually cutting Steve out from anything since he hasn’t made any money. Donna convinces him to come to the studio and see what’s going on. Jeff takes some bets from athletes, then tells Brandon how his operation works. Brandon wants to bet on the Celtics for what’s apparently a large amount of money.

Brenda runs into Kelly in the bathroom and tries to make nice small talk, but Kelly jumps on her for being so welcoming to Dylan. Brenda points out that Dylan’s going through a tough time and can use as many friends as he can get. After Brenda leaves, Andrea comes out of a stall and points out to Kelly that there’s no competition anymore. Kelly admits that she feels like she can’t talk to him anymore. Andrea advises her to back off a little. Dylan winds up leaving for the day early.

Andrea wants to do a profile of Dylan for the Blaze, thinking that he’ll feel better if he talks about Jack’s death. Brandon accuses him of trying to use her friend’s pain to her advantage. Gil’s on Andrea’s side, but Brandon thinks she’s crazy. He notes that Dylan can’t even get through a school day right now. Andrea ignores Brandon and calls Dylan to offer to keep him company. He agrees to let her come over after school.

Donna and Steve hang out in the recording studio while David records Serge’s stupid, stupid song, “Precious.” Steve wonders what happened to the hip-hop David was supposed to be doing. He asks Serge why they’re doing a song that isn’t one of David’s best. The two men bicker and Serge kicks Steve out, which disappoints David. Brandon listens to the Celtics game on the radio at the Peach Pit, promising Nat that if he loses the bet, he’s done. Nat’s concerned about what will happen if he doesn’t lose.

At Dylan’s, he and Andrea get to talking about Jack. Dylan thought Jack was a hypocrite for wanting his son to be the man he never was. Dylan ultimately realized that that’s just how Jack was, but by the time he accepted that, Jack was dead. Andrea notes that he doesn’t have to change the terms now. She then asks if Dylan is willing to be the subject of a profile she wants to write. Dylan says no, preferring to keep their friendship just that.

The Celtics win, so now Brandon’s happy, but he still claims he’s done betting. He reveals to Steve that the bet he placed with Jeff was for $1,500. Steve notes that Jeff is going to have to come up with that money despite only taking double-digit bets from high schoolers. Brandon might not get his money after all.

The next day, Jeff promises to bring Brandon the money at the Peach Pit that afternoon. Andrea apologizes to Dylan for making things awkward, but now he thinks that telling his story will help. He just wants to write it himself. He may not wind up wanting it published, but he’d like Andrea to help him with it. Kelly complains to Donna about gaining two pounds, then takes a diet pill.

At Dylan’s, he and Andrea talk about writing and literature. She thinks he should stop fighting the way Jack always wanted him to be and do what he wants. This apparently includes taking AP English, despite the fact that there are only three months left in the year. Brandon takes Jeff out behind the Peach Pit to get his money, but Jeff doesn’t have it. He needs until the weekend. Brandon gets aggressive and demands the money within 24 hours. Steve has to pull him off of Jeff.

David’s song is still stupid (“you’re so precious to me. Am I precious to you?”). Serge is sure that Bray will love it, though isn’t sure. Steve learns of all of Brandon’s debts and advises him to go to Jim for help. Brandon acknowledges that he’s out of control and could have really hurt Jeff if Steve hadn’t shown up. He asks Steve to ask Samantha for money, which Steve refuses to do. The guys aren’t sure if Duke will really hurt Brandon over just $1,500.

At school, Jeff gives Brandon $200 and tells him to keep his distance. Andrea asks Gil to let Dylan into AP English so he can turn his life around. Gil agrees to talk to Ms. Teasley about it, but Dylan has to actually come to class, do the work, and think. Nat calls Brandon at home to warn him that Duke’s waiting for him at the Peach Pit. Brandon asks him not to tell Duke where he lives. Nat says Duke already knows.

David and Serge play the stupid, stupid song for Bray. David lies that it’s the best work he’s ever done and he loves how the song turned out. Bray says he’s always been able to spot talent, but sometimes he makes a bad pick. Like this time. He doesn’t like the song, and Serge now says that he doesn’t either. He blames David for bringing him bad material. David says he wanted to do hip-hop, but Serge says David never said anything. Bray tells him he won’t be signing with Icon.

Kelly bugs Dylan while he’s trying to write, getting annoyed when he won’t let her read what he’s already written. She decides to ditch him. Brandon meets Duke at the Peach Pit and gives him a third of the money he owes. Duke makes it clear that he’s only going to keep going easy on Brandon because he’s friends with Nat. Fortunately, Nat has paid the rest of Brandon’s debt, so he’s at least not going to get his legs broken. Nat threatens to call Jim if Brandon ever places another bet.

David meets Steve, Kelly, and Donna at the Peach Pit and breaks the news that he’s done with Icon. Steve thinks that’s better than David having to put his name on something he hates. He’s also willing to work with David again. Steve orders food for everyone, but Kelly just wants coffee. Donna’s concerned that she’s overdoing things with her diet. Kelly ignores her and goes to the bathroom to take more diet pills because she has A Problem.

Thoughts: Ug, Gil again? Go away, Gil.

So Dylan and Andrea are friends all of a sudden? I guess that’s like how Dylan and David are friends.

David’s song makes me want to stick forks in my ears. No one in the history of music would ever think making that song is a good idea.

Brandon is the living embodiment of the parable of the unmerciful servant.

Hey, do you guys think Kelly might have an eating disorder? It’s hard to tell. And also, I’ve never watched TV before, and I’ve never read a book, or lived in the world, or been alive for more than five minutes.


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