May 17, 2012

BSC #100, Kristy’s Worst Idea: Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to the BSC

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The real bad ideas here are everyone’s clothes

Summary: School is back in session (eighth grade again! Woo!), and the girls are so busy with non-club activities that it’s hard for them to keep up with meetings. Kristy is not pleased. She tries to organize a big fall celebration including activities like maple sugaring (huh?) and apple picking, but no one else is interested. Plus, Jessi wants to take a ballet class and Mallory wants to join a writing group at the same time as club meetings. There’s also a stupid Mary Anne/Claudia fight.

Then Jackie Rodowsky falls out of a tree and hurts his ankle while Kristy’s sitting for him. She blames herself for his injury and starts doubting herself as a sitter. Add that to the other girls having trouble getting to all the meetings and everyone wanting time to do things other than sit, and it all equals Kristy deciding that the club should disband. The girls will keep sitting, but they won’t have meetings anymore.

Kristy surprises herself by being a little relieved at first. She has lots of free time now, and she gets to avoid sitting, which she still isn’t comfortable with. The other girls have a harder time: Mallory and Abby have no other friends, Claudia’s overrun by phone calls from parents who don’t know the girls’ home numbers, and Stacey can’t buy clothes because she’s not making any money. Also, their sitting charges think the girls hate them, and the parents can’t live without the BSC. (They start hiring other girls in Stoneybrook, including Cokie, but of course, non-BSC sitters aren’t as good as the BSC girls.)

Jackie tries to fix everything by riding his bike to Kristy’s house, but he falls off and winds up in the hospital. All the girls rush over to check on him, and he begs them to work things out. Kristy gets everyone together and suggests that the club start meeting again. Stacey is the only one who isn’t sure; she’s afraid they’ll backslide again. Kristy suggests a month-long trial period to see how things go. But there are still dozens of books left in the series, so obviously it works out okay.

Thoughts: Why would Kristy buy Mallory clip-on earrings when she has pierced ears?

Mr. Papadakis is so upset about the club splitting up that he offers them a retainer to get back together. Dude, take it! Free money!

“If a cologne were based on Cokie, it would be called Obnoxious.” Snerk. She would probably take it as a compliment, though. You just know one of Cokie’s life goals is to have her own perfume.

Jackie’s mom is all, “Oh, he’s okay, it’s just a concussion.” Um, they have to DRAIN FLUID FROM HIS SKULL. That’s not “okay.”

Claudia: “The last time Mr. Hobard called, I made him help me with my math homework.” For some reason, that cracked me up. That, and her telling Janine that her homework is covered in ink blots because she was stabbing it with her pen.


  1. jhp said,

    Kristy is such a tomboy, perhaps it only occurs to her to buy clip-ons? E.g. that’s what her mom makes her buy for special occasions or whatever? But good question. And my dim brain perhaps remembers Mallory making a sooooper big deal about getting her ears peirced? If so, this is even more insensitive of Kristy.

  2. Alison said,

    I hope the BSC called Social Services about the Rodowskys. Accident-prone? Sounds to me more like Jackie had a death wish.

  3. bscag said,

    Kristy and Mary Anne DID buy Mallory (and Jessi and the others) pierced earrings back in Mallory and the Trouble with Twins, so she should know that Mallory has pierced ears. Maybe it’s a typo and the clip ons were meant for Mary Anne.

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