May 19, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.10, Appetite for Destruction: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I Got Awkwardness in My Tummy

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If there were an Emmy for not making eye contact, we would have a six-way tie

Summary: Pacey, Joey, Jack, and Audrey are at Grams’ house, and Pacey’s cooking dinner for everyone. Jen and Dawson are supposed to be there but are late coming back from New Hampshire. Jen isn’t sure what she’s going to say to Grams, so Dawson suggests that they say nothing. She’s down for sneaking around and not telling anyone what happened between them. Dawson prefers to think of it as enjoying themselves. This lasts for five seconds before the others catch them kissing.

Dinner is awkward, and not just because Pacey’s risotto didn’t turn out right. Audrey throws risotto on her shirt and drags Joey out to help her clean it off. Joey says she’s fine with Jen and Dawson kissing, though Audrey points out it wasn’t exactly casual. She’s sure the two of them had sex. Joey sticks to her claim that she doesn’t care. Jen interrupts by taking Audrey away to get a new shirt.

In the dining room, and Pacey asks Dawson for details. He notes that Dawson seems really concerned with Joey’s reaction to the kissing. Jack adds that he wouldn’t care that much unless something more than kissing happened. Dawson leaves Jack and Pacey alone in the dining room, where they agree that sex was had. Pacey can’t believe it happened before they were able to have “the talk” with Dawson. They admit that they both almost slept with Jen.

In the kitchen, Joey tells Dawson she’s fine, though it was weird to see him kiss someone else. She thinks it makes sense that he and Jen would get back together. Dawson says he didn’t think of it that way. Joey is either in denial or can’t pick up on clues because she still thinks Dawson and Jen only kissed. When she realizes there was more, she tells Dawson they’re not going to “make this into a thing.”

No one’s that enthusiastic about Pacey’s next course, but he’s determined to continue the meal. Everyone leaves Jen and Dawson alone at the table to discuss Joey’s reaction. Dawson doesn’t want to worry about anyone else’s feelings on the matter. Jack tells Pacey, Joey, and Audrey that he doesn’t think Jen and Dawson being together is a good idea. Audrey just wants to meet Grams. Joey tries to rush dinner along, so Pacey agrees to serve the chicken early.

Jen and Joey wind up in the dining room alone, and Jen says she didn’t plan for things to happen the way they did. Dawson’s always been between the two of them, and the girls were finally starting to get along, so Jen hopes this doesn’t ruin their friendship. Joey doesn’t get why everyone thinks she’s going to freak out. She thinks Jen is giving Dawson what he needs right now. (Not like that. Probably.)

During the second course, Jack asks Dawson about the non-sex part of the film festival. He mentions possibly going to school in Boston, and Jack invites him to stay at Grams’, which cracks Pacey up. Audrey throws more food on herself to get Joey out of the room again. Joey complains that everyone’s treating her like she’s breakable. She admits that she has no reaction to the situation. She wants to be understanding, and she doesn’t think she has the right to say anything about who Dawson’s with.

Charlie suddenly shows up, and the others start the salad course without Jen while she talks to him. Dawson decides to go check on them. Pacey warns him not to be “that guy” and be jealous before the relationship has even really started. Outside, Charlie gives Jen something she left in his room and tells her he and Nora aren’t together. He can tell that Jen’s with Dawson now, and she tells him she has a history of picking the wrong guy but thinks she made the right choice this time.

Back at the table, Jen clarifies that Charlie was just returning a shirt. Joey sees her and Dawson’s closeness and finally realizes she’s not actually okay with it. Dawson follows her into the kitchen while Jack pulls Jen aside to put on some music and ask how she and Dawson wound up together. He thinks she’s rebounding from Charlie and that Dawson’s in a bad place because of Mitch’s death. Jen says that they’re just trying to figure out what’s going on between them; she doesn’t need an intervention.

Jen continues that she doesn’t know why Jack thinks he has the right to say anything. He hasn’t been a very good friend to her recently. She adds that he ditched Tobey for his frat brothers. Jack notes that Jen has already made up her mind about him, so there’s no point in discussing it. Jen says he doesn’t know her well if he thinks she could hurt Dawson. Jack counters that she doesn’t know him very well if she thinks he’s just a “two-dimensional, beer-guzzling frat boy.” She laments that they’re not as close as they used to be.

Pacey asks Audrey if the food is really that bad. She gives him credit for keeping everything together in the midst of all the drama. They toast to “not hating each other.” In the kitchen, Dawson tells Joey that she doesn’t have to keep pretending she’s fine. She asks if he misses being around her; of course he does. Joey can only think about the distance between the two of them, and she worries that Dawson can’t forgive her for making things change. She wonders how she went from being a possibility to nothing. Dawson assures her that she’s not nothing.

Joey doesn’t necessarily want to be a possibility, but she wants Dawson to tell her things. He says that after Mitch died, the path he was on seemed to make less and less sense. In New Hampshire, he felt like he was starting over. Joey wonders if things would have been different if she’d gone with him instead of Jen. Dawson doesn’t know, but he felt like himself when he was out of town. Joey thinks he means that he can’t be himself around her. Dawson admits that it hurts to be around her because of all the memories it brings up.

Everyone goes back to the table for dessert, which is much better than the previous courses. Pacey promises that things will be better next time he cooks for everyone. Joey isn’t sure they should continue having dinner together. “How did we get here?” she wonders, noting that despite their best efforts, everyone’s drifted. Pacey thinks they haven’t been trying their hardest. Jen agrees that weekly dinners would be helpful. Dawson, however, notes that they aren’t in high school anymore.

Audrey thinks they’re all lucky to still be friends. Jen and Joey agree, and Joey says it’s too much to expect them all to be the same people they were when they first met. Jack notes that there has to be something keeping them all together. Grams arrives, and Audrey’s really excited, saying she’s even cooler than expected. Grams is happy to see everyone together. She asks for details on Jen and Dawson’s weekend, then tells him he can spend the night.

Joey, Audrey, and Jack head out, and while they’re cleaning up, Jen asks Pacey for his input. He tells her he’s not going to pass judgment. He just wants everyone to do what makes them happy. She tells him she and Dawson will clean up, so Pacey leaves. He catches up with the others, and Pacey winds up walking Joey home while Jack and Audrey go out to a bar.

Joey praises Pacey for starting his life over; she feels like she’s acting the way she thinks she’s supposed to. Everything she used to want has shifted. Pacey tells her she’s stronger than he’s ever seen her. Joey admits that she expected Dawson to change, and even wanted it. Part of her was relieved when Jen started taking care of him. But now she feels like she’s lost her place. Pacey thinks things happen for a reason and everything will work out.

Jen takes Dawson up to his attic room and admits to being scared of things in basements, in closets, and under beds. She asks if he wants to talk about what happened that night, but he doesn’t. He feels some catharsis from dealing with reality. Jen asks if they can just be boring. (Too late.) She thinks the attic room has possibilities, but they’ll talk about them tomorrow.

Thoughts: I thought Grams’ house was gigantic, which made no sense since she wanted to downsize, but it turns out it’s just a really nice townhouse.

The Pacey/Jack scene in the dining room is perfect. Actually, all the funny scenes in the episode work, but theirs is the best.

“Everyone’s treating me like a delicate little flower.” Well, Joey, it’s because that’s what you are.

Jack and Jen just need to play Celebrity and get their homojo back.


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