May 21, 2012

BH90210 3.24, Perfectly Perfect: If Kelly Isn’t Going to Eat Her Birthday Cake, Can I Have It?

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“If you’d died, I would have waited at least a week before I tried to get Dylan back. Okay, five days”

Summary: Kelly’s working out at home, because the show really wants us to get that she thinks she needs to lose weight. She’s also mad that David ate the banana she wanted for breakfast. Jackie thinks she’s just being immature for the last time before she turns 18. She suggests a small birthday dinner with the three of them, Donna, and Dylan, though there’s actually a big surprise party planned for that night. Donna can’t have it at her house, so Jackie tells David to find a location.

Andrea asks Dylan how his article about Jack is going. He’s having an easier time than he thought he would. Donna tells them the surprise party has no location, which Dylan is fine with, since he hates surprise parties. They decide it’s probably not a good idea to have it at the Walshes’. Speaking of the Walshes, Steve wants Brandon to go on a dating game show called Love at First Sight. Brenda notes that it could be Brandon’s last chance this year to get a date. He asks her the last time she had a date, which is pretty mean considering she got dumped not that long ago.

Donna asks Brenda if they can have the party at her house. Brenda will be attending, but she doesn’t want to provide the venue. That leave the Peach Pit, which, let’s be honest, we all knew they would end up anyway. Kelly asks Dylan if he’s noticed anyone acting strangely lately. He pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He sees that she’s still taking diet pills and encourages her to eat something instead. Kelly says he’s turning into Jackie.

Steve bugs Brandon about the show again, getting support from Andrea that Brandon should give it a try. Steve promises that the taping will be over before Kelly’s party. Brandon doesn’t think they should do the show together. Steve thinks it’s because Brandon thinks he’ll lose girls to Steve. He notes that it’s a game show, so they’re supposed to compete. Brandon doesn’t want to fight with Steve over another girl, after their classes over the twins, Brooke, and Nikki. Steve promises he’ll have a good time and even fall in love.

Kelly complains to Steve that David, Donna, and Andrea are hanging out and talking about her. She knows Steve knows what’s going on and gets him to tell her about the surprise party. She’s upset since she said she didn’t want anyone to make a big deal over her birthday. Steve doesn’t get why she’s acting so unlike herself. Kelly confirms that he’ll be at her party, saying he’s the only person she can trust right now. At home, Kelly binge eats and acts like a brat to the real estate agent and some potential buyers.

Brandon and Steve head to a TV studio for the game-show taping. During a practice round, Steve is asked how far he likes to go on the first date. He laughs and asks if he can say the answer on TV. Basically, Steve is perfect for the lame show, but Brandon thinks it’s dumb. He heads off to find a bathroom and runs into another contestant, Celeste Lundy. They hit it off, but when Steve meets her, he thinks he’s already in love.

Jackie confronts Kelly over her behavior and attitude. Kelly says her life is a mess and no one understands. Jackie knows she’s upset about the divorce and the move, but she’s turning 18, so she needs to learn to cope. She promises that things will get better. Kelly just takes another diet pill. Steve, Brandon, and Celeste are all chosen for the first show, which anyone could see coming from a mile away.

Brenda talks to Cindy about Kelly’s party and how Donna wanted to have it at their house. She mentions a friend from Minnesota, Darla, and how their friendship has fallen off now that they’re in California. She’s realized how much she misses her old friends. Dylan shows up to get Kelly for the party, but she’s having a minor freak-out and says she’s not going. Meanwhile, Brenda goes to the Peach Pit early to help David and Donna decorate.

On the game show, Steve flirts with Celeste, while Brandon makes it clear that he thinks she’s the prettiest of the three female contestants. During a break, Steve blasts Brandon for hitting on Celeste. Jackie calms Kelly down enough to convince her to go to the party, though she’s not happy. The game-show contestants write down the person they want to go out with, and matches get to go on a date. Steve and Brandon both choose Celeste, who picks Steve. The host encourages them to kiss, which Brandon just loves.

Steve and Celeste are supposed to go on their date immediately, despite Steve’s protests. Since they signed releases and the contestant coordinator needs them to go out so he can keep his job, Steve has to skip Kelly’s party. In the car on the way to the Peach Pit, Kelly tells Dylan she isn’t feeling well, which he attributes to her diet pills. She also lets it slip that she knows they’re going to her surprise party.

Brandon gets to the party just before the surprise part, which goes as planned (and no one seems to guess that Kelly knew what was happening). Brandon tells Kelly that Steve can’t come since he’s on his date. Steve isn’t happy, though, until Celeste tells him they can go to the party after their date. At the Peach Pit, Tony Miller tells Brenda he’s been wanting to ask her to dance for two years. Speaking of love matches, Jordan’s there with Andrea.

In the bathroom, Kelly’s clearly feeling worse but tells some random friend that she’s okay. Her vision gets blurry and she starts breathing harder. Brenda goes in to get her for the cake and finds her unconscious. Later, Steve and Celeste arrive, though she doesn’t want to intrude on his time with his friends. They obviously had a good time on their date and will be having another one soon. Steve goes inside, but the restaurant is empty.

Everyone’s at the hospital, discussing the possibility that Kelly has an eating disorder. David reports that Kelly will be fine, and everyone but Dylan and Brenda leaves to get coffee. Brenda wonders if she should stay at all, since she and Kelly aren’t really friends anymore, but Dylan thinks Kelly will want to see her. Kelly’s doctor tells Jackie that the diet pills are safe when taken correctly, but she’s been taking too many and not eating enough. He wants Kelly to eat right and join a support group, since she’s on her way to trouble. Kelly claims she doesn’t have a problem.

Steve arrives at the hospital as the rest of the group goes in to see Kelly. Brenda asks for some time alone with Kelly so she can ask if Kelly was trying to punish herself. Kelly says she just took diet pills; she wasn’t trying to kill herself. Brenda makes it clear that she loves her even if she doesn’t always show it. Dylan thanks Brenda, then goes in to see Kelly, who thanks him for staying.

Thoughts: Celeste is played by Jennifer Grant, daughter of Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon.

If David and the Taylors are supposedly moving so soon, shouldn’t they have started packing?

I think the announcer on the game show is Don Pardo. Did he lose a bet or something?

Way to make Kelly’s problems all about you, Brenda. What makes you think it has anything to do with you? Why would it?


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