May 26, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.11, Something Wild: Where the Lame Things Are

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Joey’s sweater looks super comfy

Summary: Joey’s home in Capeside for winter break, waiting impatiently for her grades to come in. Bessie can tell that something’s bothering her, but Joey doesn’t want to talk about it. (Hint: It’s Jen and Dawson’s relationship.) Bessie encourages her to do “something wild.” Hey, just like the episode title! Pacey shows up, saying he’s in town to pick something up, and Joey pretends she’s having a very relaxing vacation. But when he offers her a ride back to Boston, she jumps on it.

As the two of them leave Capeside for Boston, Dawson and Jen make the opposite journey, on their way to visit Gail. He notes that this is the first time he’s brought a girl home, and she replies that it’s the first time she’s been brought home. Usually guys take her to a hotel, which she and Dawson have already covered.

Joey tells Pacey that she thinks it make sense for Dawson and Jen to be together. Not that she thinks about them a lot or anything. Pacey tells her there’s an opening for a waitress at the restaurant, and he thinks Danny would love her. Joey doesn’t think Mrs. Valentine would give her a good recommendation. Pacey asks if her grades have come in, and Joey pretends she doesn’t care about them. He doesn’t believe she’s changed as much as she leads on.

Dawson and Jen arrive in Capeside, and she’s really nervous about interacting with Gail as Dawson’s girlfriend instead of just his friend. It’s no less awkward when Gail notices that Jen’s shirt is inside out. Pacey drops Joey off at her dorm, where she plans to enjoy being alone for a few days, but Audrey is also back from break early. She fought with her parents about money and lost her job giving campus tours, so now she needs a place to work. Joey can think of one.

Audrey thinks she’s perfect to wait tables at Pacey’s restaurant, since it’s all fancy and she has a great personality. Danny finds her amusing. Pacey and Audrey flirt, and Danny even thinks they’re dating. He hires Audrey immediately since he loves the way she talks to Pacey and puts him in his place.

Jen and Gail make awkward small talk, and Dawson gets all man-of-the-house about Lily and a leak at the restaurant. He leaves to meet the plumber and Jen confirms for Gail that she and Dawson are dating, which apparently she didn’t know. At Worthington, Joey looks up her grades, all of which are good and all of which are posted except for the one for Professor Wilder’s class. He comes along to post his, and of course Joey got an A. She hugs Wilder, who tells her she deserved it.

Joey and Audrey go out and party, and Joey tells Audrey about the hug, joking that it led to sex. Audrey wants them both to celebrate by kissing boys. She grabs someone random to make out with Joey, who isn’t interested. At the restaurant, Danny tells Pacey that he’s learned enough to earn a promotion and raise.

Audrey spots another cute guy for Joey, but it’s Charlie. He starts eye-flirting with Joey, who tries to ignore him. Pacey joins the girls at the club, and he and Joey watch Audrey sing with the band. Jen helps Gail put up a baby gate as they talk about Dawson. Jen wonders if he’s holding back from moving forward with his life. She and Gail both want Dawson to be happy. Jen brings up the idea of Dawson moving into Grams’ attic and attending film school in Boston. Gail’s on board and tells Jen to push him to do it.

The random guy from earlier, Tom, tries to chat with Joey, who blows him off. Charlie approaches next and doesn’t appear to know that Joey’s friends with Jen. She lets him flirt and asks why he’s interested in her. He says he likes the way she tucks her hair behind her ear and how she listened when the band played. He adds that he’s not like the other guys there (the same thing he said to Jen) and has never done this before. Joey lets him know that she’s on to him.

Dawson returns from the restaurant wanting sex, which is totally appropriate in your mother’s house. Jen says she and Gail talked about Dawson moving to Boston, living in the attic, and studying at film school. Dawson doesn’t think it’s the right time, though Jen and Gail do. Jen tells him he doesn’t have to be the man of the house. He doesn’t think she’s qualified to give advice about his mother when she doesn’t even talk about her own. Jen decides not to talk to him either.

Pacey and Audrey play pool as Pacey teases Joey about how he knows she ran to check her grades as soon as she got back to school. He knows she’s capable of letting loose; she just doesn’t let herself. He reminds her that she once got on stage and sang at a beauty pageant. Basically, Pacey wants Joey to prove that Jen and Dawson’s relationship really doesn’t bother her.

Pacey gives Joey money for drinks, but Charlie already has one for Joey. He wants a second chance – not with Jen, with Joey. She blasts Charlie for being a jerk, though he says his compliments toward her were all true. At least he’s not afraid to take a chance. Joey doesn’t want to talk about her own past risk-taking (or lack thereof).

Gail joins a mopey Dawson by the water and tells him he needs to start thinking about himself. Otherwise he’ll never be in a relationship or have the life he needs to have. She’s liked having him around, but it’s not fair to him. He needs to go to Boston and be with Jen. Gail’s proud of Dawson and knows Mitch would be, too.

Audrey and Pacey go looking for Joey, who’s on stage with the band, singing “I Want You to Want Me.” Apparently this passes for “something wild.” For some reason, everyone finds this really impressive. Charlie meets Joey backstage and she kisses him, then runs back out for some more applause.

Back in Capeside, Dawson begins to apologize to Jen, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary. She admits that she doesn’t have any idea what he’s going through, so she can’t pretend she does. He tells her he’s moving into the attic. Jen notes that it’s weird how things work out – they used to live next door to each other, but they didn’t get together until they moved away.

Audrey and Pacey lose Joey again, but Audrey spots her waiting around the stage for Charlie. She tells Pacey that Joey left early to study (despite not having any classes). Charlie offers Joey a ride home on his motorcycle. Dawson and Jen hang out naked in the living room and talk about how they don’t know where their relationship is going, but they’re interested to see.

Pacey drives Audrey back to her dorm, and she tells him she’d rather hang out with him than a hot guy she’d like to date. He calls her bluff about only being back from break for a day, guessing that she never went home. Audrey confirms that she and her parents did fight about money, but it was a bigger argument than she let on. She doesn’t want Joey to know, so Pacey promises to keep quiet.

Pacey admits that the car he’s been driving came from Capeside’s impound lot, and his father gave it to him, telling Pacey he’s proud of him. He’s just not sure how long that will last. Audrey promises to keep his secret. She kisses his cheek, saying it’s just because she and Joey made a pact to kiss guys that night.

Charlie follows Joey on his motorcycle as she walks home, bugging her to take a ride. He thinks a part of her is dying to take him up on the offer. Joey admits that she might have another side who wants to be wild every once in a while. However, if Charlie mentions that side of her or what she did tonight, Joey will deny it.

Thoughts: Hi, Bessie! ‘Bye, Bessie!

Who hires a waitress with no experience and no references? Oh, right – the kind of guy who uses an employee’s boat to cheat on his wife with another employee.

Lily was born in April and takes her first steps in January? No. Not likely.

Dawson and Jen have been dating for, like, a month, right? Yeah, they should totally live in the same house. Which her grandmother also lives in. That won’t be awkward at all.

If singing with a band is wild, then I’m an animal.

Jen appears to have Dick and Jane pajamas. Are those supposed to be sexy?

Freaking A, who has sex and lies around naked in his mother’s living room? Especially when he has a bedroom?

I still like Joey and Pacey as a couple, but Pacey and Audrey are pretty cute together.


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  1. Ashley said,

    Omg can someone explain to me why Dawson and Jen have sex in the floor of the living room of his mother’s house whole she is her there?!?!

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