May 27, 2012

BH90210 3.25, Senior Poll: This Used to Be My Playground

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These aren’t the 1993 Laker Girls, but Paula Abdul’s in this picture, which is even better

Summary: Kelly attends a support group for people with eating disorders, then begs Jackie not to make her go back. Jackie thinks her friends are giving her a hard time about the group. Kelly says no, but that’s because David’s the only one who knows. Jackie notes that Dylan would understand since he’s in AA. Kelly insists that she’s not as bad off as the other girls in the group. Jackie gives in, saying she can leave the group as long as she keeps eating.

At school, David tells everyone to vote in the senior poll. Brandon thinks Brenda will get recognition for all of the activities she’s organized. She disagrees, thinking the winners will be people who’ve lived in Beverly Hills their whole lives. She gets him to admit that he voted for himself in the poll. Steve tells Brandon that he tried to organize a double date with Celeste and another girl, but she can’t go. The guys will be going to a Lakers game alone, though Brandon’s hesitant because of his recently sports-gambling problem.

Steve overhears Ms. Teasley talking about West Beverly not having the money to be able to put on a summer camp for the kids from the Christmas party. He decides this isn’t the best time to ask her to let him out of detention. Dylan’s still working on his piece about Jack for the paper and tells Kelly she can’t read it until he’s done. He also isn’t going to stick around to hear the results of the senior poll. Instead, he gives Andrea a draft of his piece.

Kelly admits to Brandon that she’s nervous about the poll results; she doesn’t want to be remembered as “the girl who OD’d on her 18th birthday.” Steve joins them and bugs Brandon for the results, since the Blaze runs the poll. Brandon thinks Steve and Kelly are making too big of a deal out of the poll.

At lunch, David and Donna announce the poll winners: Tony Miller is the best athlete, Brandon and Andrea are most likely to succeed, David is most talented (ha!), and Donna is best dressed. Steve is disappointed not to win anything. Brenda doesn’t win “done most for the class,” which is actually bull, considering her accomplishments. Dylan wins most handsome (that’s right!) and Kelly gets most beautiful.

That night, Andrea calls Dylan to tell him he’s a great writer, though she has some feedback. Kelly brings over food and Dylan tells her he’s been reminiscing a lot recently and visiting a playground they used to frequent. He encourages her to pay it a visit herself. Kelly asks him to dress up for their most handsome/most beautiful pictures the next day. He declines, which she takes personally. Dylan gives in, but now Kelly tells him not to do her any favors. Then there’s making out, which Kelly stops before it can go too far.

Brandon goes looking for dates for him and Steve and finds an application to the University of Minnesota on Brenda’s desk. He thinks she’s too accustomed to California weather to return to the cold. Brenda asks him not to say anything to Jim and Cindy about her possibility returning to Minnesota. Brandon strikes out with the dates, so he invites Jim and Cindy to go to the game instead.

Jackie congratulates Kelly on her most-beautiful award, which she’ll be wearing an evening gown to get her picture taken for. Jackie tells her that her own senior picture got her into Esquire and kicked off her modeling career. She starts teaching Kelly about her angles and promises to help her look “unforgettable.” Kelly doesn’t seem that excited.

Everyone gathers for pictures at school, and Brandon gives Steve the news that they’re going to the game with his parents. Steve isn’t happy, though Brandon notes that he shouldn’t have let Brandon be in charge of his personal life. Steve says he’ll gone as long as he doesn’t have to sit next to Cindy (though he won’t explain what’s wrong with Cindy, which is NOTHING).

Kelly nitpicks her appearance while Donna and Andrea tell her how delusional she is. Andrea thinks that Dylan takes her seriously, if his writing is any indication. Kelly isn’t happy to hear that Andrea has read his piece. She pulls Dylan aside and asks when she gets to read his piece. Dylan tells her again that she’ll see it when it’s done. He only let Andrea read it because she’s his editor. Kelly shoots back that maybe Dylan should take Andrea to bed instead. She thinks he only values her looks and how she is in bed. They fight about the picture and she runs off.

At home, Kelly continues the fight, this time with Jackie. She’s upset that Jackie has always focused on Kelly’s looks. Jackie notes that Kelly was always interested in fashion and beauty. Kelly blames her mother for making her “shallow and insincere.” Brenda asks Brandon for $50 for her University of Minnesota college application; she can’t get it from Jim or Cindy because she hasn’t told them she’s applying yet. She also needs to send the application tonight.

Next Brenda goes to Jim, who’s trying to quickly get ready for the Lakers game. He calls Cindy up to join the conversation. Brandon and Steve are annoyingly frustrated by the delay. They all end up stuck in traffic with Jim complaining about Brenda not saying anything about Minnesota before tonight. Cindy tells him not to take her possible departure seriously.

Steve and the Walshes arrive at the game late, and Steve makes Brandon sit next to Cindy. He immediately regrets this when they learn that Brandon’s seat has randomly been chosen to give him a chance to make $10,000. Fortunately for Steve, he has the ticket to Brandon’s seat, so he actually gets the shot at the money. He just has to sink a basket from half court. Steve’s less nervous about the shot than he is about embarrassing himself in front of the crowd, including Jack Nicholson.

Jim asks Brandon if Brenda told him about Minnesota, wondering when he and Cindy would have found out if she hadn’t needed money. Jim notes that the twins are about to turn 18, and though they might make decisions their parents don’t agree with, Jim and Cindy will always support them. Brandon decides this is a good time to tell Jim that his gambling problem was a little worse than he let on.

Steve takes the court, and Dyan Cannon is randomly there, even though Celeste isn’t. He actually makes the shot and wins the money. At the Taylor/Silver house, David talks to Dylan about Kelly and Jackie’s fight. He thinks Kelly would have been better off staying in the support group. Dylan’s surprised to hear about it. David thinks Kelly went to the beach to be alone, but Dylan guesses that she went to the playground from their childhood.

Kelly tells Dylan that everything in her life is bad, including things she made bad herself, like the situation with Brenda. Dylan tells her some of what he’s been writing about is feeling like he’s worth something. He knows what it’s like to feel forgotten by his parents. Dylan thinks they’re soulmates and says that if Kelly hadn’t called him at the marina, he would have died instead of Jack. He doesn’t care if she’s in a support group, and he doesn’t care if she never wants to sleep with him again. She tells him she calls him that morning just to hear his voice, and she still wants only that.

Jim and Cindy return home and tell Brenda they feel a little left out because she didn’t talk to them about Minnesota. Brenda wants to be with the friends who liked her for who she is. She isn’t sorry they moved to California; she just doesn’t feel as comfortable there as she did in Minnesota. Jim and Cindy are supportive of her possible return to Minnesota.

Kelly goes home and makes up with Jackie, who blames herself for Kelly’s busted life. Kelly thinks it’s probably a good idea to go back to the support group. Jackie suggests that they also find a family therapist to see together. At the Peach Pit, Steve tells Donna, Andrea, and Nat about his shot being a sign. He’s not sure what he’ll be doing with his life, but he won’t be serving burgers. Andrea says she might since she can’t work at the summer camp. Of course, this gives Steve an idea.

At school, Ms. Teasley tells Andrea that an anonymous donor has paid to keep the summer camp open. Ms. Teasley only knows that the donor was someone with $10,000. When Andrea jokes that Santa came early this year, she and Ms. Teasley wonder if the donor was Steve (who played Santa at the Christmas party).

Dylan tells Kelly that the photographer offered to eliminate the most handsome/most beautiful category, but she wants to take the picture. He also gives her a draft of his piece, which is dedicated to her. Brenda congratulates Steve on his win and lets him tell the story for the millionth time. Kelly’s in Dylan’s piece, for some reason, and he says that after Jack died, she was the only beauty and inspiration left in his life. She confirms that he meant what he said about still wanting to be with her even if there’s no more sex. He confirms it and they take their picture.

Thoughts: We did a senior poll-type thing at my school (it was published in the yearbook), but no one cared that much about it. There certainly weren’t coordinated outfits.

This episode aired in April, and Brenda is still applying to schools. Apparently no one told the writers that most schools send acceptance/rejection letters out at the beginning of April, which means Brenda’s chances of getting into the University of Minnesota are slim to none. They would have already made their decisions.

“I can’t find any girls to go out with me and Steve, so I guess we’ll hang out with my parents.” Time to cut the cord, Brandon.

An animal-print vest over a striped shirt? Oh, Jackie, no.

I think Dyan Cannon had more screentime in this episode than Tori Spelling did.


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