May 30, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.12, Sleeping Arrangements: Again With the Boats?

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“You guys are my best friends / Through thick and thin, we’ve always been together…”

Summary: Pacey’s summer girlfriend Melanie visits him at his boat (which is owned by her uncle) and tells him that the boat has been sold. However, her uncle bought a bigger boat and wants Pacey to sail around the Greek Islands with him. He has three days to decide. Melanie’s surprised that Pacey doesn’t immediately jump at the chance. Jen and Dawson try to find time to spend together, plus navigate the horrors of sharing a bathroom. She used his toothbrush as a mascara wand and won’t let him use hers to brush his teeth.

Professor Wilder asks to speak to Joey after his class, which is also attended by a kind of creepy guy who keeps staring at Joey. Wilder asks Joey if there’s anyone in the class she’d like to get to know better. He means the creepy guy, Elliot, who’s still hanging around. He calls Elliot out for trying to flirt with Joey, then pushes him to talk to her. Elliot reminds Joey that they met at the party at the beginning of the year, but she doesn’t seem to remember him. He tries to walk her to class, not picking up on her signals that she’s really, really not interested.

Jen decides to take requests on her radio station but instead starts talking to a listener about her problems. Dawson helps Jack move into the frat house as Jack laments that he and Jen aren’t as Will and Grace as they used to be. Jack has landed a single at the house formerly occupied by an upperclassman named Blossom (seriously) who agreed to live with a freshman, Eric. Jack finds that strange. At the restaurant, Pacey tries to talk to Danny about the boat offer, but Danny wants to train him as a breadmaker. He makes it clear that Pacey is valuable to the restaurant.

At Grams’, Dawson catches her trying to play a handheld videogame Jack left behind. He’s nervous about going to the new film school, but Grams thinks he’ll do fine. Dawson tells her that he knows it’s probably strange for her to see him and Jen together. He assures her that he really likes her. Grams agrees that it’s weird, but she feels like she’s come a long way over the years. Dawson promises to follow any ground rules she wants to set. Grams tells him he’s one of the nicest boys she knows; she just wants him to be kind to Jen.

Dawson turns on the radio to discover that Jen has turned her time on the radio into an advice show. It sounds like she’s good at it, though she seems pessimistic when it comes to relationships. Grams thinks she doesn’t really believe what she’s saying. Wilder runs into Joey at the campus bookstore, where she’s just found a book he wrote. He tells her it’s based on his life when he was 20, which sounds a lot like her life when she was in high school.

Pacey mopes at the restaurant and Audrey bugs him to tell her what’s wrong. He tells her about the boat and admits that he likes the idea of going back out on the water. He’s just having trouble talking to Danny about it. Audrey’s sure the restaurant can handle losing Pacey. Pacey notes that Danny has spent a lot of time training him, so even though he wants to take the new job, he thinks he should stay. Audrey tells him to take the new job if it’s an opportunity he really wants.

Jack asks Blossom if there’s a reason he moved out. He’s worried that he’s being given special treatment. Blossom assures him that no one thinks of him as any different. He admits that Jack was originally assigned a roommate, but the roommate wasn’t comfortable living with him. Blossom offered to give up his single to keep the peace. Jack guesses that the offended roommate is Eric.

Pacey tells Danny about his job offer, and Danny easily lets him go. Later Pacey admits to Audrey that he’s surprised Danny wasn’t more disappointed. They start flirting, then teasing each other – she calls him boring and he says she’s not his type. Audrey denies that guys have types, saying that he would sleep with her simply because she has girl parts. As Pacey offers her a ride home, Melanie arrives, so Audrey takes a rain check.

Jen meets up with Dawson and tells him her producers want her to do a call-in show about relationships. She thinks he has something to say about the topics she discussed on the show. Dawson tells her he doesn’t want to fight, he just wants to see a movie. And even if she starts to push him away, he’s going to stick around. Jack approaches Eric at the frat house and blasts him for believing in gay stereotypes. Eric admits that he doesn’t want people thinking he’s gay and might actually be a homophobe.

Joey tells Audrey she was asked out but turned the guy down. She denies that it was because of her fixation on Dawson, but because Elliot was one of Audrey’s “conquests.” Audrey denies that she slept with him; he walked her home from the party but kept talking about how awesome Joey is. Pacey and Melanie hang out on the boat, where she says she noticed how sad he was when they came back from sailing around. She’s happy he’ll be going back out on the water. She’ll be staying in Boston since she has a life there now.

The next morning, as Melanie says goodbye to Pacey, Dawson sees that Jen has bought him a new toothbrush. She tells him that she wears makeup because she learned at a young age that it would help her hide and protect herself. He replies that he likes what he sees when she doesn’t wear makeup. Then they brush their teeth together, which I guess is what couples do, or something.

Joey goes to Elliot’s room and blathers something about being willing to become friends. He confirms that he never slept with Audrey. She asks him out for coffee, and he lies that he has a class, just wanting to see if she would be disappointed. Jack gives Blossom his room key, announcing that he doesn’t feel right living in the frat house. But Eric is suddenly okay with rooming with Jack and asks him to stay.

Pacey’s friends drop by his boat, having been told by Audrey that he’s leaving town. They don’t want to try to talk him into staying; they just want to wish him well. Pacey announces that he’s not leaving after all. He likes Boston, he doesn’t need to run from anything, and he’s good at the restaurant. Audrey jokes that he’s staying because of her, which might actually be partly true. Now Pacey just needs a place to live.

Thoughts: Who uses a toothbrush as a mascara wand? How do you lose the original wand in the first place? I think you would notice if you put away a tube of mascara and the want wasn’t there. Also, Jen says she used the toothbrush because she thought it was old. How does that make it appropriate as a wand substitute? It’s still a used toothbrush!

If I turned on the radio wanting to hear music and got relationship advice instead, I’d be ticked.

I must know how Blossom got his name. Are there other brothers named Bubbles and Buttercup? (Please, please tell me there are.)

Pacey, it concerns me that you would rather hang out with Melanie than Audrey. I really hope Melanie wasn’t in any way part of your decision to stay in Boston.

Hey, Joey, you don’t have to like a guy just because he likes you. Also, Elliot is weird and creepy and kind of stalkerish, so if I were you, I would try not to be alone with him.

So Jack magically cured Eric of his homophobia? I don’t get it.



  1. Cherie said,

    I’ve used an old toothbrush (my own, not some random-ass one I found in a bathroom I share with other people…) not to apply mascara but to brush out any clumps the mascara might have left. I’ve only used it a couple of times in pinch when I realized I couldn’t find the tool (the packaging called it a “spoolie”) I own specifically for that purpose (and I guess for the purpose of general eyebrow and eyelash grooming) and my mascara was going on mad clumpy.

    And: “Hey, Joey, you don’t have to like a guy just because he likes you.” YES. So many people need to hear this bit of common sense.

  2. Devo said,

    I think Blossom is the guy’s last name.

  3. Deja Johnson said,

    Thought Eric was gonna turn out to be in the closet.

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