June 10, 2012

SVH #121, The High School War: Gangsta’s Paradise

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No one here looks intimidating at all. These are lame “gang” members

Summary: We pick up right after In Love With the Enemy left off, with the police arriving to bust up the warehouse brawl and Jessica having just realized that Christian goes to Palisades High. The guys in the fight all get arrested, and more insults are flung, so suffice it to say that they haven’t learned their lessons. Principal Cooper tries to tighten things up at SVH, forbidding anyone from wearing school colors like there’s an actual gang and not a bunch of snobby rich boys who don’t like some other boys. I mean, really, the “gangs” in this series are the weakest gangs ever. And yes, I’m including dancing gangs in that collection.

Anyway, the principal forms a task force to work on ending the “warfare,” and of course Elizabeth joins it. That just makes the wedge between her and Todd even bigger. Then Elizabeth invites Caitlin and Marla, her two new Palisades friends, to a party Todd’s having, where they’re obviously not welcome, so that makes things between Liz and Todd even worse.

Jessica clues Elizabeth in on her relationship with Christian, which Ken eventually finds out about when he overhears the twins. He gets really creepy, following Jessica on a date, then confronts her and tears into her, which, let’s be honest, she deserved. So they’re definitely over. The SVH guys slash some of the Palisades’ guys’ tires, and Winston almost gets caught. Later, he gets a call from Todd telling him to meet at the warehouse for a super-special gang get-together. Except none of the other guys shows up, because Todd wasn’t the caller – Winston was lured there by the guys from Palisades.

Todd figures this out, and basically every character in the miniseries winds up at the warehouse. Elizabeth calls the police again since she’s worried that Winston is really in danger. The SVH and Palisades guys start pounding on each other, and when the police arrive, they’re all arrested again. (Christian doesn’t, since he got there too late to really do anything and was smart enough to stay out of it.) Todd’s mad because, once again, Liz got him arrested. Hey, Todd, if you want to stop getting arrested, stop committing crimes. It’s called actions and consequences.

Thoughts: Christian flees the first fight to avoid being caught by the police, even though Jessica has just passed out and only regained consciousness a minute earlier. Yeah, he’s a real winner.

Elizabeth is surprised that Jessica passed out, thinking she would have been cheering on the fighters. Ah, so even Elizabeth thinks Jess is a sociopath.

One of SVH’s colors is white, so good luck enforcing that school-color ban, Chrome Dome.

Todd actually tells Elizabeth that the guys fought because they were “protecting [their] women.” Okay, but women had nothing to do with it, Testosterony Tony.


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