June 12, 2012

SVH #122, A Kiss Before Dying: The Black Widow Strikes Again

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Why does the twins’ hair look gray?

Summary: Just like at the end of In Love With the Enemy and the beginning of The High School War, the SVH and Palisades boys are in trouble with the police. And again, it’s because Elizabeth called them. She’s also upset that Jessica’s dating Palisades’ so-called “gang leader.” Todd’s mad at Liz, but she won’t back down, leading the girls at SVH in a mass protest against the boys. She announces that there will be no interaction with the guys until they end the war.

The Palisades girls are basically with the SVH girls in this, and Rosie, the girl Jessica entered the surfing competition to beat, reaches out to Elizabeth with an idea that she thinks will end the war. She suggests that they tell both groups of guys that the other school has agreed to surrender, so the guys will make peace without admitting defeat. Elizabeth tells Rosie a bunch of stuff, including where the SVH guys have been hanging out.

Rosie arranges to meet Liz at a diner, then head over to Bruce’s with her so they can talk to the SVH guys. But the diner is really a biker hangout, and Rosie doesn’t show, because Elizabeth is dumb and gullible, and Rosie is kind of a horrible person. She leads the Palisades guys to Bruce’s house for an all-out brawl. Liz figures it out, and she, Jessica, and Enid head to the Patmans, arriving in time to see a Palisades boy accidentally knock Christian to the ground. He hits his head and falls into the pool. Jessica pulls Christian out of the water and the twins give him CPR, but his neck is broken and he dies in the hospital.

The guys from both schools immediately realize that the war isn’t worth someone dying, so they call a truce and everyone makes up. Jessica spends the next couple of weeks in her bedroom, not wanting to do anything or talk to anyone. Christian’s mother visits and they spend some time talking about him. Then she gives Jessica Christian’s surfboard, and Jessica decides to use it in the big competition she entered. She beats Rosie, who’s still a jerk, and dedicates her win to Christian.

Thoughts: Okay, this is Jessica’s third boyfriend to die. That’s just messed up.

I can’t believe the ghostwriter knew Lysistrata, where Elizabeth got her no-touchy-for-the-boys idea.

Elizabeth wears leggings with a long sweater. As the Fug Girls would say, Liz needs to look into pants.

For assault, vandalism, disturbing the peace, trespassing, hitting a cop, destruction of property, and battery, Todd only gets 30 hours of community service. Yeah, I bet. Rory Gilmore got 100 hours and all she did was steal a yacht.

Elizabeth, at the biker diner: “Just try to act natural.” Enid: “Oh, I am. Ths is my natural reaction when I’m scared for my life.” Hee.

Jessica’s number in the surfing competition is 37. So close to 137!

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  1. Celeste Chum said,

    lol- I love the Gilmore Girls references!!!!

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