June 17, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.13, Something Wilder: Like New

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Yeah, sorry, I just don’t have the urge to make out with this guy

Summary: Jen gives Dawson some school supplies to celebrate his first day at the Boston film school. Included is an ET Trapper Keeper, which is totally appropriate for a college student. She’s way too excited for him. In Joey’s room, she and creepy Elliot discuss Professor Wilder’s book; he thinks she only likes it because she has a crush on the author. He asks her to go out that weekend and she accepts. Audrey teases Joey about her new guy, though Joey tries to downplay their relationship.

Jen delivers Jack’s mail to him at the frat house, where all the guys stare at her. She’s read one of his letters and confronts him about being on academic probation. Jack doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. At Dawson’s new school, he runs into Oliver and has to stand there while Oliver insults various classmates.

Audrey calls in to Jen’s radio show to complain about guys who ask for your phone number, then never call you. (Apparently this isn’t the first time she’s called in.) Jen tells her to stop being negative and nurture love. Jack mentions his academic probation to his frat brother Blossom, who warns that if he doesn’t raise his grades, the frat won’t be very supportive. Oliver gives Dawson a script he’s just written and asks him to direct it.

At Worthington, Elliot continues to be weird. Professor Wilder tells Joey that the Rose project is officially over, so they’re all going out to celebrate on Friday. She doesn’t realize until too late that that’s the same night as her date with Elliot. Dawson tells Jen he’s not going to direct Oliver’s script, partly because he wants to do his own stuff and partly because he doesn’t want to make a commitment to a film right now. Jen thinks he should go for it since he obviously likes the script.

Pacey goes by Worthington to pick Audrey up for work and learns about Joey having two dates in one night. (Audrey thinks the evening with Professor Wilder could “end up with date-like circumstances.” Joey says her only reason to choose that option would be for her academic career. Audrey doesn’t think she has the guts for that. She also wonders if Joey’s ready for a committed relationship. Joey says she is, and Audrey replies that that means she’ll be going out with Elliot.

Jack is starting to turn his grades around, so Blossom apologizes for jumping on him. He suggests that they party that night to celebrate Jack’s accomplishment. Oliver already has a preliminary shooting schedule for his film, but Dawson tells him he can’t direct. He does give the advice that he doesn’t think Oliver needs flashbacks in the movie. Oliver uses this as an in to get Dawson to discuss the movie more.

Jen goes to Pacey’s restaurant to complain about a meeting with her producer in which she was told that she’s lost her edge. She’ll be canceled if she doesn’t go back to the way she was before she was so happy with Dawson. “Nobody likes happy people,” Pacey agrees. Jen asks him to say something horrible to get her back to her sarcastic mindset. However, when Dawson calls, she calls him her “little pumpkin” in a baby voice, which isn’t good for anyone.

Joey pulls the stupid brush-off technique of telling Elliot she doesn’t feel well, so she has to postpone their date. Jen tries to get her edge back and ends up yelling at Dawson for making her happy and boring. He just laughs and calls her cute. Jen’s happy again when she hears that he might do the movie, and she reluctantly agrees to let Oliver come to dinner with them so the guys can talk business.

Jack and Eric drink at Pacey’s restaurant’s bar, which I’m sure all the frat guys frequent. Eric is still annoying and doesn’t help Jack feel better. Joey goes to dinner with Wilder and her classmates, afterward walking back to campus with Wilder. They discuss his book and who the characters were based on. Dawson, Jen, and Oliver go to dinner at a diner, but no one’s really listening to Jen.

Joey thinks one of the characters in Wilder’s book is based on his wife, who he admits doesn’t exist. She questions him about why he broke up with the girl he based his leading lady on. He says she was crazy, and as you get older, you no longer want someone crazy. Oliver decides that his and Dawson’s creative relationship isn’t going to work, so Dawson’s fired (though he was never hired to begin with).

Joey and Wilder get coffee and chat about Dawson in front of a green-screen Boston harbor scene. She laments that the nice guys never give you butterflies; she only gets them over people she shouldn’t. Then they kiss, because they’re both idiots. “I’m going to go to prison, aren’t I?” Wilder asks when he realizes what just happened. They quickly split up and Joey tries to take things back to some level of appropriateness by calling him Professor.

Blossom tries to make nice with Jack, who’s drunk and angry that his frat brothers don’t really care about his problems. Blossom admits that the house comes before anything else. He taunts Jack for getting emotional and says it’s “like talking to a chick.” Jack’s ready to make things physical, but Eric, Pacey, and Audrey keep the two guys apart. Blossom says that it wasn’t worth bringing Jack into the frat since he hasn’t made them look any better. Jack hits him and ends up accidentally breaking some glasses and cutting his hand.

Joey returns to her dorm to find a care package Elliot left for her. She feels bad, as she should. Dawson tells Jen that he could have handled dinner with Oliver better; Oliver’s annoying, but he has a great script and a lot of passion. Jen clearly couldn’t care less about the movie talk. Dawson thinks that directing someone else’s work would be a good challenge, and he should apologize. Jen blows up at him for not listening to her, then realizes that her edge is back.

Joey announces to Audrey that she kissed Wilder and dumped Elliot. She didn’t want to stop kissing Wilder, but she got scared. She came to Worthington to become a different person, but she hasn’t been able to. Audrey wonders why she wants to be someone new when she’s good enough as she is. She advises Joey to seize new opportunities because she might not get them again. Speaking of not being a new person, Jen’s back to her old self on the radio.

Jack gives Pacey money to repair damages from the fight, and Pacey asks what he’s doing to himself. He’s been in Jack’s position and knows he’s scared to be in academic trouble. He doesn’t get why Jack is goofing off just so he can hang out with the guys who attacked him and left him at the restaurant the night before. Jack won’t answer Pacey’s questions of whether it’s worth it.

Dawson finds Oliver on campus and apologizes for going overboard. He thinks part of him was trying to sabotage the movie so he wouldn’t have to accept a challenge. Oliver guesses that Dawson also doesn’t want to face being down after the project’s over. He warns him not to coast through life just so he doesn’t have to feel anything bad. Dawson agrees to direct the film but wants to know why Oliver isn’t doing it. Oliver admits that he wants to be the movie’s star.

Thoughts: Super-happy Jen scares me. It’s like she’s on drugs. And not even good drugs. (Not that there are good drugs. Just say no, kids!)

Really, the two-plans-for-the-same-night plot? Freaking A, Joey, get a backbone and tell Elliot you have to take a rain check.

I don’t think it’s so much that Wilder lied about being married as it is that the writers forgot they established him as married, and when they decided they wanted to hook him up with Joey, they had to backtrack.

Also, I still don’t get all the Wilder love. That’s the guy all the girls at Worthington are in love with? I don’t see it.



  1. Cherie said,

    Oh, I found Ken Marino acceptably cute back in the day (leagues cuter than schmoes like Chad Michael Murray and Jason Behr)–reasonable women can disagree, I guess. But I personally don’t get why All The Guys In The World (ALL THE GUYS!!!) are in love with Joey. But I think I have ranted about this before and I need to get a life.

  2. Deja said,

    I don’t understand how Joey is catnip yet completely uninteresting.

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