June 19, 2012

BH90210 3.27, A Night to Remember: Hands In the Air If You Cats Drunk as Me

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Oh, early ’90s prom fashion. The gift that keeps on giving

Summary: Donna and Brenda are putting up ads for West Beverly’s senior prom, which Donna finds bittersweet. Brenda isn’t sure she’s going to go, but Donna tells her she can’t miss it. Cathy Dennis is going to be there! (I have no idea who that is.) Brandon also isn’t that interested in going. Steve tells him all their friends should be there together, but even that doesn’t change Brandon’s mind. Steve tells him to just ask Andrea already.

Andrea tries to make peace between two Blaze writers, Howard and Toby (a girl), who Gil says remind him of her and Brandon. Brandon takes one last assignment reporting on a school board meeting. David invites Brenda to a pre-prom party at his dad’s, but she doesn’t want to go to it any more than she wants to go to the actual prom. David and Donna don’t get why she hasn’t been asked. He tells Donna he’s reserving them a room at the Bel Age so they can get it on, but she’s not as excited about it as he is.

Kelly and Dylan hang out at his place, not worrying too much about being on time for school. She suggests getting a room at the hotel after prom, but he wants to be more original. He suggests a weekend in San Francisco instead. Cindy looks through one of her high school yearbooks and Jim and Brandon tease her about the prom stories she’s told them through the years. Jim reveals that a guy he hung out with at his prom got high on pot and hallucinated all night. Cindy thinks Brandon should go to the prom on his own. He tells her he’s decided to ask Andrea after all.

Andrea winds up at the school board meeting with Brandon, noting that this is the last time they’ll be covering a story together. She’s upset that there’s an item discussed that wasn’t put on the agenda so there wouldn’t be any dissent. Someone wants a dress code, and unsurprisingly, Felice is on board. Andrea can’t keep her mouth shut and asks why the topic wasn’t on the agenda. No one cares what she thinks.

The next topic on the agenda is about the prom: Anyone found with liquor or drugs, or who is found intoxicated, will be suspended and not allowed to graduate. This is the one Brandon objects to. He shares the news with his friends at the Peach Pit, and Steve says that anyone who’s dumb enough to get caught drunk deserves whatever happens. David worries that sex will be outlawed next. Donna reveals that Felice wants to run for mayor. Brandon asks Andrea to the prom, but she’s already going with Jordan.

At home, Donna brings up Felice’s comments at the meeting and says she’s being too extreme. Felice decides not to get into it, instead just saying how proud she is of Donna. Donna says she’ll be spending the night at Kelly’s after prom, which Felice thinks is just an attempt to get out of missing curfew. She has no idea what Donna really has planned.

Brandon tries to get in on a prom-night poker game, but it’s off since Tony Miller wants to go to the dance after all. In fact, he wants to go with Brenda. Brenda is skeptical about the idea but accepts. Donna tells David she’s on board for his post-prom plans. Gil, who has convinced Dylan to visit Berkeley, tells his students about the alcohol/drug policy set out for prom. Andrea wonders who will be enforcing the policy.

Brenda buys her dress the day of the prom, but her parents are just glad she’s going. Jackie’s approved of Kelly’s weekend away with Dylan, noting that Kelly’s 18 so she can kind of do what she wants. Felice loans Donna (who hasn’t eaten all day) a cross necklace to wear to the dance. Mel brings out some champagne for a pre-prom toast as Brandon finds himself bored at the Peach Pit. Nat tells him he skipped his own prom since his date got sick. Brandon replies that at least Nat had a date. Just then Andrea calls – Jordan’s sick and she wants to go to the prom with Brandon.

Steve shows up at Mel’s with Celeste, who tells Kelly that Steve talks about her a lot. Everyone else arrives with their dates and badly curled hair, and champagne is drunk (except by Andrea and Dylan). Donna’s had a little too much, but no one notices. After Mel takes a picture, Steve grabs another bottle for the road. David and Donna are worried about the prom policy, but it doesn’t stop them from having some more.

The kids go to the Bel Age, where party favors include quarters (to call cabs in case of drunkenness) and condoms (for…you know). Cathy Dennis, whoever she is, sings. Brenda’s a little upset watching Dylan and Kelly together, but Tony wants to make sure she has a good time. As the night progresses, Donna is unable to hide her tipsiness, Kelly and Dylan can’t keep their hands off each other, and Tony shows that he shouldn’t dance in public.

Donna’s ready to make use of her and David’s room, but he’s noticed that she’s had too much to drink. She heads off to find a bathroom. Celeste tells Steve to dance with Kelly so they can make a nice memory together. Steve admits to Kelly that he always pictured the two of them together at their senior prom, but if she’s happy with Dylan, he’s happy for her. Kelly also approves of Celeste and thinks Steve deserves her. Steve asks her to name her first son after him.

Brenda winds up dancing with Dylan and tells him that she hopes the horrible year he’s had is “the worst [he’ll] ever know.” They announce that they’re almost over each other. Kelly finds Donna in the bathroom and tells Brenda that she’s really drunk. Brandon decides to break his no-dancing rule with Andrea, though he only does it for about 20 seconds. Brenda and Kelly try to figure out how to get Donna out of the Bel Age without any chaperones realizing she’s been drinking.

Brandon shows Andrea a key Tony gave him and asks if she wants to see the room it goes to. Kelly asks David to collect Donna’s purse and Dylan so they can get Donna out of the hotel. Andrea notes the irony of her and Brandon winding up in a hotel room even though they’re the two people least likely to use it. She suggests that they take advantage of the surroundings, but the idea just makes them both laugh. Everyone else is in or around the bathroom, including Gil. The kids start to lead Donna out, but she collapses in front of Ms. Teasley, who can immediately tell that she’s drunk.

Thoughts: Howard is played by Shawn Levy, who’s better known as a director. He did the two Night at the Museum movies, Date Night, the upcoming The Watch, and, awesomely, a few episodes of The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Silly kids. You don’t drink before the prom, you drink afterwards. (Said by someone who didn’t do either.)

Felice giving Donna a cross as a prom accessory is awesome. I’m definitely doing that if I ever have a daughter.

Drunk Donna makes me happy.

Why, why, why would you give a hotel key to the brother of the girl you were obviously hoping to score with? Why not just wear a shirt that says, “Please beat me up”?

When Andrea and Brandon get to the hotel room, she opens what I guess is a piece of candy, but I swear I thought it was a condom.

This site has more pictures of the awesome prom fashions.


  1. Ash said,

    I can help a bit here. Cathy Dennis has written most of Kylie Minogue’s better songs. She had a short lived singing career- hadn’t realised that had crossed over into the US. Hope that helps!

    • Jenn said,

      Thanks. I looked her up but none of her song titles were familiar. I should have looked at what else she’s done.

  2. ~*April*~ said,

    Cathy Dennis also cowrote Britney Spears’ Toxic, Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl and like Ash said Kylie Minogue’s song Can’t Get You Out of My Head. Cathy had a few singles in the U.S. like Touch Me (All Night Long) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9ddhTH7Rjc and Too Many Walls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEmpCvF3V4s

    This is my first time posting and I must say I love your blog. Takes me back to my childhood with the BSC books and teen-early twenties with Dawson’s Creek and 90210. Keep up the great work

  3. Deja said,

    always bummed me that Jordan didn’t go to the prom w/ Andrea, I really liked them together…. thought it was a waste to have her go w/ Brandon and they didn’t even hook up.

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