July 4, 2012

BH90210 3.29/30, Commencement: Unnecessary Clip Show

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David, please stop being a dork

Summary: Steve has taken his friends up to the Hollywood sign to discuss a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they all think is a little nuts. He wants them to leave some sort of mark on West Beverly. Brenda’s the first to give in, and the others come around. Next the kids head to school for a graduation rehearsal, which Kelly thinks is pointless. Donna’s fine with it since she almost had to miss the ceremony. Dylan and Brandon are there, but soon split.

Meanwhile, Andrea’s nervous about giving her valedictorian speech, and David’s losing it from having to take six finals in three days. Steve’s still serving detention, which Brandon notes he’ll never have to attend again since it’s the last day of school. He’s been summoned to Ms. Teasley’s office and thinks something bad is about to happen. Dylan has lunch with Jim and discusses possibly going to Berkeley. First he has to get his SAT scores back. Jim tells him that Iris is worried about what he’ll do with his trust fund, as it’s now officially his.

School’s over, but David thinks he flunked his last final. He’s also a little on edge about being replaced at the radio. Steve goes to see Ms. Teasley, thinking she’s going to tell him he’s not allowed to graduate. She tells him she originally thought he was irredeemable, but his grades have improved over the second part of the year. Also, she knows he donated his prize from the Lakers game to the day camp. After the meeting, Steve happily tells Brandon that Ms. Teasley is going to write him a letter of recommendation, and now he can go to California University with Brandon.

While Brandon offers to let Andrea practice her speech on him, the others celebrate at the Peach Pit. (Except David, who’s asleep.) They want their senior wills, but Brandon won’t give them advance copies. Nat wishes he had a senior will, saying he’d leave Jim’s karaoke machine to him, Color Me Badd to Donna, and Laverne to Brenda. Cue flashback! Jordan shows up looking for Andrea and tells Brandon that she’s having second thoughts about going to Yale. He seems to think those second thoughts are because of Brandon.

At home, Brenda receives an envelope from the University of Minnesota. Kelly, David, and Jackie pack up the house and discuss future living arrangements; David hasn’t been accepted to college yet, and Kelly doesn’t really want to live in a dorm. Kelly’s proud of how David has become cooler. Flashback to dorky David in the early days of Jackie and Mel’s relationship. The Walshes eat ice cream and discuss the pros and cons of Brenda going back to Minnesota. Brandon emphasizes the cons. Cindy hopes Brenda isn’t running away because of Dylan.

Andrea shows up to practice her speech with Brandon. It’s full of big words and would put any audience to sleep. Brandon encourages her to say what she wants, not what she thinks is expected of her. She wonders how she’ll get through college without him. They discuss the early days of their friendship and how they almost hooked up when he thought he was going back to Minnesota. Andrea realizes that she’s trying to live up to the image of a Yalie when she thinks she should stay in California. Brandon freaks out and she tells him to calm down.

Kelly goes over to Dylan’s, where he’s been reading up on California University. Kelly isn’t thrilled with the idea of four more years of school. Flashback to their romp in the pool (which I can’t find, and don’t care that much about anyway), where he clarified that he wanted her, not Brenda. They’re interrupted when Iris makes a surprise appearance – she’s in town to attend graduation. She’s stunned to learn that Dylan and Kelly are still together. Dylan blasts her for not getting in touch after Jack died. Iris decides to stay in a hotel, which Dylan will use his trust fund to pay for. Iris warns Kelly that money will change Dylan.

The next morning, the seniors have a special breakfast and finally see the senior wills. Andrea’s still working on her speech, but Steve makes her take a break to look at his will, in which he leaves her an egg. (HA!) Brenda leaves Kelly their horrible double date. Donna leaves Brenda their awful dinner from their first night in Paris. Brenda admits to Brandon that she loved being in Paris, but she can’t help wondering how things would have turned out if she hadn’t gone. He realizes that she hasn’t told anyone she might go to Minnesota.

David and Donna do a Wayne’s World skit, then tease Steve about the legacy key. There are flashbacks of the gang’s camping trip, leading Dylan to remember Brandon’s near-death experience. Brenda, Kelly, and their pantsuits are called to the stage so we can remember their skydiving adventure and their vocal performance with Emily. This leads to Brandon’s own personal flashback to meeting Emily.

The girls sing a song that’s basically about how Brandon will date anyone who moves. (If I linked to all of those, I would break the Internet.) Dylan asks who his favorite was, and for some reason Brandon thinks of Tricia. (Sorry, Andrea.) Steve surprises David with footage of his horrible dance moves. The kids recognize the footage as being from the spring dance, which makes Brenda remember what else happened that night.

David’s bummed after the breakfast, telling Donna he feels burned out. He somewhat regrets pushing to graduate early since he doesn’t even know what he wants to do. He’s upset that their group of friends is breaking up. Donna assures him that he still has her. Later, everyone but David and Andrea gathers at the Walshes’ for their special project. Brandon spills that Andrea’s considering not going to Yale since it’s so expensive. Kelly makes a money-related joke that makes things between her and Dylan a little tense.

Cindy tells Jim that Brenda doesn’t want them to say anything about Minnesota in front of her friends. She doesn’t think Brenda has decided what to do yet. They reminisce about their boring weekend away and the twins’ disastrous party. The elder Walshes try to sneak a peek at the kids’ project, but the kids won’t let them see. Jim remembers first meeting Dylan, but the flashback we get is actually of Brenda seeing Dylan in the shower. Iris calls, but she wants to talk to Jim, not Dylan.

The kids start abandoning their project, so Brandon and Steve start playing basketball. Flashback from their night out which resulted in grand theft auto. Steve admits that he thinks Ms. Teasley is only writing him a recommendation because of the money he donated. The donation was supposed to be anonymous, but it was traceable to him. Brandon doesn’t think it was necessarily a scam since the money’s going to a good cause.

At the soon-to-be-ex-Taylor/Silver house, David tells Kelly he might not go to graduation. She urges him to think about everything he’s accomplished in high school. But every time he thinks of his freshman year, he thinks of Scott. Kelly calls Dylan to apologize for her earlier comments, which he seems to be over. Also over: Brenda, who’s told Dylan about wanting to go to Minnesota but being scared to tell everyone. He advises her to flip a coin. They wonder if they would still be together if Kelly hadn’t come into the picture, but Dylan doesn’t know. Cue flashbacks of the whole mess.

Brenda asks why Dylan didn’t tell Kelly that she was there. He says she didn’t ask. He wonders why Brenda came over; she says she guesses it was to say goodbye. Iris shows up and tells Dylan to choose whether he wants her to go to his graduation or back to Hawaii. He does neither, letting her (since graduation doesn’t start for a while anyway). Kelly chats with Jackie, noting that if she hadn’t stayed in Beverly Hills instead of going to Paris, she and Dylan wouldn’t have gotten together. She adds that she and Dylan won’t be living together. Jackie’s upset that Kelly’s father isn’t coming to graduation. Kelly quips that she’ll major in psychology in college.

Brandon and Brenda get ready for graduation and flashback to not being sure about living in Beverly Hills. Then it’s on to graduation, where Dylan gets defensive when Steve asks where he got his boots. (They’re probably from that ranch chick. I don’t wanna link to her.) David’s happy again, since he actually got the second-highest grade in the class on the exam he thought he failed. Dylan’s either drunk or has a brain tumor, since he hallucinates Jack telling him that he doesn’t have to go to college if he doesn’t think it’s right for him.

The ceremony begins, and only Andrea is unhappy – she’s lost her speech. Brandon tells her to calm down. She tries to wing it but winds up reciting her first version, with all the big words. She starts talking about how they don’t know what they’re doing, but their years at West Beverly have given then a foundation to face an unknown future. Also, friendships are awesome. While the students’ names are read, Kelly thinks about how much her father has disappointed her over the years.

Donna is the first of the gang to get her diploma, and for some reason the flashback we get is of her telling David she’s not having sex until she’s married. Next is Dylan, and Brandon remembers hanging out with him early on in their friendship. Kelly keeps looking out at the crowd, and as she gets her diploma and sits down, she starts crying. Steve and David think she’s just being sentimental, but she’s happy because her father came after all. Once Andrea gets her diploma, the ceremony’s over and hats are tossed.

Cindy takes pictures of the gang, and Kelly’s father comes over to congratulate her. Steve is obviously happy for her. Dylan tells Iris that he’s felt all day that Jack was around and even talking to him. Iris doesn’t think that’s out of the realm of possibilities. She takes a picture of him with Cindy and Jim. Kelly’s pleased that her parents are in the same place and the three of them will be having dinner together.

That night, Dylan calls from his “cellular phone” (hee) to tell the Walshes he’s coming over. He wants to talk to Jim about how money can make people act. He vows not to lose touch with who he is or the people in his life. He wants to put the money back in the trust. All he wants is money for living expenses each month. Oh, and some cash so he can spend the summer traveling in Europe. Dylan still hasn’t made up his mind about college, but he thinks Jack would understand. Jim’s happy with his decisions and agrees to make the arrangements.

The kids all head back to the Hollywood sign in the middle of the night. Andrea announces that she’s going to Yale after all; she’s resigned herself to taking out a loan. Dylan tells everyone he’s spending the summer in Europe and will make a decision about college when he gets back. Brenda comes clean about her choice to go to the University of Minnesota. Andrea’s speech made her feel sure – she knows that their friendships will hold up even if they’re not all in the same place. Dylan talks about his travel plans, asking Kelly to come along.

The kids fall asleep, and in the morning they go to Dylan’s house to get a look at their project: They’ve repainted the Hollywood sign so it says W BEV HI ’93. And yay, I made it through the third season!

Thoughts: Frigging clip show. FRIGGING 90-MINUTE CLIP SHOW. I’ve never done so many links my life.

We did something similar to senior wills – Senior Stockings. At Christmas we asked Santa to give our friends certain gifts. Then in the spring, just before graduation, we wrote our favorite memories from high school and our future plans.

How are these people still getting college-acceptance letters? There shouldn’t be any spots left!

Those sound-activated dancing flowers are on the tables at the senior breakfast. Remember those?

Really didn’t need the Emily cameo. Really, really didn’t need it.

There’s totally someone wearing a knit hat and gloves at graduation. Wha–?

Looks like Brandon and Brenda graduated with honors, so good for them.

I thought Dylan was going to offer to pay for Yale for Andrea, but then I remembered that this isn’t Dawson’s Creek.


  1. Maddie said,

    I completely agree about the flashbacks OMG overload with the flashbacks !! Watching the episode on DVD again and fastforward through the flashbacks … Btw it would of been really cool if Dylan paid for Andrea 🙂
    I really enjoy reading these review-y thingys haha 🙂 thankyou for doing them!

    • Maddie said,

      Also should Dylan gradulate with honors coz they bragged on for 3 seasons how smart Dylan is… Hmmm

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