July 7, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.16, In a Lonely Place: Advice and Virtue

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Yes, this looks like the face of a woman in love

Summary: Joey and Dawson have just watched a movie in her dorm room, which was his homework. She’s guessed that her friends are taking shifts to babysit her after her recent divorce filing traumatic experience. He says he just wants to spend time with her, which she appreciates. Back at Grams’, Jen has to remind Dawson that he agreed to go to a concert with her. He’s made plans to go to a movie screening with Joey. Jen isn’t completely happy about the change but accepts it.

Pacey stops by Joey and Audrey’s dorm room to spend time with an unenthusiastic Audrey. She thinks that when they had sex in his car over the weekend, they created some sort of universal imbalance that caused Joey’s mugging. Pacey says they don’t have to have sex; they can just hang out and get to know each other better. Audrey doesn’t think that’s possible since they’ve seen each other naked. Pacey’s just glad that she thought he was good.

Joey goes to Professor Wilder’s office to explain why she didn’t come by after their discussion. He thinks she was just upholding her principles. He won’t even letter her explain, telling her that whatever they had or were going to have is over. Wilder also thinks that Joey’s decision not to come back was positive for him since now he won’t be risking his career. Joey just leaves.

That night, Jack catches Pacey throwing rocks at a window at Grams’ house, thinking it’s Jen’s. He’s there looking for Audrey, who he thinks is there getting ready to go to the concert with Jen. Jack blasts him for having sex with Audrey and then not calling her. He tells Pacey that the girls aren’t there, so Pacey decides to tag along with Jack to a bar that doesn’t card.

Jen and Audrey go backstage at the concert; Jen is supposed to interview the band and Audrey wants to hook up with one of the members. They meet two of them, Steve and Wynn, and Jen lies that she liked their show. Dawson and Joey spot Wilder at the movie, and Dawson’s confused that Joey doesn’t want to talk to him. Pacey and Jack drink while Pacey wonders if they’ll be encountering any of Jack’s frat brothers. Probably not, since it’s a gay bar.

Audrey and Jen take the guys to the radio station, where Steve asks Jen if she has a boyfriend. Wynn chats with Audrey and reveals that he has a girlfriend. She’s surprised that a rocker has such a seemingly boring life. He doesn’t find it boring; he likes his simple life. Audrey thinks relationships are more complicated. Wynn says only the bad ones are.

Pacey talks with a food critic, almost convincing him to write up his restaurant, but Jack thinks he’d only do it because he’s into Pacey. “You’re not that interesting,” Jack points out. Pacey feels like he finally understands what it’s like to be a “really hot woman.” “You’re not that hot,” Jack says. He wants Pacey to come clean to the critic, though Pacey wants his commitment on a review first so the restaurant can get some good PR.

Jen interviews Wynn and Steve, who talk about winning over a crowd there to see another band. The crowd first dismisses them, but the band rocks and changes their minds. Dawson encourages Joey to say hi to Wilder, who wouldn’t do that even if he weren’t there with another woman. Dawson asks if she has a crush on Wilder. She laughs off the idea.

Audrey talks to Wynn about Pacey and how she thinks their hook-up led to Joey’s mugging. Apparently Joey left her a message saying she was spending the night with a friend, and Audrey could tell someone was wrong. She made a promise to God that if Joey was okay, she would change her behavior. That means giving up Pacey. She’s sure the mugging is a sign, because things with her and Pacey were too easy.

Jen and Steve talk about passion and art. He thinks that if you expect art to do more than make you feel good, something isn’t right. He asks again if she has a boyfriend, noting that she didn’t answer the first time he asked. Steve tries to get closer to Jen, but she finally tells him she has a boyfriend and she doesn’t want to cheat on him.

Pacey and the critic keep talking food, boring Jack senseless. Pacey tries to explain that he’s straight, but the critic just thinks he’s unavailable. In fact, he thinks Jack and Pacey are a couple. But if they ever break up, he’d love to get together with…Jack. Pacey finds himself insulted, even though he’s not interested in men.

Joey sees Wilder leave the movie theater and follows him into the lobby. He saw her with Dawson and wonders if he should be jealous. Joey turns the question around on him, then asks why he’s acting the way he is. They discuss the best literary endings; his favorite is Sentimental Education, which involves two friends just discussing the greatest thing that never happened. Flaubert thought anticipation was better than experience. Joey says it’s cowardly, then kisses him.

They talk about their incomplete perceptions of each other and how they don’t know each other that well. As he heads back into the theater, Wilder says that in five years, Joey will know everything he knows, and he’ll seem like a huge dork. (Too late!) Later, Dawson joins Joey in the lobby and walks her home as she talks about meeting someone who knows everything you can be. He can’t believe she kissed her professor.

Joey reveals that she was at Wilder’s house when Dawson called from the movie set. She left and didn’t go back, and it was probably for the best. Dawson’s happy that she took a risk and lived her life. Joey wonders what might have happened if she’d gone back, but she wouldn’t want to go back and find out. Not knowing may be better.

At the bar, Pacey notes that he’s surprised Jack came to the bar alone. Jack says that Audrey brought him there the night Pacey cooked everyone dinner. He talks up Audrey a little, and Pacey decides it’s time for him to go find her. She’s at the radio station, saying goodbye to Wynn and Steve. The latter thinks that since Jen and Dawson were friends first, they must not have had passion. Steve believes in a gut reaction saying that another person is meant to be in your life.

Audrey wonders if the evening is God’s way of telling her she’s not as single as she thought. That, and the fact that Pacey’s just shown up. She apologizes for overreacting about their hook-up, admitting that happiness freaks her out. Pacey teases that she’s more afraid of having sex with her the second time than she was the first. He tells her he got some good advice at a gay bar. Audrey kisses him and tells him she changed her mind because she got advice from a hot rock star.

Dawson and Jen meet up at Grams’, and Dawson shares that Joey almost hooked up with her professor. Tonight made him realize how much they’ve all changed. Jen asks if two people in a relationship need to be passionate about the same things. Dawson says no, as long as they’re passionate about each other. She looks skeptical.

Thoughts: This episode was boring and pointless. And still better than “Downtown Crossing.”

Pacey and Jack’s banter may be the best thing about this show.

Freaking A, Joey, just yell, “I was mugged!” No, wait, don’t. Wilder doesn’t deserve an explanation. He doesn’t deserve anything from you if he won’t even let you give an explanation. Shut up, Wilder. Shut up forever.

Jen, I don’t know what’s up with your hair, but do us all a favor and brush it.



  1. Cherie said,

    “Joey wonders what might have happened if she’d gone back.” Jeez, Joey, you are even dumber than I thought (ie, you guys would have f***ed–what the bloody hell else would have happened?).

  2. Muffy said,

    Both Joey and Pacey were involved with their Teacher/Professor. lol

    Since I barely watched the show after S4, I didn’t even remember Pacey and Audrey or Dawson and Jen 2.0. I’ve been re watching the entire series. I find Pacey and Audrey cute. It was nice to see Jen and Dawson attempt an actual relationship as adults. They didn’t really have one in S1.

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