July 8, 2012

BH90210 4.1, So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye: How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

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Okay, you can Mace me if it’s a prelude to a make-out session

Summary: Brandon’s working at the Peach Pit on a hot, AC-less day. Steve comes by to give him the good news that he got into California University. Brandon grumbles that Steve spent the summer complaining that he was the only one of their friends not going to college. Steve has also rented a beach house in Malibu for the next two weeks, and he wants Brandon to live there with him.

The two guys head to Malibu and first think their house is half-destroyed, but it turns out they have the wrong address. Steve tells Brandon that the house belongs to a producer named Guy Fleming who wants Samantha to work with him. Steve checks out some girls, ignoring Brandon when he warns that Celeste will be jealous. Brandon suggests that they have Brenda’s going-away party there.

The day of the party, Celeste, Andrea, Donna, and David arrive early. David laments that he hasn’t found a place to live yet. Brenda shows up and reminds everyone that it’s time for them to move on with their lives. Later, Cindy brings up Dylan and Kelly, and Jim reveals that Dylan contacted him from Europe to ask for more money. Brandon teases that he’s going to turn the second floor of the Walshes’ house into a suite.

David brings up the possibility of living with Steve, who won’t even consider it. Andrea gives Brenda a going-away present and they discuss the fact that Andrea won’t be going to Yale. (Her grandmother isn’t well and she doesn’t want to leave California.) Cindy tells Brenda it’s time to go home, but she wants to spend the night at the Malibu house. With the adults gone, the kids break out the beer.

Tony Miller is totally in love with Brenda but will never get together with her. David feels his pain about loving someone he’s never going to have sex with. Kelly calls and tells Donna she’s already back in Beverly Hills. She arrives moments later and tells her friends that Dylan’s still in Europe; he wanted to go to Greece, and Kelly spent some time in Barcelona with her father. She’s glad she got back to the States in time to say goodbye to Brenda.

People keep breaking stuff in the house, and the next morning, it’s pretty well trashed. Brandon finds Brenda alone on the deck and offers to take her home, with a Peach Pit detour first. Nat tells her that they’re going to start offering Laverne’s honey pie in her honor. Brandon’s also being honored by having his shirt displayed on the Wall of Fame.

Brenda finishes packing as Brandon keeps teasing about what he’ll do with her room. She wishes he were coming to Minnesota with her, a feeling he doesn’t reciprocate. She says goodbye to Brandon and Jim, then heads to the airport with Cindy. Brandon heads back to the beach house, which no one has cleaned up and which Steve doesn’t feel pressed to do anything about. Andrea announces that she’s going to take a walk to a lagoon, which happens to be where Gil lives. (UG, GIL.)

David asks Kelly to help him look for an apartment; the only one he’s found is small and ugly. Andrea meets up with Gil and tells him she’s going to California University instead of Yale. Gil clearly thinks this is a bad decision and isn’t very good at hiding his feelings about it. Brenda and Cindy are in Minneapolis with Cindy’s mother, who’s just heard about global warming. Brenda’s younger cousin is really enthusiastic about her time in California. Brenda asks her to stop asking about it, but her roommate, an old friend named Darla, is also interested in the subject.

After a day out, Brandon returns to the beach house, which still hasn’t been cleaned. They also have a surprise guest, a woman with Mace. Celeste and Steve hear yelling from outside and run in. Steve recognizes the woman as Jill, the daughter of the house’s owner. She apologizes for overreacting. “Do you always walk around with a can of Mace? Are you related to Emily Valentine?” Brandon asks. (HA!)

Jill notes that seeing a trashed house is a good indication of a robbery, and since she’s from New York, she reacted like a New Yorker. She also didn’t know anyone would be at the house. Steve admits that they had a party the night before, and Brandon promises that they’ll clean up and leave. Jill tells them they don’t have to clear out. Celeste sense that Steve’s a little interested in Jill, and she’s not happy about it.

Brenda hangs out with Darla and their friends Katie and Jan, discussing their schedules. Katie finds it ironic that Brenda left L.A. to take acting classes in Minnesota. The girls want to know if she met any celebrities, then ask lots of questions about Steve. Brenda tells them their questions are stupid and making her self-conscious: “It’s not like I’m Brenda Walsh – I’m Brenda Beverly Hills.” She wants everyone to know that Beverly Hills isn’t that different from anywhere else in the country.

Kelly and Donna try to help David find a place to live, suggesting that he look for a place at the beach, despite the prices. Kelly jokes that she’ll move out of her and Donna’s dorm room and live at the beach. Donna thinks she could talk Dylan into living together. Kelly admits that they’re not speaking. While they were in Europe, Dylan found out he didn’t get into Berkeley, which put him in a bad mood. He wound up leaving Kelly in France without saying goodbye, so that’s it for them.

Celeste’s discomfort with Jill grows when she learns that Jill taught Steve to French kiss when they were younger. She calls him out for ignoring her while Jill’s been around, warning that he’d better change his behavior before she dumps him. David finds a really nice place on the beach, but it’s expensive and has two bedrooms. Kelly announces that he’ll take it, and she’ll live with him. The agent tells them there’s another apartment upstairs with three bedrooms, which means Donna can live with them, too. David notes that Felice won’t be happy to hear that.

Steve admits to Brandon that he’s wanted to hook up with Jill for a long time. He thinks she’s been dropping hints all day, but Brandon disagrees. He reminds Steve that he needs to pay more attention to Jill, who’s going to be around for more than a couple of days. They spot Andrea heading back to the lagoon, but she doesn’t hear Steve yelling for her.

Andrea meets up with Gil again to tell him that backing out of Yale was a tough decision for her to make, and she shouldn’t have to justify it. She realizes she’s going a little overboard and they start laughing. Gil notes that if she doesn’t like California University, she can always transfer or take some time off. “No one’s keeping score,” he tells her. He invites her to stay for lunch and meet his fiancée.

Brenda, Cindy, Cindy’s mother, and Brenda’s cousin visit the Walshes’ old house in Minnesota (which is freaking huge). Brenda wants to go in, but no one’s home. After reminiscing about her childhood with her cousin, she admits to Cindy that she’s not sure she made the right decision in coming back to Minnesota. Cindy thinks she’ll change her mind once she gets into a routine at school. Steve tries to tell Jill how he feels, but first she wants to know if Brandon’s single. Steve thinks they’d be perfect for each other.

Donna meets up with David and Kelly at the Peach Pit and gives them the news that her parents are moving to Houston. Felice is worried about Donna living in California alone, so she’s okay with her living with Kelly…and no one else. Donna just decided not to tell her David would be there, too. Brenda’s still mopey when she gets back to her dorm room, where Darla tells her she’s glad they’re going to be roommates. They head out to a party, missing a phone call from Dylan.

Thoughts: Jill is played by a pre-Buffy Robia LaMorte, AKA Jenny Calendar. Take that, Angelus!

Jan is played by Rachel True, who also turned up as a college student in an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

Why doesn’t anyone want to live on campus? Dorms aren’t that bad. I think they’re one of the more important parts of the college experience. But whatever, Kelly’s too good for communal housing.

Steve, Brandon and Jill are nothing alike, so why would they be perfect together? Maybe you just want them to hook up so you won’t be tempted to go for Brandon’s sloppy seconds.



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