July 15, 2012

BH90210 4.2, The Girl from New York City: Not Feeling Minnesota

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Come on, there has to be a lounge around there somewhere

Summary: It’s raining in Minnesota as Brenda writes a melodramatic letter home. Apparently it might snow that night, which I don’t think is meteorologically possible, since it’s still August. Brenda’s roommate Darla notices that she’s mopey, and Brenda admits that she misses life in Beverly Hills. Darla doesn’t think she ever really became a Beverly Hills-ite anyway. She warns Brenda to be prepared for a possible sexile that night. Brenda gets mopey again when she learns that Darla’s date is named Dylan.

Brandon and Jill play tennis against Steve and Celeste; the guys are unsurprisingly very competitive. Steve and Celeste win, and Steve holds it over Brandon’s head, taunting that Brandon will never beat him. The girls are forced into a rematch the next day. Cindy’s already experiencing empty-nest syndrome, sure that Brenda’s gone for good. She and Jim reminisce about Brenda’s first day of nursery school, which Brenda handled better than Cindy. Jim puts a positive spin on the situation, noting that they have the house to themselves until Brandon returns from Malibu.

Steve and Brandon get competitive again, playing gin while the girls fly a kite. Steve tells Brandon that he can’t believe he never slept with Jill, despite the fact that he hasn’t seen her since he was 13. He asks how she is in bed, but Brandon wouldn’t know. Steve asks him what he’s waiting for. He warns that Jill will be going back to New York in three days, and since her and Brandon’s bedrooms are next to each other, he should act sooner rather than later.

Kelly, David, and Donna move into their new apartment, though Felice thinks David’s living at a frat house with Steve. Felice wishes Donna would join a sorority; she had a great time when she was in one, and she’s not sure the girls are safe in the apartment. Brandon suggests that Jill transfer to a college in California, but she only has one year left and doesn’t want to lose any credits. She also doesn’t want to rush any kind of relationship since she’s leaving soon. Somehow Brandon charms her into continuing to make out anyway.

Dylan shows up, freshly back from Europe, and compliments Brandon on landing Jill. Celeste asks how his trip was, mentioning that Kelly said it was great. Dylan’s surprised to hear that, since they didn’t have the best time together. In Minnesota, Brenda is indeed sexiled, but instead of finding someplace to hang out, she just sits outside her dorm and waits for the tassel to come off the doorknob. (Not a euphemism.)

The next day, Brandon and Jill win the tennis rematch, which really bugs Steve. He asks for another round, much to the girls’ annoyance. At the Peach Pit, Andrea uses and orange to practice injections so she can give her grandmother insulin. Nat gives her some pointers, revealing that he was almost a medic in the Navy. Dylan arrives and catches up with Andrea, who tells him that Kelly moved in with David and Donna. He tells her he’s not going to Berkeley.

On their way to the diner, Kelly asks how Donna will continue her charade that David isn’t living with them. Donna isn’t concerned. Kelly spots Dylan’s Porsche in the parking lot and is surprised to see him back. They haven’t spoken since he left her in France. As they head somewhere else, Kelly tells Donna how Dylan spent his time in Europe reading and basically ignoring her. She went to Paris by herself, and when she came back, he’d found another girl to hang out with. Flashbacks show Kelly accusing Dylan of cheating. He denies it but says Kelly was bugging him too much before.

In Malibu, there’s more tennis and some really lame trash talk. The guys really get into it, and the girls finally tell them they’ve gone too far. Jill packs to go back to New York, telling Brandon she’s not going to put up with the macho posturing anymore. He says she doesn’t have to leave, and she angrily tells him not to tell her what to do. Brenda didn’t get any of the drama classes she wanted, and she’s not interested in being social, so a friend wonders why she came out to Minnesota. She calls Kelly and Donna, getting their answering machine with its super-happy outgoing message.

Jill apologizes to Brandon for snapping at him, telling him she’s staying another day. He promises not to push her into anything. Steve apologizes as well, then gets roped into buying everyone lunch. Jill still seems distant. Brenda asks Darla to spend the night in the other Dylan’s room so she can get some sleep for once. The girls get ready for a party, with Darla teasing Brenda about how she thinks they’re all preppy despite being preppy herself before going to L.A. She urges Brenda to stop feeling sorry for herself and have some fun.

Donna tells Kelly to call Dylan already; he may have cheated, but she needs to go crawling back to him. (Nice, Donna.) Kelly admits that she feels guilty since she hung out with a bartender in France to make Dylan jealous. In a flashback, Dylan asks Kelly if he was good. She slaps him and says yes. Kelly assures Donna that nothing actually happened between her and the bartender. The next day, she headed home a week early.

Jill and Brandon drink wine and make out in Malibu. Even though Brandon promises to take things slowly, Jill thinks they’re moving too fast. She tells him that a few months ago she was raped by a stranger in New York. Brandon comforts her, saying he wishes he could have done something to help. Jill says that being with the guys when they got so angry made her nervous. He assures her that he and Steve aren’t violent. She asks him to sleep with her (literally sleep) so she can be close to someone again without feeling afraid.

Darla brings a bunch of people to her room on their way somewhere else, and though they think Brenda’s asleep, she’s listening to them talk trash about her. Felice drops by Donna, David, and Kelly’s apartment unannounced at 1 a.m., and Kelly makes David hide in the shower so Felice won’t see him there. They almost get busted when Felice asks to use the bathroom, but the girls rush her out. David thinks he’ll be spending the night in Donna’s room, reminding her that they didn’t have sex on prom night even though she said they would. She doesn’t care and sends him away.

Brandon and Jill wake up together, and she feels a lot better. They both feel they’re as close as they would be if they’d had sex. She encourages him to come see her in New York sometime. Kelly finally goes by Dylan’s house and apologizes for being mean and selfish. She admits that she only went out with the bartender to make him mad, and nothing happened. Instead of apologizing for being a mopey killjoy, Dylan just kisses her and all is forgiven.

Speaking of mopey killjoys, Brenda’s been sexiled yet again, but this time she ignores the tassel on the doorknob. She starts packing her things, telling Darla she’s about to have the room to herself. Darla wants them to repair their friendship, but Brenda tells her she overheard the trash talk the night before. She came to Minnesota to prove that she could be independent and different from her friends in California. Instead, she learned that she’s different from her friends in Minnesota.

David and Donna get his sound system set up in time for their other friends to come over and hang out. Donna’s worried that Kelly and Dylan are back together, since she told Brenda they’d broken up. David points out that it doesn’t matter since Brenda’s in Minnesota. Well, for now…

Thoughts: I’m sorry, are Jim and Cindy making out ON BRENDA’S BED? EW.

Yeah, I bet a college senior would date a freshman. Well, a male senior might date a female freshman, but probably not the other way around.

So Steve is banking on getting a room in a frat house, but what if he doesn’t get one? Does he have a plan B? Wait, this is Steve. Of course he doesn’t have a plan B. He barely has a plan A.

I never got sexiled – thank God for a Christian school and a roommate who didn’t date.

So Felice doesn’t wonder why Kelly and Donna got a three-bedroom apartment when there are only two of them?


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