July 22, 2012

BH90210 4.3, The Little Fish: This Metaphor Stinks Like a Fish

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Be honest, who didn’t dress like this in the ’90s?

Summary: Remember how Brenda left Minnesota at the end of “The Girl from New York City”? Now she’s back in Beverly Hills, and apparently didn’t tell anyone she was coming. Even though she was only gone for a few days, Brandon has already turned her bedroom into a man cave. She wakes him up to ask where her things are, but he’s too confused about why she’s there to answer her. Jim and Cindy are surprised to see her as well, and even more surprised when she announces that she dropped out.

In the morning, it’s time for freshman orientation at California University. This consists of everyone standing in line for a long time, and Steve throwing something at Brandon’s head to alert his attention to a hot girl. Brandon tells Andrea that Brenda came back from Minnesota. She bugs him about trying to write for CU’s newspaper, the Condor, but he’s more concerned with trying to figure out where he’s going to live. (Apparently having just one bedroom isn’t going to cut it.)

David wants to go to the radio station with Donna to try to get on-air positions. Dylan gets fed up with waiting and leaves the line, telling Kelly he’s not even going to bother. Kelly calls Brenda to confirm that she’s really back in California, but Brenda doesn’t want to talk about it where Jim and Cindy can hear her. She’ll only tell her parents that she didn’t like anything about her college. Jim tells her that Brandon wants to move out now that Brenda’s going to attend CU. Brenda doesn’t think she’s meant for any college. Jim will see about that.

The freshmen take a math-placement test, which Steve tries to cheat on. Brandon points out that it’s not graded. Josh Richland, the managing editor of the Condor, tells Andrea and other aspiring journalists that the paper has a high level of professional ethics. (How long till that gets thrown out?) Andrea objects to her first writing assignment, saying it presents a conflict of interest, but Josh tells her it’s just so he can see what kind of writer she is.

Steve suggests that Brandon join a frat so he can find a place to live. Brandon isn’t interested in Kappa Epsilon Gamma, AKA the KEG house. David and Donna go to the radio station; he’s in full-on dork mode trying to talk to who he thinks is the program director. The guy is actually a Russian exchange student. (Womp womp.) Kelly and Brenda talk again, but Kelly has to leave to meet Dylan. Donna and David come home triumphant, having scored a chance to submit a tape. Donna tells Brenda that Kelly and Dylan got back together; Brenda says she’s fine with it.

Kelly bugs Dylan about not going to school, which he doesn’t think is a big deal. He wants to travel again and invites her alone. Kelly’s excited about the school year and her classes, so she doesn’t want to leave. At the Walshes’, Brenda apologizes to Brandon for screwing up his living arrangements. She tells him how homesick she was despite being back in the state she thought was her home. Brandon confides that he has insecurities at CU since he’s not that awesome stand-out he was in high school.

The next morning, Cindy questions Brenda’s plans for the day, making it clear that she doesn’t want her to waste her life. She doesn’t think Brenda gave college a fair chance. She should take a week to clear her head, then possibly go back to Minnesota. Brenda doesn’t think that’ll happen. She heads to the Peach Pit, where Nat is struggling to keep up with the breakfast crowd, which includes Dylan. Steve bugs Brandon about KEG again, and Brandon again says he’s not interested. Steve easily breaks him by reminding him that they’re supposed to be friends forever.

Donna has to take her and David’s air-check tape to the station by herself, a task David isn’t sure she can do alone. (Dude, she’s not THAT dumb.) Kelly’s mopey since Dylan hasn’t changed his mind about school. He’s still at the Peach Pit, listening to Brenda’s Minnesotan tale of woe. They commiserate over her parents and Kelly not accepting their decisions not to go to college. Since they’re doing nothing, Dylan suggests that they do it together. (No, not that “it.”)

Kelly and Donna visit Andrea in her dorm room (which has been partly furnished by the school), and they all meet Dan Rubin, the RA. It looks like Andrea might be smitten with him. She goes to the Peach Pit since, as it turns out, her writing assignment is a review of the place. Nat doesn’t get why she’s suddenly ordering such fancy dishes. Donna and David’s air-check tape gets melted on her dashboard, and of course they don’t have a copy, so they’re in some trouble.

Brenda and Dylan go to a fishing pier and talk about their respective European adventures. They admit to missing each other, and he tells her he called her in Minnesota to wish her luck. They decide to do some fishing. David and Donna meet with the program director, Howard, bickering with each other in front of him. Instead of throwing them out for being complete nutcases, he announces that he likes them.

Brandon reads Andrea’s Peach Pit review, which is less than flattering. She thinks Josh wants it that way. Brandon tells her he’s visiting KEG with Steve, adding that he doesn’t know what’s going on at school. She assures him that no one does. Brandon reminds Andrea to keep her own integrity in mind, not just the Condor‘s. At the KEG house, the guys learn that the frat is more suited to Brandon than Steve – the president likes hockey, and the brothers are charitable. But Steve is still interested since there’s the possibility that he’ll get to have sex with a girl on a pool table.

Brenda and Dylan bait a hook (not a euphemism) and almost kiss. They quickly agree that they can’t head back down that road. (Thank God.) Andrea tells Josh that she wrote her review but won’t be handing it in. She’s decided she can’t be a little fish, as he described the incoming writers. She doesn’t have the “killer instinct” he’s looking for, even though he’s heard good things about her. Josh tells her that there isn’t much point in being a journalism major if she’s not on the paper. Andrea’s thinking about pre-med anyway.

Steve meets with a counselor, thinking he’s in a ton of trouble, and learns that he’s being placed in an advanced math course. He’ll also get to skip a bunch of boring required courses, which will let him take more electives. The counselor appreciates Steve’s desire to take less academic courses, like history of film, than most prodigies would. Josh approaches Brandon with the idea of running for student senate, citing his success with the Donna Martin Graduates protest.

Brenda catches a fish that Dylan and a fisherman convince her to throw back in since it hasn’t had time to grow yet. (Do you get it? DO YOU?) David and Donna give Kelly the news that they were hired for a radio show because Howard liked their chemistry. Too bad their show is from 2 to 6 in the morning. That night Dylan shows up and tells Kelly how he spent his day. He’s going back to campus the next day to register. At the Walshes’, Jim tells Brenda that if she doesn’t want to go to school, she’ll need to get a job and pay rent. Brenda smiles because she’s going to CU.

Thoughts: I don’t get Brandon’s reasoning for not living at home. He doesn’t want to be there if Brenda’s there? Why? They’ve lived in the same house for 18 years; what’s changed?

I’m 99 percent sure that in one scene, Brenda eats peanut butter and jelly out of a bowl. EW.

Speaking of Brenda, she’s in full-on ’90s mode in the outfit above. I totally would have worn that flannel shirt, too.

During David’s rant over the melted CD, he says something sarcastic about blaming Bill Clinton, since everyone else is blaming him for things. This was 1993, so I’m not even sure what he’s talking about.



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